17 December 2018

Cast On The New Year

I am holding a New Year's party - in the comfort of wherever you choose to be on New Year's Day!

That's right, no need to get dressed for this shindig. It is done from your favorite and most comfortable crafting spot. Since this is a year of (mostly) selfish crafting, I thought why not throw a party. Now, we all know my anxiety would go through the roof so we're throwing my perfect kind of party - one where we all enjoy it on our own and share via photos!!

It is so easy to participate... just cast on your first selfish project at any point between midnight and 11:59 pm ET on New Year's Day. Work until you're satisfied or life gets in the way, and then take a quick picture. You'll need one for your Ravelry project page anyway so just post that puppy up on Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #PMMCastOnParty2019 so we can all see what everyone is up to this year.

I am going to be more active and part of that is my promise to be a bit more selfish this year. It sounds awful but part of my challenge has been not doing enough for me and doing too much for others. My cup was empty and I could not pour from it for a long while. It is time to find a better balance so that is the goal. Saying no is not a bad thing. Taking time for yourself isn't horrible, it's necessary. 

So come join in on the fun. New Year's Day at any time. Just find a project you want to make for yourself and go to town! Share with everyone via your favorite social media platform by either posting in the Facebook event I created or using the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter.

16 December 2018

It is time

Chewy Chester Newman agrees - it's selfish crafting time
2019 is the year. I have decided. You can't change my mind. I'm doing it. It is the year that I am going to craft selfishly!

I say it every year but this year I mean it. I have spent the better part of my life crafting for everyone else but there are a few things I really want to make for me so I have decided that after 20+ years, I am finally going to do it and just use my crafting time for myself.

Okay, I admit it. I just can't be completely selfish... I will continue my charity crafting for the Disney Blanketeers but I am thinking a "one for one" system should work. For every thing I make for me, I will create one newborn hat to donate... or if I need to feel like I have actually accomplished something during a larger project, I will make a newborn hat. I honestly love participating in charity knitting so in a way, that is selfish... right?

But on the whole, my crafting is going to be for me... I promise... I mean it... this is the year... just look at my Ravelry queue... I'm totally serious...  Fine, I'm going to try... happy?
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