31 January 2011


I've been playing doctor.  It seems to be a 24 hour fever thing and then they mend.
We appear to be on the mend with one while we quickly go down hill with the other.  Oh well, back to making my rounds.

30 January 2011

Sunday Snaps

My carpool crafting and reading for the week
Sunrise this morning

Peekaboo - I see you!

Good morning sunshine

29 January 2011

Another 3 Months

I did it.  I went to get my hair adjusted because I couldn't live with the growing out mess any longer.  I'm am pleased to report that there were no tears this time but it was certainly a roller coaster of a morning.

I arrive to the salon at roughly 8:30 a.m. so I could be one of the first to see Mrs. Doni, just as she instructed me to do last night on the phone.  One sweet woman was ahead of me and then I was to be seen.  No biggie, I brought my book and I was prepared to wait.  20 minutes later and it was my turn - my stomach flipped.

She wet my hair and inspected the damage for a second time.  Amazed and disgusted at the fact that there were "four different haircuts going on", she said that she could do a few things to make it more presentable but that I would need to come back again in three months for the final fix.  Okay, I can deal with that information.

Mrs. Doni proceeds to go to town and correct my hair.  She is a peach of a girl and had I not been so scared, I would have enjoyed her company much more.  When she had worked her magic and completed the task of 'adjusting' the monstrosity that was done to me 3 months prior, I honestly smiled.  I didn't feel so ugly anymore.  I could see the rainbow on the horizon and those three months didn't seem so unbearable now.  I believe I may have actually let out a huge sigh of relief, physically - not metaphorically. 

Then, I saw her... Mo, the hair mutilator, had reported for work.  What was she doing there?  Why was she still employed?  More importantly, why on earth would she speak to me - telling me I was looking sharp - when she was the reason for my trauma over the past three months and these future three months?  Who did she think she was... I was livid.  I had no idea that I would feel this way either.  I am generally a jovial and amicable person but when I saw Mo, I saw red.

Is it wrong that I hoped Mrs. Doni took Mo aside and explained that once she worked on my hair, she realized damage she had done to me.  Is it wrong that I hoped that Mrs. Doni thanked Mo for her time but her services were no longer required at that establishment?  Yes, I know it's wrong - but on some levels it is completely justified.  In any other position, if you had erred as much as Mo had, you would have been dismissed.

Oh well.  I choose to look on the bright side, my hair will look cute and presentable again in just 3 months... 12 weeks... 84 days.

27 January 2011

Letter to the Principle

Dear Sir

I have a grievance that I feel needs to be brought to your attention.  It is regarding the excessive use of profanity by unsupervised students roughly 20 minutes before school is official dismissed.

I pick up my daughter from school every day as we participate in the School Choice program.  Generally, I arrive just after 1 p.m. and am one of the first cars posed to receive my child upon dismissal.  At approximately 1:20 p.m. every school day, a group of students emerge from the building and simply congregate on the front stairs.  They holler at the top of their lungs, participate in dangerous horseplay that will no doubt end up with one of them getting injured and have absolutely no respect for adults.

The last remark is based off of my own personal encounters with these children.  I have addressed them personally regarding their foul language and lack of civility, only to be greeted with more profanity and threats.  The front office has been informed of these shenanigans upwards of five times and yet nothing has been done.  The same group of students, carrying on in the same delinquent manner.

I don't believe that I, or my youngest child, should have to endure such things as we wait for our student to be released from class.  Numerous question come to mind regarding these children:  Why are these children being released 20 minutes prior to the official bell?  Why are these students unsupervised?  Why are they loitering on campus if their school day is in fact complete?  The most important question to me though is why has nothing been done?

By not addressing these behaviors, those students are under the false impression that they are acceptable.  Perhaps in their home life environment, they are receiving a disservice by being permitted to behave in such a fashion that the rest of civilized society would find appalling.  Perhaps they are not used to having adults set boundaries and reprimand them for their atrocious behavior and utter lack of respect for their elders.  Regardless, they should be taught now how to behave in society so that they have a better chance of succeeding in life.

