30 June 2011

Where I've been...

Isn't it pretty!
I went to sit down and work a little on my sweater for Pokey the other day... and I did.  I cast on and I did the ribbing.  Then I moved on to the actual body of the back and it's starting to actually look like something.  I was afraid that it wasn't coming out right but I was wrong - it's coming out perfectly!

At first, even though I thought the yarn was exactly what I wanted across the board in regards to texture and color, I actually got nervous that you wouldn't be able to see the slight pattern workings in it.  Thank goodness I was wrong about that too.  Now that I think about, I've never been so happy to be so wrong about so many thing before in my life.

I love the center of the back ribbing with the tweed
Hopefully, I will have this sweater done before summer is over.  It's a bulky weight and it's working up rather quickly, which is good news for me.  I get bored with long sweater patterns - note how my Faux Circle Sweater really hasn't made any progress in the past few months.. instead, I completed my first ever pair of socks and my first ever pair of [surprise Peanut present].  I hope that I can work just this sweater without needing an instant gratification project to break it up.  I think I might just be alright though because this is a couple of firsts for me - my first sweater for Pokey and my first real attempt at cables.  That means, I'm actually going to have to think and work at it to make it come out like it's supposed to - no mindless knitting on this one.

So far though, I'm pretty tickled with what I've got... and it's time to work on it some more!

28 June 2011

Tuesday Tunes ~ Cover Edition

I first heard Fyfe Dangerfield on The Graham Norton Show.. and I was blown away.  Generally, I don't care for cover tunes - especially if you are going to cover one of my most favorite musical icons, Billy Joel.  This one was different though - it stayed true to the song and had just enough originality to it that I bought into what he was doing.  I wasn't offended at all... I totally enjoyed it.  So now I share it with you - please enjoy a bit of Billy via Fyfe via PMM's Tuesday Tunes.

27 June 2011

Thank you ma'am!

I will never forget this day.  Thank you Mrs. Paula
A few weeks ago I sent out four emails.  These emails went to people whom I admire for their work in their field.  One for her hand dyed yarn.  One for her patterns and wool.  One for her ability to make camera bags sexy and chic.  The last one, which was actually the first email I wrote, was to one of my heroes... in every sense of the word.

This amazing woman overcame such obstacles and triumphed against the odds - always with a warm heart and gentle word for anyone around.  She is the true embodiment of style and grace - utterly gorgeous in every way you can think of - and she will always be my hero because even now that she is a multi-million dollar empire, she is still the same sweet girl from Georgia.

Mrs. Paula, your box arrived today and I am speechless.  I admit to shedding tears of joy and I jumped up and down holding my autographed cookbook while staring in awe at all the beautiful things you sent.  You are all I could ever hope to be and I thank you so very much for making this little southern girl's dream come true today.  I love ya, Mrs. Paula.

Are you a "no-reply" blogger?

Click the button to learn more
How many times have you left a comment on someone's blog only to never receive a response?  As a blogger, have you ever received comments only to learn that you can't start a line of conversation because there was no email associated?  Either way you look at it, it's a tad disappointing for all involved.

Jodi over at Pleasant Home has written a fabulous post about how to figure out if you are one of the no-reply bloggers.  Don't worry, it's not difficult or shameful and it is so easily corrected that you will whistle your way through it.  So please, click on the image and have a gander.  It's well worth it.

26 June 2011

H is for...


Hobbies are a great things for a person to have because it gives them an outlet.  If you have a bad day and want to blow off steam and unwind, pick up your hobby.  If you have a great day and want to remember it, pick up your hobby.  If your bored, can't sleep, anxious, nervous, relaxed or any other possible word you can imagine to describe a person's state of being... then pick up your hobby.

