03 October 2010

My Mama's Slippers

My mom has always made us slippers, ever since I was little. I love getting them and I've made a few pairs for others myself.  I am posting the pattern on Ravelry for all to enjoy.

Detailed look at finished slipper
I love to embellish these little cuties with ribbons, bows, pompoms and even jingle bells for the younger folks.  Color combinations are endless and this pattern is so quick and easy, you could make everyone you know a pair and still want to make more.



  1. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to knitting these up for my daughter!
    Del from CM (mastomommy)

  2. I'm dense this morning - the Heads and Toes chart - I find that where? Love these kind of slippers, thank you!

  3. Oh I'll post the heads and toes chart in here too. I thought it was one I already had up but I guess not.

  4. I made these many years ago and lost the pattern. I was delighted to find your pattern. I also had a variation on this with a cuff of 5 stitches. Thank you.


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