I am hoping that this letter will have a better end result than my previous visits to the front office have produced.  No one should be subjected to the disgusting displays that I have witnessed thus far this school year.  I am gobsmacked as to why it has not been addressed as of yet and we are halfway through the year.  If you are needing more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can give you detailed information regarding the goings on of these students.  Might I suggest that one day, you stand on the wall by the Senior picnic tables close to the school entrance so you can listen to it for yourself.

These behaviors need to be addressed, as they are offensive and inappropriate.  As a school that proudly displays how they are partnering for excellence, I find it amazing that this has been allowed to go on for so long.  I implore you to take swift measures in remedying the situation.


26 January 2011

I'm Eskerd

My hair is finally growing out from that horrendous hair homicide back in October - woo hoo!  That is the fabulous good news.  The bad news is that it needs to be shaped up now and I'm eskerd to go call the manager and have it done.

Y'all have no idea how traumatic this was for me.  I had long golden tresses that I just wanted to get trimmed up and made lighter for bounce and curl.  I came out with hair that was less than 1 inch at it's longest point.  I'm not exaggerating, that is the honest truth.  I measured it!

That isn't even the worst part - it's not even at all.  I am hoping to get a cut that is shaped up and can grow out nicely so I won't have to go back.  I realize that isn't practical or even plausible but it's my fantasy.  In reality, I will probably have to go back at least three times to get it back... which means, given the time frame that my hair grew this much (3 months), then I should have normal people hair again by Christmas and quasi presentable hair by my anniversary... fingers crossed.

I guess I'll bite the bullet and call Bobbi in the morning.  I'm sure she'll remember me - that sad little mess of a woman who had a breakdown in the chair just before Halloween... and the hair, oh the hair.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow, we stay on the road to recovery.

24 January 2011

Ramsay's Romper - Done

After several false starts, I finally created Ramsay's Romper!  The directions were even more challenging to write out so I drew them out instead.  I know that isn't my normal way of doing things but this project has had me twisted for two weeks straight!

I hope that you are able to follow along and if you have any issues, please email me.  I am here to help you through it should the need arise.

Remember, once these two pieces are done, you are going to need to sew them together.  Place the right sides together at the collar area (12 rows of 2x2 ribbing) and sew down those 12 rows on each side.  Then you will sew up from the "Under" side hem (2 rows of 2x2 ribbing) for the 11 rows just prior to the decrease for the arm hole on each side.  Weave in ends and turn right side out.  Wala ~ one Ramsay's Romper ready to go!

Enjoy making this and I hope that  your precious pooch enjoys wearing it equally as much as Ramsay is enjoying his.  Now, off to find the colors to make a little tiny chef's jacket!

I Did It!

I believe I have created the perfect jacket for Ramsay.  I can't wait to share it with you, but now - bed.

23 January 2011

Knitting Mission: Impossible

Two attempts failed.  The final products were perfectly crafted and assembled - they just didn't fit.  Making a sweater for Ramsay is proving to be impossible.

He's tiny and he's not going to get any bigger, those are the facts.  He's a whopping 4 pounds and less than a foot in length.  He's just uber tiny.  I find it amusing that the very aspect of what makes him so appealing to me is the bane of my knitting existence at the moment.

I was making this cute sweater from Talking Tales but it is just way to big.  Here, take a look for yourself.
It's more like a little puppy poncho than anything.  The arm holes were too small, the neck area wasn't tall enough and the back was just way to long.  I love this pattern for it's simplicity and ability to practice fun things like cables and color working.  I've not given up on this pattern, I'll just need to do some serious modifications to it.

Oh well, some of our puppy friends are getting some snuggly warm presents in the mail while we work this out.  If.. no, when... I figure this out for him, I'll be sure to post the pattern for others who might have uber tiny fur babies that are in the same Knitting Mission: Impossible boat.