Lots of people say "I can't do that" or "I'm not creative" and that is just bull dinky.  Everyone is creative in their own unique way.  Sure, I don't knit as fast as mother or do all the really intricate color working that she does but that doesn't stop me from knitting.  My aunt might make the most beautiful crochet afghans but that doesn't stop me from going ga-ga over my granny squares.  Paula and Gordon might cook the most delicious food on the planet but that doesn't stop me from making a mess in the kitchen.  Andrew Prokos is a genius with a camera but that doesn't mean I stop being a shutterbug.  All these things do mean something though.  They mean that I have some great resources from which to learn and grow in my chosen hobbies.

So I urge everyone - find something, explore everything and embrace a hobby.  You'll be so glad you did!  Here are a few of my favorite hobbies, once again...
My latest completed knitting project
One of my crochet granny squares
A fabulous supper that I need to make again soon - recipe is here.
Yep, even I follow my dreams - you can see them here.  I do update the tabs often so please, be sure to visit.

Want to join in the fun - click here.

Sunday Snaps ~ Wanderings Edition

Normally, I post my own photographs here over what I've shot during the week.. but the thing is, I've already shown you all that I've shot over the week!  So I designed a new image and followed it up with ones that suit my mood this week.  Enjoy!

It's large enough to be desktop wallpaper - if you want a different color, just let me know and I'll make one for you

What can I say... it was a rough week

For me, it was more like "creamer" because I would never, ever, ever run out of coffee!

This little cutie is from Planet Purl

25 June 2011

DIY Moment ~ eReader Case

Every now and again, we are all hit with "Ah-ha" moments that should be documented and shared.  I just had one of those moments and now, you guessed it... I'm documenting and sharing it.  I figured that I make enough silly little repurposed things around here that I should start writing a few of them up periodically.  I missed my documenting opportunity with my dpn needle case that I made but I took full advantage of this one.

Several Christmases ago, I bought my husband a beautiful wool sweater.  It was a wonderful sale and the sweater was gorgeous.  Times were tight and I wanted to be sure that I was able to get Pokey one really nice item... and this sweater was it.  He is the only person I know who can wear a wool sweater in Florida so I knew it wasn't going to be a wasted gift.  This article was worn exactly once - then disaster struck.  You see, he was trying to be 'helpful' and surprise me by lending a hand to the laundry... oh, he surprised me alright - he felted and completely shrunk his wool sweater!  It went from fitting a size 42 chest on a full grown man to a size 6 child!!  I was more disappointed than anything - Hobbit claimed the sweater and happily wore it for the past two years.  Now, she too has outgrown it and I am going to repurpose it into a case for the Nook that Pokey received for Father's Day.  Here's how I did it...

  • One felted large sweater.
  • One piece of computer printer paper
  • One pen
  • One pair of scissors and a handful of pins
  • Either a sewing machine or needle and thread - it's up to you how you would like to work.
  • 2 buttons (optional)
Click for larger image
Be sure to trace larger than you actual eReader so that you have enough room for seaming.  If you leave it the exact same size and then cut it out, once you sew it together, you'll have made it too small.
Click for larger image
Unless you have some heavy duty pins, don't worry about pinning through both layers.  It's a bit thick and will bend standard pins.  Just be sure you remember to cut both layers.
Click for larger image
Do you see how the bottom bit of the case is longer than the top - that is the flap closure.  This will leave us with as little seaming as possible.
Click for larger image
Be sure to line up your rounded edges and hold it well when you turn - otherwise, it will slip and then you'll have a bubble in your case.
Click for larger image
After you've sewn it together, flip it back out and be sure to push the corners through.  Now, for the top button flap, simply sew your button(s) where you want and then clip the excess.  If you opt for two buttons - one on either end - there will be no need for clipping but if you opt for a single center button, just cut level across the back and to the width you like so that the button is centered.

If you would like, you could add a handle to it by utilizing the cut out piece (see photo set 3) and attaching an end to each side seam prior to flipping your case right side out.  I opted against this as it was for my husband and I was afraid it would look like a purse and then it wouldn't be used... boys are so silly sometimes.

Now slide your eReader in and head off in style!

