25 January 2016

The plague and lots of knitting

That's what I've had for the entire start of the year - the plague. Okay, not really but sure has felt like it. What I thought was a harmless winter cold manifested itself in the most horrendous case of bronchitis known on the face of this Earth. Thankfully, pneumonia didn't rear it's ugly head even though it tried.

My awesome doctor was able to prescribe me medicine without having me toddle in since I had just been there in December. Three prescriptions and a chest x-ray later, I'm starting to feel more human - and I've been on this mess for a week already. The side effects are fabulous - puffy red face, insomnia, tummy challenges, irritability, and personal summers that could melt all the snow that just fell up north. It's been seriously lovely... on the honest up side, I have gotten a lot of crafting done during my sick days and insomnia nights.  Take a look...

My DK weight version of the very popular Vermonter hat.
My mourning hat to pay tribute to the late, great Alan Rickman... Always.
Slippers that I need to get off in the mail to a dear friend that I've known for 30 years.
I crocheted this shawl while I spent two days in my blue chair watching the entire Harry Potter movie series.
I made this cowl when I couldn't sleep because nothing says relaxation like neon colored squares that look like flowers.
Yesterday, I made this hat. It took me 18 hours - I was up since 4 am - and took it out that night to the grocery store.
You'd think I'd be crafted out but oh no, I've got more going on. I have also been working on the miles and miles of stockinette associated to Pokey's sweater that I promised him I would make. I have 11 of the 14.25" needed before the next bit in the directions.

I have to say though, I took it to knitting group this past Saturday and when people asked what I was making, they all made the same facial expression when I said it was a sweater for my husband. Men can love purple. It's okay. I think he will look amazing in it and he was the one who chose the color!

I really do think this sweater will be amazing when I'm done... I just need to get past this huge portion of boringness.
And last night, when I was done with the bunny butt hat, I started a new hat - because hats are awesome and you can never have enough. I actually won this pattern years ago but I was afraid to try it because it was lace and scary.

I'm 75% through the first pattern repeat of this hat. I really like how it still looks delicate on such a heavy worsted yarn.
So, the long and short of it is that the plague is horrible but the medicines they give you are apparently imbued with phenomenal crafting powers - and I'm using them to the best of my abilities.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for another dose.

07 January 2016

25 Stylish Knitted Slippers‏ Review

I was actually asked to do this review a few weeks ago but life got crazy and I haven't had a chance to do it until now... and the reason I have time now is because I had to take time off work because I've got the plague. The one thing I love to do when I am too ill to do anything else is generally read or knit - and today, I sat down and read the most amazing knitting pattern book. It's entitled 25 Stylish Knitted Slippers ‏by Rae Blackledge.

I love slippers. They are the perfect gift for anyone, for any occassion. They keep you snuggly warm and can be super cute. Rae's patterns embody all of these. This book makes it easy to find your favorite style too, as the chapters are broken down by style - Felted, Fun and Fantasy, Everyday, and Boots. There is even a chapter devoted to awesome techniques and tutorials.

Did you know that running a strand of cotton through the toe seam and cinching around the slipper would keep it at the proper size and detur them from curling during felting? Me neither, but that is just one of the fabulous tips you will learn with this amazing book. This book is so much more than a collection of adorable patterns - it is a great tool to improve your crafting as well.

I can't decide which I am going to cast on first - the bunnies or the fox. They are both so cute and a ton of fun. The patterns are written out with such details, you are sure to succeed in whatever pattern you chose to knit first. I think those bunny ones will certainly chase this plague away so I do believe I am going to get started on them right now. Curious what other patterns she has, well just take a look -

These aren't the only ones available, there are plenty more tucked between the pages of this gorgeous pattern book. I had to stop myself from posting every single one, they are all wonderful.

So if you want to do some selfish crafting in the New Year after spending the past few months crafting for everyone else, grab a copy of 25 Stylish Knitted Slippers... or if you want to make something special for those you hold dear, grab a copy of 25 Stylish Knitted Slippers... or if you are looking to learn something new and expand your crafting knowledge, grab a copy of 25 Stylish Knitted Slippers.  Basically, you simply need to own a copy of this book. There is no logical reason not to - it's amazing.
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