22 January 2011

Then POP... all better!

Man oh man, am I feeling better today!  My ears have been clogged for over a week now and I have to say that while I did enjoy the peace and quiet, it's so great to be able to hear again.  Although, may I add that going to the doctor for it was not only a waste of money but an exercise in primeval torture!

The one nurse was completely clueless and did not know the meaning of the world "gentle".  The other nurse was so busy trying to make up for the oafish nurse that she became a bumbling buffoon.  Now, y'all know that I would rather walk on my lips than talk bad about anyone trying to help me but these people needed a serious Gibbs session and I was on the verge of giving it to them.

I went home in tears because my ears, which were not hurting before, were killing me now.  Pokey was lost and felt awful that he didn't go with me.  He made me comfort food for brunch - fried eggs and a bagel with cream cheese - and cooked supper later on too... a blessing and a curse (great food, awful mess).

After eating and when all the afternoon running around was finished, I decided that I was going to do this myself just so I didn't have to go back on Monday to deal with those people again.  I sat with a 'too warm' compress on my ear for about thirty minutes then got my ear kit out and let the drops soak twice as long as I had been doing.  I also used 'almost hot' water to rinse my ears.  I kept rinsing until I was on verge of giving up then POP - some nastiness came out and I could hear.  It was all better!  Did the same thing on the other side and had the same result - POP, all better!

My ears have a dull ache to them today but I can hear - and I won't have to go back on Monday to be tortured... best $20 I never spent!

19 January 2011

Motherhood - Furbabies and Non

Bella in self imposed time out
I understand why the females of most species are the ones to be afraid of... I also understand why some eat their young.  My kids, both furry and non, are my life.  They are what makes each day an adventure.  It's funny how similar they are, actually.  Take this morning for example, just by what I've said you can't decipher if I mean it towards Buddy/Ramsay/Bella or Peanut/Hobbit.  See for yourself:

"Please eat".  "Eat your own food, don't steal from other people's plates."  "Stop chasing your sister".  "Don't eat that, it isn't yours".  "Please play nicely and share".  "We don't bite".  "Those are mine and you didn't ask".  "Stop whining".  "Don't hit your brother".  "Don't put that in your mouth, you could choke and die".  "Would you please back off.  You don't need your nose up his butt 24 hours a day."  "Seriously?"

Yes, it's been one of those days.  Buddy has been jealous and needy beyond words, Bella isn't sure if she is going to allow the new addition and Ramsay is rather rammy - to put it nicely.  He has been in to everything today.  Having a puppy is like having a toddler... he understands, he just doesn't care to listen at the moment.  Oh well, soon the puppy part will be done and I will have a sweet dog... if I live that long.

Oh yeah, I know why some eat their young... now please excuse me while I explain to Buddy about not eat his little brother... again.

17 January 2011

Perfect Day

So the kids are off from school today and I was totally excited about our bonus day but then I heard it... the soft rumblings of thunder.  The gentle smacking of rain on the patio stones.  The defused pop of lightening through the curtains.  Swell.

All of my surprise plans for the day have been shot to the moon and now it's 8:30 a.m. on our bonus day with no children awake as of yet - even the fuzzy ones are snoozing at my feet or in my arms as I type this.  Oh well.

I guess I could grab the buttons for Ramsay's sweater and sew them on and then finish my knitting for the camera cover I'm designing.  I could start that really cool shrug project with my knitimidating yarn.  I could make some sticky buns and cocoa just before waking the kids so we can have our rainy day adventures inside.  I could pull out the cross stitch I've been meaning to set up and start that I got for Christmas two years ago. 

I could go on and on with this list but instead, I think I will join the rest of the house in their apparent favorite activity.  Seems to be the perfect day for it.