24 June 2011

Knitting project planner, that's what I need

Isn't it the coolest colorway ever?  Yeah, I know... it is.
I am sitting trying to figure out what I need to make my knitting area a bit more organized.  I've made countless attempts to hint to my husband about how cool, economically sound, efficient and cost effective it would be for me to own a Nook Color but until that sinks in, I need to find something to tide me over.

You see, the Nook Color would actually be a great invest for me because I could put all my knitting pattern books in it and I can go to my favorite pattern hubs and download their patterns too.  I won't have to waste time or money printing out pages for patterns.  I can highlight and write notes on there too.  It can play music in the background from my Pandora station and yes, I can simply read a book if I wanted to too.  All in all, this Nook Color would be a pretty ding dang good investment for me.  It is the perfect knitting project planner.

Forget "making due", I've just decided that Octopus' Garden is my colorway for the Nook cozy I'm going to make - sort of like an "if you build it, they will come" moment.. we'll consider that project planning and mission accomplished.

23 June 2011

Tomorrow, it all ends tomorrow

It's true - my lackadaisical ways will come to a screeching halt tomorrow.  Pokey goes back to work and I'm going to meet up with a friend for a cup of coffee.  Our vacation is coming to a close and then we've only got a handful of weeks before we are off to see family in Texas.

As Maria Von Trapp always says, "whenever He closes a door... somewhere He opens a window".
I had to include one of my most favorite songs from one of my most favorite musicals of all time!

22 June 2011

Time, you are such a fickle thing

My mama has this cross stitch in her room - my version

This vacation week with Pokey has flown by and yet, the time away from the girls has crawled.  Why is that?  Why couldn't it have been reversed?  I would not have minded our vacation week together to crawl slower than molasses while the time that girls are gone just zips on by at the speed of light.  Time, you are such a fickle thing.

Today is technically Pokey's weekend - it's his Saturday to be precise.  That means that the day after tomorrow, everyone else's Friday, will actually be his Monday and he'll be back to work... and I'll be back to spending the majority of my day alone doing that which I tell others not to do - wish my life away.

I'll be wishing that Pokey were home.  I'll be wishing the girls were home.  Then I'll be wishing for Christmas holidays because that is when I'll be able to see Peanut again... just sitting around wishing my life away.  I always tell others to go out and enjoy that moment that is today - make a memory and not sit around missing things while wishing for others.  It always sounds so profound and insightful when I do it... now, since it applies to me, it just sounds annoying.  I'm making a mental note to never say those things again.

Any guesses?  No?  Good!
I made myself a little mental challenge that I probably won't uphold but the plan is to stick to it... I'm going to finish my other half of Peanut's surprise present this weekend - not Pokey's weekend but the weekend that the rest of the world recognizes.  I am also going to get uber creative with a sweater that I bought Pokey for Christmas two years ago that he shrunk small enough that Hobbit has been using it!  She outgrew it last year so I am going to repurpose it into something amazing.  I'll be photographing the process and putting up my first DIY post.  It is going to be really neat, I promise.  I've also got to cast on for a test knit that I signed up to do - a sweater for Pokey made out of bulky weight yarn.  I know, we live on the sun, but he honestly can not handle temperatures below 75 degrees at all so it will definitely get use - and he is the only person in a 500 mile radius that could!

You know what... even though my brain may be wishing time away, at least my body will be busy and if my body is busy then time will go faster so in essence, my wish will come true.  Wow - hello there Silver Lining - how have you been?  So nice to see you again.

21 June 2011

"Little Red in the City" by Ysolda Teague

Timeless designs & perfect fit decoding
Image from Knitter's Review
I so badly want to own a copy of this book.  The reviews are fabulous and the designs are to die for - my issue comes with the distribution.  It appears as though I can only get it through Amazon and I refuse based on ethical principles to support their organization.

