14 August 2018

Tuesday Tunes, v.33

I love this song. Yes, it's fun to sing along to but if you really listen to the lyrics, it's inspiring. Enjoy!

13 August 2018

Motivational Monday, v.33

The final bit is the hardest but it is also the most rewarding. Go, be daring today. I believe in you!

11 August 2018

Weekend Wonderment v.32

Working on the weekends isn't so bad but truth be told, I'd rather be home knitting in my blue chair.

09 August 2018

Too many babies

There has been minimal progress since my last shot.
I am about baby projected out. I have a blanket on my needles now that I am sloughing through the center of since it's corner to corner. I hope to finish that portion and hit the decreases with a vengeance tonight. It is for a coworker who I fear will not be returning once her fourth - a little girl after three boys - finally arrives. Her husband enlisted and was accepted into the Navy Seals so that's a whole new world for her. She is due in 10 weeks and I started it on June 22nd, so that is almost 7 weeks ago. Unless I pick up the pace, I'm going to be cutting it super close.

My husband came home the other night and informed me that his boss' wife is expecting her third child. He doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl and would I mind making something for him. Not knowing the gender makes things hard for me but he is my husband and I do love him so we all know that I will be making a blanket for the unknown future spawn. My challenge here is that I made an intricate lace blanket for his last boss who was pregnant. It is known by these people what I can do so I feel I must either repeat the same blanket or find something equally as challenging. I'll probably just do the same one since I know it and it is honestly fun to work on.

I also just learned that my daughter's former college roommate just learned she is expecting so I am debating if I should make her something. I only met her once and even though she is super sweet and my eldest really loves her, I know my mother made her a blanket already. Not sure if I am obligated to make something for her so I'm waffling on that front.

It isn't that I don't like baby stuff, I do. I have spent most of my time this past month and a half making baby hats for the Disney Blanketeers. I am just wanting a change of scenery for a bit. Maybe make something for a grown up or something for the holidays... yes, I said holidays... we are heading into the golden quarter so I need to make a few things for presents still that I have yet to start.

Oh well. At least I will be rewarded with baby photos enjoying whatever it is that I have made them. That sort of makes it worth it... sort of.
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