16 January 2011

Sunday Snaps

I bought this for Ramsay at the store last night for just a $1

My tea cup set for the parties

Not long after this shot, the big oaf of a dog named Buddy landed square on the tiny puppy named Ramsay. Buddy immediately looked shell shocked and ran to hide. Ramsay followed, thinking it was a game.

15 January 2011

Buttons and Burgers

I finished Ramsay's jacket today - it was so simple!  I started with the basic garter stitch and used this pattern for the skeleton - meaning I used the yarn weight and starting stitch count but I had to modify it greatly in order to fit my little puppy.

I was so busy working it up and measuring the work up against him that I forgot to write down the actual pattern.  I promise, I will write it down for my next jacket so I can share it with you.  Currently, I need to pick up two buttons and then I'll take a shot of Ramsay in his new coat.  It looks really great!  Next attempt, Chef Whites... oh yeah!

Here is the basic coat, unblocked and without buttons.  I'll update after I get back from Wally World tonight ~ got to go grocery shopping anyway.

Chef's Jacket

No proper chef is without his jacket so I thought that I would make Ramsay one - he is, after all, a proper chef.  I'm working on a prototype since I'm going to have to design it myself.  Most of the sweaters I found patterns for were way too big and didn't have exactly what I was looking for in a sweater for Ramsay.  So I did my research and configurations and I am working it up as we speak - currently in left over yarn from "Pokey's Superstar Hat" so it will look beautiful on him!

As you can see, Ramsay is super small (4 whole pounds) and his breed loses heat rather quickly due to not having a lot of body fat on them.  Granted, it doesn't get cold often in Florida but when it does, you definitely feel it.. at least I do.  Raising my girls, I always went with the rule of thumb that if I was cold, they were probably cold too - why would it be any different for my fur babies?

Off to work on my little chef's jacket and hopefully it will be done tonight.  Have a fabulous Saturday!

14 January 2011


Meet Ramsay.  The newest addition to our family.  We got him from the stale puppy section too.  Apparently if you're 4 months old, you need to be on clearance because you an old man... fine by me!

He's adjusting nicely and is such a sweetheart... although he has a habit of stealing sips of my coffee.  I need to find a pattern to make him a sweater.  I know Chihuahuas just shake because of trying to contain all that power (lost?  Watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua.. it's too cute for words) but it's honestly cold here and I think he would precious in a little sweater.  Only challenge is, I am not sure if I have anything 'manly' enough in my stash... lol.

13 January 2011

Camera Bag... maybe

I have been searching for a camera bag ever since my birthday back in December.  Pokey bought me a fabulous new camera but I don't have any place to put it to keep it safe when it's not in use... granted, it's rarely 'not in use' but still.

My diligent searching found some gorgeous bags but they had exorbitant price tags to go with them.  I want simple, classy and girly.  It's not a tough order and there are several bags that could fill it - problem is, they would fill the bill and empty my wallet.  That's when I decided to design a felted one for myself.

So far, I've got the stitches cast on and a few rounds worked but I'm just not 'feeling' it, you know?  It's pretty yarn and it will felt up nicely but I don't think I like where my initial design was taking me.  I might have to frog it and start over.  I've got a much simplier plan in mind now - just needed to remember what my daddy always told me.

Now I'm off to kiss the old design good bye and K.I.S.S. the new one hello.  Stay tuned!

12 January 2011

The Reality of It

"The day got away from me"... "I didn't have time"... "It's been a crazy day"...

Classic excuses as to why things don't accomplished - at home, at work, with family or with friends - but the truth is, it's not true.  Today is no different than any other day.  Yep, that's the reality of it.  Every day is exactly the same.  What we do with it is what makes it different.  Even if you do the same thing every day, how you view it is what makes it different.  Take today for example.  I have laundry and knitting on my accomplishment wish list.  The laundry is doing it's thing in the washing machine and I'm sitting here... on the computer.