I've contacted Ysolda to see if there is anyway I can get a copy of this book - fingers crossed everyone.  This book is going to be the greatest thing to hit the knitting world since... well, since someone figured out how to make knots with sticks!

Tuesday Tunes ~ Yesterday

This video is fabulously preserved.  There are a few sections that have the smallest of moments in them but all in all - it's a great live video of my favorite Beatle singing one of my favorite songs.

20 June 2011

G is for...

A Good Yarn!

Yep, that's right - A Good Yarn, located in Sarasota, is definitely the best definition for the letter "G" that I can think of on any given day... and today, I went for a visit.  Sure, it's was a two hour drive but what is two hours when you can be, well, at A Good Yarn?  I'll let the photos do the talking - because this was a dream come true for me.  The girls in the shop were wonderful, helpful and the sweetest people known to man.  The yarn on the walls was completely scrumptious.  The group of women gathered around the table that morning were a hoot and if I lived closer, I'd be a regular there as well.

If you are ever in the Sarasota area, be sure to stop and see them.  You will never regret it - even Pokey had fun running around in circles with me, touching all the yarnie yummy goodness!  He even impressed the ladies with his use of knitting lingo - like "colorway" and "sock form".  Got to love a man who will spend his wedding anniversary going to a yarn shop simply because his wife made a comment that "one day" she would like to go and see it in person.  Just another blessing for me to count.

Three Irish Girls - exclusive colorways for the store

A snuggly oasis in the front of the store

Yummy yarnie goodness was as far as the eye could see

Every section had items worked up so you could see and touch it.

A Good Yarn in Sarasota is definitely a bit of a knitters heaven on Earth

19 June 2011

Superhero, that's what he really is... at least to me.

He is very subtle with his superhero status
In honor of Father's Day, I am going to share some information with you that many may not know.  Now please, don't go contacting CNN or MSNBC because he likes his privacy and he has managed to keep his identity a secret for the past sixty-three years, so let's just keep this between us, okay?  Okay.

My daddy is a superhero.  It's true.  Now I know that many children believe their father to be larger than life and able to conquer anything but mine truly is and I have proof.  He grew up in an impoverished Baltimore neighborhood where siblings were running a muck and parents were doing the best they could.  He raised his brothers and sister, with the help of his Nana and Aunt Mary, all the while holding an outstanding GPA all through school.  He was accepted to Johns Hopkins University when he was just a junior in high school!  Daddy went on to actually attend Drexel University where he met the love of his life and married her - two days after her graduation and one day after her birthday.

They went on to live a glorious life together.  They had two children, a son and a daughter, whom they adore and lavished with every possible gift, both tangible and intangible.  Nothing was denied them by their parents and yet, they grew up appreciative.  The kids learned, from their parents' example, that everything is precious and important and to be grateful for it all.  There were times when moths flew out of wallets but the children never knew - all they knew was that their home was perfect.

Time moves on and Daddy becomes a very successful business man - often holding titles such superhero titles as CEO, CFO, VP of Finance... but his favorite title was "Daddy".  He would take his son and daughter to work with him if he had to get things done over the weekend.  There, a wonderland of great proportions would open up as the kids were allowed to play freely where no other child had played before... and probably hasn't played since.  During this time, unbeknownst to the children, he was earning his Bachelors degree... and then his Masters degree - both with a 4.0 GPA.

Posing with some of his adoring fans
While Daddy's powers and abilities are limitless, he does have one weakness - stupidity.  Don't be confused, there is a definite difference between stupidity and ignorance.  One means you don't know any better, whilst the other means you do but you simply don't care... and that is the one that will turn my mild mannered and loving Daddy into a raging menace.  Thank goodness, the son tested this theory first so the daughter could side step those actions - although, she had plenty of her own discoveries which caused Daddy's blood pressure to go up and change his face to the most amazing shades of red.  There was always a warning - which showed how much he cared - and if you knew this warning, then you knew it wasn't something that was detrimental... this warning, this one single thing that you had to hear first was one simple word.  That word was "swell"... and if you heard that, you knew it was the situation and not you that he was upset with and that made all the difference.

