09 November 2018

Weekend Wonderment

I think this weekend, it is time to try and snap out of the Eeyore funk that I have been in since we moved and put up our Christmas decorations. Thanksgiving is still two weeks away but honestly, I need to have something cheerful and bright in this place that I am trying to learn to love.

It has been an uphill battle - noisy neighbors below and behind us, shift bid results placing me back on a closing shift so I am not getting home until well after midnight every night, days off that are inconvenient with the rest of my family's schedule, and the fact that the night before last someone stole the Disney cast member magnet that had been on my car for almost two years without incident. I am close to tears and doing my best to not despise this place. I promise I am, but right now I am just failing.

I need something magical... so I will make it magical by putting up my Christmas decorations "early" and simply enjoying them for as long as I can. Christmas time is my favorite time of year so instead of boxing myself in and only having it up for a whirlwind moment, I am going to put it up now and absorb every last ounce of joy that I can from it.
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