Hobbit heading to the bus stop this morning
So far today, I have gotten my shower and made my bed coupled with getting Hobbit up and off to school.  Oh, and I shot a few photos this morning for my 365 Project (found here but there is a short homage page up on the right).  In about 2 hours, I'm going to have to go and get Peanut from school and then not long after that I'll be standing at the bus stop waiting for Hobbit's return from school.  I haven't knit a single stitch as of yet.

Now once the kids are home, I don't have any other reason to leave the house.  They have homework, we have supper and baths and reading.  I may have knit a row by now... may have, but more than likely not.  Around 6:30ish, Pokey comes in from work.  We have supper, talk and clean up.  He sits down to play his game online and I will probably sit next to him.  The kids will be in bed.  An hour or two later, the computers are off and we're headed to bed... and not one stitch was knit.

Truth of the matter is, the day didn't get away from me... I had plenty of time... my day was in no way crazy ~ I was simply too lazy to do it.  That is the truth.  Yes, I want to knit - I love to knit - but apparently on this day, I wanted to sit here more.  So no more lies about why it didn't get done - and no more being lazy.  It's time to commit to my design project and complete it.  I have a queue of projects a mile long behind it that I want to accomplish.

My days aren't crazy, time isn't fleeting and I'm getting up to go knit.  Seriously.

11 January 2011


Man, I had a funky dream last night... past two nights actually.  It's weird when stuff like that happens - having pretty much the same dream two nights in a row.  It's like a mini-series for your sleep.  I wonder if it will pick up again tonight.. lol.

Rendition of Miss Paula
I know I have a friend or two who would call them 'premonitions' but I just call it wackadoodle.  I mean come on - who else would dream about being adopted by cute little puppy who favors Paula Deen?  Who else would have a continuation of such a dream that was so mundane that it involved sitting in a chair with Miss Paula, knitting and watching a movie? 

Only someone who is a little wackadoodle - and that someone is apparently me.

10 January 2011

Even Yucky Days...

can end in smiles.
Peanut tip toeing through the puddle

Hobbit charging in feet first

Happy Feet

Yucky Day

Have I ever mentioned how much I detest thunderstorms?  Oh yes, I do... very much so.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have been scared of them.  I try to be brave when the kids are around but mostly, I just want to find a dark hole and fall asleep before it comes - I can sleep through anything!  Unfortunately, all day is going to be filled with the constant flash and boom of thunderstorms... joy.

The girls went back to school.  Christmas break is over and Buddy misses his playmates.  The house is quiet and I'm a bit out of sorts because... well... I miss my playmates too.

Do you know that I still haven't found the right pattern for my knitimidating yarn - insane, I know.  My knee jerk reaction was to make a hat, scarf and mitten set for Peanut but I'm not sure she would properly care for the yarn and end up with a tiny felted set one day.  I thought about doing a simple wrap in just a plain garter stitch so the yarn could do all the talking but let's face it, that just isn't a worthy project for this glorious fiber.  I toyed with the idea of doing a shrug but apparently if you have a more ample bust line, they don't make shrugs for you.  I thought I had found a fabulous sweater but the Ravelry link leads nowhere.  I'm thinking that perhaps it's just not the right time and the knitting universe is trying to drill it into my thick head that I should work on something else.  Oh well, I guess for once I will actually listen.

On a different note, my adventures in teaching myself how to crochet yesterday were a dismal failure.  I may have figured out the Tunisian stitch but I think that is only because it reminds me of knitting.  It's a useful and rather attractive stitch but I want to make amigurumi items so it won't help.  I'm not discouraged though, it's just another project that I will simply have to attempt again on a different day.  Although, I know I'd be able to get the hang of it if I could just spend a day with my sister-in-law... or perhaps I nice weekend trip to North Carolina for a visit with my friend Jules, another master hooker.  (okay, I'm twelve because that made me giggle and choke on my coffee when I read it back)

Alrighty, it's time that this yucky day got a kick in the pants, Andi style.  Time for a Hugh Grant movie marathon, coffee and some knitting.  If that doesn't blow the funk right out of the air, nothing will!