Through the years, Daddy's superhero powers grew.  While most children are reaching adulthood and learn that their parents are mere mortals, I simply learned that mine was larger than life.  He has beaten the odds on everything... even amazing a team of doctors a few years ago with his superhuman strength, will and determination.  If asked, he will tell you that he wasn't sick (and that is how we refer to that scary moment in history - "that time when Daddy wasn't sick") but the cardiologist who performed his emergency triply bypass open heart surgery would claim otherwise.  His superhero status was cemented when he recovered three times faster than anyone they had ever witnessed.  He did so with a single pain pill, on the third day of recovery.  Yes, my daddy is honestly a superhero... there is no denying it.

So on this day, I wanted to share my Daddy with y'all.  If you see a teddy bear of a man, flying through the sky like Superman but singing the William Tell Overture and hollering "Hi-ho Silver, away", don't be alarmed.  That's just my superhero, making his rounds.

I love you, Daddy.  Happy Father's Day - from your Sweet Pea.

18 June 2011

Well that was definitely different

A cookbook and some
honey mustard
Pokey and I got up to go to the Farmer's Market today.  It was an hour away and we were looking forward to enjoying some quiet time together, just being lazy explorers.  We found our way without any incident but I can't say the same for the "farmers"... because there weren't any at this market!  Pokey and I pulled up and parked the car, all the while trying to stifle fits of laughter.  All the hype that we had read and the long list of vendors was for naught - there were 8 pitched tents and nothing really exciting.  It was so sad but we wandered it all the same.

The best lunch ever - click to enlarge
After the long stroll down the market, we sauntered over to investigate another love of ours - hole in the wall eateries!  We chose it because of it's name and we would travel back because of the food.  The decor was tacky, the clientele knew every patron by name and the food would outshine them all.  Pokey couldn't decided between breakfast or lunch so he had eggs with a fried pork chop, grits and biscuit.  I couldn't resist the meatball sub.  It was out of this world delicious - Gordon would not have a foul thing to say about the food of this place.  It was up to scratch.

Treasures of the day - click to enlarge
Once we paid our bill, which I must say was less than twenty with a hefty tip included, we were off to explore the town square.  We found a good doctor and an 'antique' store which seemed to favor more on the idea of vintage or antique than the actual working definition.  There were some treasures to be sure but the emotional price tags kept our wallets firmly tucked away.  Still, it was a fun way to spend some time.

We probably won't head up there again but it was definitely different - and I wouldn't have changed a single thing about our non-farmer Farmer's Market adventure.

17 June 2011

Farmer's Market

Too funny - I had to do it.. and yet, a sarcastic free post
Pokey and I learned of a Farmer's Market that happens every third Saturday of the month.  Guess what tomorrow is... the third Saturday of the month!  We figured that we would get up, drink our copious amounts of coffee and then toddle up the road an hour's worth to check it out.

I've never been to a Farmer's Market but I will have my camera with me because I just have this feeling that it will be a photographic wonderland full of colors and textures.  I found a listing of all the vendors and it was more than just simple fruits and veggies.  There were woodworkers, textiles and some other things that I have no clue what they mean.  So now I am thinking of it along the lines of my favorite section of any fair - the crafting corner.  You know the area, where all the knitting, quilting, baking and creating is kept.  I am actually very excited at the possibility of some extraordinary photographs.  Y'all know I don't care about the people who stare at me cockeyed whilst I get the perfect shot of something... it's par for a photographer's course.

I did notice, however, that it was close to the Christmas town so maybe... if I'm a good girl... on the way home, we'll stop over for a visit.  Fingers crossed!

16 June 2011

Goodness galore around here...

My prize from figknits came in!

Isn't this yarn just scrumptious?

All the way from the UK...

My winnings from Laura arrived - with a note!

