17 December 2018

Cast On The New Year

I am holding a New Year's party - in the comfort of wherever you choose to be on New Year's Day!

That's right, no need to get dressed for this shindig. It is done from your favorite and most comfortable crafting spot. Since this is a year of (mostly) selfish crafting, I thought why not throw a party. Now, we all know my anxiety would go through the roof so we're throwing my perfect kind of party - one where we all enjoy it on our own and share via photos!!

It is so easy to participate... just cast on your first selfish project at any point between midnight and 11:59 pm ET on New Year's Day. Work until you're satisfied or life gets in the way, and then take a quick picture. You'll need one for your Ravelry project page anyway so just post that puppy up on Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #PMMCastOnParty2019 so we can all see what everyone is up to this year.

I am going to be more active and part of that is my promise to be a bit more selfish this year. It sounds awful but part of my challenge has been not doing enough for me and doing too much for others. My cup was empty and I could not pour from it for a long while. It is time to find a better balance so that is the goal. Saying no is not a bad thing. Taking time for yourself isn't horrible, it's necessary. 

So come join in on the fun. New Year's Day at any time. Just find a project you want to make for yourself and go to town! Share with everyone via your favorite social media platform by either posting in the Facebook event I created or using the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter.

16 December 2018

It is time

Chewy Chester Newman agrees - it's selfish crafting time
2019 is the year. I have decided. You can't change my mind. I'm doing it. It is the year that I am going to craft selfishly!

I say it every year but this year I mean it. I have spent the better part of my life crafting for everyone else but there are a few things I really want to make for me so I have decided that after 20+ years, I am finally going to do it and just use my crafting time for myself.

Okay, I admit it. I just can't be completely selfish... I will continue my charity crafting for the Disney Blanketeers but I am thinking a "one for one" system should work. For every thing I make for me, I will create one newborn hat to donate... or if I need to feel like I have actually accomplished something during a larger project, I will make a newborn hat. I honestly love participating in charity knitting so in a way, that is selfish... right?

But on the whole, my crafting is going to be for me... I promise... I mean it... this is the year... just look at my Ravelry queue... I'm totally serious...  Fine, I'm going to try... happy?

09 November 2018

Weekend Wonderment

I think this weekend, it is time to try and snap out of the Eeyore funk that I have been in since we moved and put up our Christmas decorations. Thanksgiving is still two weeks away but honestly, I need to have something cheerful and bright in this place that I am trying to learn to love.

It has been an uphill battle - noisy neighbors below and behind us, shift bid results placing me back on a closing shift so I am not getting home until well after midnight every night, days off that are inconvenient with the rest of my family's schedule, and the fact that the night before last someone stole the Disney cast member magnet that had been on my car for almost two years without incident. I am close to tears and doing my best to not despise this place. I promise I am, but right now I am just failing.

I need something magical... so I will make it magical by putting up my Christmas decorations "early" and simply enjoying them for as long as I can. Christmas time is my favorite time of year so instead of boxing myself in and only having it up for a whirlwind moment, I am going to put it up now and absorb every last ounce of joy that I can from it.

04 October 2018

The long and short of it all...

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably already read this but I promised to tell y'all what has been going on and I am not one to break my promises so here goes...

This has been the perfect "Sunday" morning for me. I go back to work tomorrow after the whirlwind that has been my life since September 11th.

For those who don't know, the house that we were leasing to own is now foreclosed upon. It appears as though the man with whom we entered the lease agreement with has no legal right to the house. He broke in, changed the door locks, and leased it out.

The house was apparently entered into foreclosure on 2/2016 and we signed our lease on 6/2016 without any knowledge of it. Then, on 9/11/2018, the Albertelli Law group attempted to serve papers to my precious 13 year old Hobbit. Pokey and I were both at work.

I called them and was informed that we were losing our home and had to get out. I was in shock. The person on the other line was so cold and cruel. I offered to take over payments, trying to explain that we had been living there for the past 27 months, paying our rent on time EVERY MONTH since June of 2016. She called me a "squatter" and told me that I had to move out since the house was going up for sale at auction in October.

I cried. I was scared and lost and overwhelmed. I had less than a month to find a place to live, pack up everything, and move. If I hadn't already believed in God, the events over the next two weeks would have made me a believer.

As for the awful man who did what he did, I know that he will get caught - truly bad people always do. I hope the $34,000 he basically stole was beneficial to him. Perhaps he needed it more than we did. Perhaps he has some personal drama that needed such drastic measures. Perhaps he is just a horribly bad man. Whatever the case, it is no longer my worry or concern.

So here I sit this morning - thankful for my parents and the grace of God - in our new apartment as I watch the sun rise and listen to the wildlife around the lake. It may not have been what I wanted to do but I am so blessed to have been able to do it. It is now time to simply say thank you and let the anxiety of the past 23 days go so we can all move forward with grace and dignity.