09 January 2011

Sunday Snaps

My failed Bokeh attempt - love the outcome though

Bella Beanie

Peanut leaves for college in 6 months (I know the exact number of days but I don't want to make this a sad post about my baby growing up).  She will be living in a dorm room and her cat, Bella, can't go with her.  Peanut has raised Bella since birth and they have the most unbelievable bond.  While Peanut is away, Bella will be living with my mom in Texas (I'm off the charts allergic to cats and need a break).  It works out well because my mama has a cat too, Smudge.  They are about the same age and we're hoping that this will make life without Peanut a bit easier for Bella.

Peanut asked me to make her a black cat hat so she can have a piece of Bella with her while she is away at college.  She swears she will wear this hat around campus and part of me believes her.  The request came after I finished Hobbit's hat.  Well, last night while we were watching "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", I finished her Bella Beanie.  She humored me with photos so now I can post the pattern for y'all to enjoy!

Peanut and her Bella Beanie

What I Learned

I learned a few things over this Christmas break and thought I would share my little list of epiphanies.
  • Enjoy the kids - even when they drive you nuts - because one day, they won't be around to drive you nuts anymore.
  • Always read the yarn label before investing a few hours creating the perfect feltable purse only to realize after the entire process is done that the yarn isn't feltable.
  • Sometimes their 'rules' are way more fun.
  • Messes happen - clean it up and move on.
  • A hug truly does fix everything.
  • The million questions, even the annoying ones, are just their way of showing they are interested.  Answer them with as little sarcasm as possible.
  • Any day is a good day to claim "PJ Day".
  • When they ask you for a homemade knitted project, no matter how silly you think it is, make it.  They simply want to carry a piece of you with them when you can't be there. 
  • As much as you look forward to school starting tomorrow and the house staying picked up for more than five minutes, don't forget to get down on the floor and get dirty for a bit too.

07 January 2011

Leap of Faith Headband

My freak hair needs to be tamed whilst it grows out so I thought about making my own headband.  I always end up with a headache from the ones I bought at the store - perhaps I a freakishly large head to go with my freak hair, who knows.  Anywho - I fiddle farted around with stitch-work and came up with the following pattern.

Leap of Faith Headband

Any leftover worsted weight yarn from your stash and size 7 needles.

CO 11 stitches.

Row 1: Knit across.

Row 2: K2, *yo, K2tog.  Repeat until last stitch and K1.

Row 3: K2, P7, K2.

Repeat pattern (Rows 2 & 3) until the piece measures 13" in length.  Be sure to end on a Row 3.  Next, knit across the row.

Now we are going to do a quick decrease so the headband is adjustable.  Plus, I know as a wearer of glasses since I was 5, sometimes the headbands just get in the way and sit awkwardly because of my glasses.  This decrease will pull it away from your ears and rest comfortably on your head.  Here is the decrease:

Row 4:  P2, P2tog, P1, P2tog, P1, P2tog, P1. (7 sts)
Row 5:  Knit across.
Row 6:  P2, P2tog, P2tog, P1.  (5 sts)
Row 7:  Knit across.

Knit these 5 stitches until your 'cord' reaches 10" in length or until it comfortably reaches the beginning whilst on your head.  Bind off and weave ends.  Now sew on two buttons and you're good to go!

© peppermintmochamama - all rights reserved... blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda

06 January 2011

Pay It Forward 2011

My fabulous friend, Amy1, had this message posted as her status update over on Facebook ~

"Pay it Forward in 2011: I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They must, in turn, post this and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their status. The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011."

This is going to be so much fun!  I always have a challenge coming up with project ideas that have a purpose.  I will knit up a storm but then I have no idea what to do with my creations - I know, I'm an odd duck.  Anywho, when Amy1 posted this as her status update I was simply overjoyed!