Can't you just see the Union Jack lap quilt/pillow... haven't decided which

And a sweet card from sweet friends - love you Mel & Rob!!
These are the things that arrived in the post over the past three days.  Those same three days from when I learned about that thief stealing my RSS feed.  Well, I've paid attention and it appears as though my feedburner is working (it holds only my copyright information and web address right now - sorry friends, it will all be fixed soon but thank you so much for hanging in there with me) and the thieves aren't smart enough to capture photos AND text... hence, photos first and text after.

I know it's been crazy the past few days but headway is being made and hopefully, by the end of next week if my calculations are correct, this will all be rectified and put to bed.  Until then, I appreciate all the love, support and encouragement I have received from everyone.  The messages from y'all are the reason why I keep going during this whole mess... because the love-fest is mutual my dears!

Thank you!

15 June 2011

Copyright Infringment

Words of wisdom
So the long and winding road that I must travel to stop the thieves at Cervicalcancerinfo.org from stealing my feed is being fought.  All legal avenues are being pursued and justice will be served.  I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm still here and working on getting things resolved.

Soon, all will be right with the world again - I promise.  Hang tight for me.  The bonus - that first paragraph is now all that is seen on the thieving website.  Sometimes, all you can do is find the humor or make some for yourself.

14 June 2011

Oooohhhh, my very own mash-up!

Y'all know that I was having a hard time coming up with stuff to join in on Carole's Ten on Tuesdays so I created my own Tuesday Tunes... guess what I get to do today - join them!  Yep, that's right.  Carole sent out her email with the subject for her Ten on Tuesday and it was Favorite Love Songs.  How awesome is that?  So let's go to this because it's going to be ah-maze-ing!
  1. "I Can Love You Like That" by John Michael Montgomery.  That is our song so of course it had to be number one on the list.
  2. "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" by Bryan Adams
  3. "Tonight" from West Side Story
  4. "Just Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble
  5. "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars
  6. "Always A Woman" by Billy Joel
  7. "I Cross My Heart" by George Strait
  8. "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith
  9. "Hopelessly Devoted To You" by Olivia Newton-John
  10. "All I Want To Do" by Sugarland
And here a bonus video for you from one of my favorite bands, Mumford & Sons ~ Enjoy!

13 June 2011

Well I'll be buggered

My RSS feed is being stolen!  You can find the link to it here.  I have notified the housing platform of the site, sent an email to the actual site and sent in a DMCA report regarding copyright infringement.  I am just at a loss.  I felt like something was off today and now I know why - because something is!

I'll keep you posted but if I'm quiet for a few days, it is because I'm waiting to hear back and I don't want any more of my blog stolen by these thieves.

*Update*~ I've shortened my RSS feed to be mostly copyright information and redirection to here so please bare with me while I get this all sorted out.  The previously mentioned idea came from luvinthemommyhood who just went through this a few weeks ago and had some lovely tips for me.

F is for...


There.  I've said it.  I'm a fastidious knitter.  If I can't get it right, I frog it and try again.  I'm not one who can look at an error, no matter how minute, and simply let it pass.  I have to work back and fix it.  The reason being - it will be the only thing I see.

I try to tell myself that every beautiful, gorgeous and inspiring Persian rug has a flaw.  You would think that would make me feel better, right?  Wrong.  If it is placed on purpose because they believe that only God can make perfect things, then by placing the agreed upon imperfection, the rug is therefore perfect.  See, circular logic can be frustrating and fun all at the same time!

It's okay though.  I enjoy being a fastidious knitter.  It challenges me to be better, to try harder and to never give less than my best - a gift my parents gave me at a young age and one for which I am most grateful.  So go ahead, call me fussy, OCD, perfectionist or fastidious if you like - I know my work will be all the better for it.

Want to join in the fun - click here.

Aww shucks

I was grabbing a link to Pinkundine's blog when a realized, she nominated me for this cute little award I'd seen running around the blogiverse.  I had wondered where it started from and never really found an answer but now, apparently I have "won" one...

