02 March 2019

Chase your joy

I have decided that 2019 is the year that I chase my joy. Life is too short to do things that don't bring you joy... and I am supporting others with the same mindset. To that end, let me introduce you to John.

John is the brother of a dear friend of mine. If you run around Ravelry and spend time along the corridors of a certain castle, you know her as Stenojoz. She has the most caring and giving soul that you could ever dream of knowing. It doesn't matter what is going on with her - and trust me, life has tossed her some pretty craptastic lemons - she is there to make sure everyone around her is okay. Her kind and generous nature must be a family trait because her brother shares it... along with her crazy creative spirit.

So when this sweet family asked if would be willing to lend a hand in getting his little creative endeavor off the ground, I was not going to say no! Look this art he created... and it speaks volumes that he gets how much knitting and crocheting truly are healing tools that keep us grounded. I always say that my number one anxiety medication is knitting.

The shirts are generously sized and so very soft! He sent me a 3x because that is what I always get but honestly, I think I should have gotten just a 2x. It is soft, roomy, and just the perfect color for me. Purple is Pokey's favorite color so you know he tried to steal it from me. I told him the minute he crafted me something, I would share.

John is waiting for you to come and see what all he has waiting for you. You can follow him on his Facebook page as or on Instagram to get a sneak peek at all his crazy new designs.

As an added bonus, he was sweet enough to give y'all a discount! Just check out his shop, order your shirt (or mug, or bag, or sweatshirt), and use the code "MYTHERAPY" at check out to receive 12% off your order!! This code is good until Mother's Day, May 12th but don't delay. I know that I see a bag in my future, as well as my mama's.
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