So now, not only am I going to get a handmade item from a dear friend (or two - others have taken the idea and ran with it), I get to make something special for my friends.  Bravo to all paying it forward!

Monty Python-----How not to be seen

Every day should have a touch of silly - now, I slap you with it... LOL

Personal Day

An original Betsy, circa 1985
I didn't forget y'all yesterday.  Pokey took a personal day and we spent it fiddle farting around together.  Sometimes the best thing is doing absolutely nothing - together.

I'll write more tonight.  I'm hoping to have the Bella Beanie finished (complete with pattern) and news of a new project that I've been doodling.  I seem to be on a Critter Cap fix lately but this next one is for me and it's going to be uber-awesome!

Right now, I have to go mop the floors and find something to eat... but probably not in that order.

04 January 2011

I Have Been Knitting... I Promise

See - told you!
The last few posts have seemed as though I've not been knitting but I have... I promise.

Peanut fell in love with Hobbit's bunny hat and requested one for herself, except she wanted it to look like Bella.  Bella is her cat that she has raised since it was born, literally.  The mama didn't care much for Bella because she was the runt.  We rescued her more times than we care to remember because her mama kept hiding her around the house or sitting on her.  Funny to look back and remember but scary at the time.

So I have been commissioned by my eldest to create a black cat hat, complete with face, that she can wear while she is away at college.  Something so that she will always have "Bells" with her even though she won't be at home.

Bella Beanie - a WIP
Don't worry - I've been writing the pattern out so I can share it with all of you too.  What good is creating something magical if I can't share?  I hope to have it done this week.  I've been noodling over the ear situation and I might have finally worked it out where they won't look like deformed bunny ears or mutant mouse ones.

Wish me luck!

03 January 2011

The First PSA of 2011

It amazes me how some people who fall into certain age brackets are so incredibly rude and inconsiderate.  Some even feel as though they are entitled - to what, I have no idea but that is the air they give off to the world.  I, for one, have had enough.

There are a few simple rules that others seem to have forgotten through the years so I thought I would list out a little cheat sheet here.  Now, going forward, those few don't come across like a complete tool.  Please feel free to print this out and carry it with you, should you be one, or give it to a friend, should they be one.  Might I suggest laminating for long-term usability.  Alright, here we go ~
Just doing my part to ensure a better tomorrow
  1. If you are visiting someone, turn your cell phone off or on silent.  You are being graciously accepted into someone else's home - act gracious and at least pretend you want to be there.
  2. Don't snatch things from other people.  It doesn't matter if they are 5 or 50, snatching is just rude and uncalled for - unless they are about to electrocute themselves and you are prepared to take the hit for them, keep your grabby fingers to yourself.
  3. If you're going to talk nasty about someone, whisper it please.  While you may not like a member in the house and don't have the ability to keep your opinions to yourself, at least be sure to whisper your derogatory comments... some people have excellent hearing.
  4. Open your eyes - you might learn something.  Now, if the cell phone is off and you are paying attention to the host or hostess, this would not need to be said at all.  (These all seem to tie into one another, don't they?)  If you are gracious and keep your eyes open, you would pick up on these subtle queues and learn how to behave properly since it is apparent to all around you that you were not raised properly.
  5. You get one free pass, don't blow it.  Faux pas happen and they are generally excusable... or should it be better phrased that excuses are made for your behavior.  Everyone gets a free pass - it's usually chalked up to nerves.  Sometimes, depending on your demeanor, you can earn more passes over time but this takes a very special sort of person to have a constant free pass - a charm that few possess.  Once you have made your faux pas, learn from it.  Be humble and apologetic and then move on... don't roll your eyes, heave a sigh and grumble about it over one of the half a dozen phone calls you've taken whilst you were visiting.
  6. You are responsible for you.  That one is self-explanatory.  If you are behaving badly, it's your fault.  If you do it, you own it.  Plain and simple.
  7. You are not arbitrarily entitled, regardless of what you've been told.  I'm sorry if you feel as though you have been shafted all your life.  That is a horrible outlook to have but the reality is - it's life.  Suck it up and move on.  Everyone's perception is their own reality so what sounds like hard knocks to you might be a cake walk to someone else.  Keep that in mind.
  8. Hire someone to Gibbs you periodically - it might help.  Now that you have all of these guidelines, might I suggest that you have someone to Gibbs you periodically as a reminder of your asinine behavior.  This needs to be a person with a firm grasp of above outlined rules so that the Gibbs are dispensed in a timely and appropriate fashion.  For those who are unsure as to what it means to be Gibbs'd, please click here.
 I'm sure y'all can guess what brought this PSA on and I'm sure y'all would be correct.  I am constantly amazed at the lack of actual parenting in the world today but that is a topic for another post.  I'll just leave y'all with these words ~