From what I understand about it, now I have to share seven things about me.  I am not sure what seven things y'all don't already know since I seem to be missing that "hush" button on what to share and what not to share so I'll do my best to make sure that the items I list are new.  Wish me luck.  Buckle up, here we go:
  1. I'm a homebody.  I could very easily be a hermit.  I like to go out but I don't like dealing with people in the general public.  I adore individuals - people, not so much.
  2. I love sarcastic, dry comedy.  It gets me rolling in the aisle every time.
  3. I am a gaming nerd.  I could play LotRO all day long and have to basically bribe myself to get up and do something else.  Yeah, I know - sad but true.
  4. My bed has to be made just right or I will throw Pokey out of it to remake it.
  5. My feet are always cold but the rest of me is always hot... and I really dislike being hot.
  6. I used to want to be a teacher or a singer when I grew up.  I learned later on in life that I don't do well singing alone in front of random strangers and other people's children annoy me.  It's not the child's fault - it's the parents' for lack of actual parenting.
  7. I cry at anything remotely sappy - commercial, movie, show, dance, song.  If it touches a cord with me, I'm reaching for the tissues.  Thank goodness Pokey isn't much better or the teasing around here would be relentless.
So there you have it... just a little bit of the oddities that make me, me.  Now I am supposed to nominate 7 of my most favorite bloggers for this award.  Let me just state that this is more difficult than you might imagine.  I have a rather extensive blog reading repertoire to go through and I think all of them are fabulous for different reasons.  In the effort to be fair and impartial, since I honestly do adore them all, I closed my eyes and pointed to them... here are the results...
These are some fabulous blogs that I honestly hope you check out.  They may or may not participate in this silly little adventure but either way, they are well worth getting to know.  Such creative and talented souls on so many levels.

Thanks again, Pink... it was fun!

12 June 2011

Chilling reality

Summer in SD per Peanut
I just got off the phone with Peanut, who was shivering while walking around her South Dakota campus getting acclimated for tomorrow's orientation.  It was noon her time and the temperatures had only reached 64 degrees Fahrenheit... and I admit to laughing at her over the phone.

Poor baby has no idea what she has gotten herself into with the mindset of "I'm tired of melting" and trading it in for "I'll never thaw out"... ah, well... at least my knitting will be useful and appreciated.  I'm off now to finish her surprise and perhaps start a second one given the gravity of the situation for her... teeth chattering at 64.  My little southern belle is gonna be a popsicle!

11 June 2011

Sneak peak...

I'm almost done with this one... then I have to make it's mate.  Here's a sneak peak at what's sitting on my needles...

Can you guess what it is?

Oh yeah, and one of the fabulous ladies that I emailed regarding my blogiversary giveaway honored me with a yes!  So completely stoked - loved her before, absolutely adore her now!  I can't wait to see what she sends.. plus, I'm working up the blogiversary post already.  I know, I know... this has turned into more of a tease than a sneak peak... but y'all still love me - right?

It has begun - now where do I?

11 June - 19 June
Today is the first day of the week-long celebration known as WWKIP Day 2011 ~ aka World Wide Knit In Public Day 2011.  It begins today and runs through the entire week, ending on the 19th of June.  I am saddened that I wasn't able to find a group this year and through experience, I know that I would not have been able to gather a group from my area... sometimes, I honestly think I am the only knitter within a 50 mile radius of my house... well, the only gregarious one I guess.

So what are my plans for today, you ask - I don't know!  I want to participate and I am sure that I will find a way.  Perhaps I'll take my knitting down to the park and sit in the shade of the trees.  Maybe I'll toddle down to my favorite bookstore with the super huge comfy chairs and copasquat there for a bit.  I honestly just don't know how I am going to participate, I just know that I am.

Share with me how you are going to take on the challenge of WWKIP Day 2011 ~ I would love to hear your stories and ideas.  Happy stitching everyone!!
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