"Discipline doesn't break a child's spirit half as often as the lack of it breaks a parent's heart". (Anonymous)

02 January 2011


Apparently, I agreed to have some giggly teenager spend the night at our house tonight.  I don't recall agreeing to this and fear that it might have been asked during a fever-induced state of delirium on New Years Eve.  Don't get me wrong... I'm not anti-social, I just don't like my routines messed up.

Sleep overs are not my cup of tea.  I love to have company.  I love to visit others but there just comes a point in the day when I don't want to not be on stage.  Perhaps it comes from my years as a Disney cast member, to always be on stage when company is around.  Must make magical moments, no matter how small, so that the day is remembered fondly.  I can do that - I am a professional at that - but I can only do that for so long.

After supper is usually when the lights of the stage start to dim and the clean up crew is getting set for the next day's performance.  The single ghost light in the middle of the stage is usually set around 7 p.m. and that is a pretty good time for it to happen.  When that does happen though, the 'cool, loosey goosey' mama goes to sleep in preparation for the next days events and the 'drill sergeant' mama comes out to make sure the night routines are done and kept.  Now before you get an image of Sgt. Foley in your head, it's not like that at all.  I'm just more direct and I expect things to be done.

These giggles I love - giggly teenagers, not so much
This is the point in time when I wish for all company to have a good night and safe travels.  It always plays out the same way.  Teeth don't get brushed, bedtimes soar by and giggles will ensue for hours on end.  It doesn't sound like a big deal does it - until the next morning.  All of the former giggles have been replaced with grumps and attitude.  Little people are still happy go lucky which in turn annoy the teenage grumps.  I consider this just rewards for ignoring me the night before and I let the little one have at it.  Serves them right for messing up my routine.

I guess I should look at it from a different perspective - it's not messing up my routine as much as it will enhance the joy of annoying the teenagers the next morning.

01 January 2011


I bought some gorgeous yarn.  It's simply beautiful and I love it to bits... and I'm too 'knitimidated' to actually use it.

Thistle - an appropriate name
I bought it roughly 6 years ago with the intention of making myself a sweater.  I walked bravely into my local yarn shop and purchased the most perfect 10 skeins of yarn ever produced.  Now keep in mind, I have always been more of a frugal knitter.  I think anything over $5 is luxurious when it comes to yarn.  Knitting may be my passion but I honestly can't afford to 'splurge' on fiber.  My budget and my conscious won't allow it.

That being said, these perfect little bundles cost me $120!  I should have never done it.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I'm not talented enough to afford such luxurious yarn.  I'm not confident enough to work with such phenomenal fiber.  It will take every ounce of courage and that will suck every ounce of joy out of the project... I don't want to mess it up - whatever I make with it will be my most expensive article of clothing EVER.  Why would I do this to myself?  My little happy splurge 6 years ago has been the core of small moments of anxiety like this through out the years.  I even tried to give it to my mother - a gloriously gifted knitter - and even she was too knitimidated to use it.  What am I going to do?!?

Want one better - it's now discontinued... I think I need to lay down.
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