My family and I are safe and settled... That is all a girl can ask for... That and a quiet coffe morning with her knitting.

25 September 2018

Trying to make the best of it...

That is what we are doing. I promise, there is a long and most sorted tale coming your way shortly but for now, please now that we are all fine and things must happen for a reason. That being said, enjoy some random photos from this past month because memories should always be captured, no matter how small...

I now have six of these and have started on the plain sparkly green ones. 6/24 completed on my garland!

Obligatory 'we got the keys' photo... forced smiles but you know the saying, 'fake it 'til you make it'

We saw Fall Out Boy a few Sundays ago in Orlando. They were amazing!
Andy Black released a new song and I have to say, I didn't think I would like it but I do - have a listen and I bet you will love it too. Be sure to go to YouTube and make it big because it is good for a giggle.

Gotta go, more packing needs to be done. Be back soon...

14 August 2018

Tuesday Tunes, v.33

I love this song. Yes, it's fun to sing along to but if you really listen to the lyrics, it's inspiring. Enjoy!

13 August 2018

Motivational Monday, v.33

The final bit is the hardest but it is also the most rewarding. Go, be daring today. I believe in you!

11 August 2018

Weekend Wonderment v.32

Working on the weekends isn't so bad but truth be told, I'd rather be home knitting in my blue chair.

09 August 2018

Too many babies

There has been minimal progress since my last shot.
I am about baby projected out. I have a blanket on my needles now that I am sloughing through the center of since it's corner to corner. I hope to finish that portion and hit the decreases with a vengeance tonight. It is for a coworker who I fear will not be returning once her fourth - a little girl after three boys - finally arrives. Her husband enlisted and was accepted into the Navy Seals so that's a whole new world for her. She is due in 10 weeks and I started it on June 22nd, so that is almost 7 weeks ago. Unless I pick up the pace, I'm going to be cutting it super close.

My husband came home the other night and informed me that his boss' wife is expecting her third child. He doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl and would I mind making something for him. Not knowing the gender makes things hard for me but he is my husband and I do love him so we all know that I will be making a blanket for the unknown future spawn. My challenge here is that I made an intricate lace blanket for his last boss who was pregnant. It is known by these people what I can do so I feel I must either repeat the same blanket or find something equally as challenging. I'll probably just do the same one since I know it and it is honestly fun to work on.

I also just learned that my daughter's former college roommate just learned she is expecting so I am debating if I should make her something. I only met her once and even though she is super sweet and my eldest really loves her, I know my mother made her a blanket already. Not sure if I am obligated to make something for her so I'm waffling on that front.

It isn't that I don't like baby stuff, I do. I have spent most of my time this past month and a half making baby hats for the Disney Blanketeers. I am just wanting a change of scenery for a bit. Maybe make something for a grown up or something for the holidays... yes, I said holidays... we are heading into the golden quarter so I need to make a few things for presents still that I have yet to start.

Oh well. At least I will be rewarded with baby photos enjoying whatever it is that I have made them. That sort of makes it worth it... sort of.

26 July 2018

It's the little things

That is how you know you are loved. Yes, grand gestures are great and amazing and magnificent and everything our younger selves think they should be because we watch movies and read books that constantly show us that is what love is supposed to be... but it's not. Each person has a specific love language and it is up to us to learn it, just as we have our own love language and they learn ours.

Love is found mostly in the quiet moments. The little blips in life that most don't notice until they are gone. Waking up to coffee on your bedside when you didn't even ask for it... even more, knowing exactly how you take your coffee. Folding the laundry or even helping with the folding without being asked. Picking up one of his time consuming chores because you know that he has had a bad week. Making a meal you can't stand simply because you know he loves it. Cleaning the bathroom because there isn't a cleaner on the universe that doesn't bother your asthma. Taking out the dog whose eyes are floating so you can finish a row and not lose your place in the lace pattern.

I love you too, Pokey.
I could go on but you get the point. These little things, while they may seem common place and normal, are what showing love is about so don't take them for granted. Show honest appreciation for the little acts... because that gets noticed too. If you don't acknowledge those things, and I mean sincerely acknowledge them, the person doing them will feel as though they don't matter and they will stop.

For the past decade, if I am graced with the ability to sleep later than my husband, I wake to coffee on my bedside table. When I was a homemaker, he woke me with kisses and coffee. When I worked from home, he woke me with kisses and coffee. On my weekend, he wakes me with kisses and coffee. Even on the days I have to be up at 5 am and he is peacefully talking in his sleep as I get ready for work, I give him a kiss goodbye and there is freshly brewed coffee waiting for me in the carafe.

That is his love language... and I love him for it.

19 July 2018


That is the only word I can use to describe last night. It was the most amazing evening. The bands, the music, the family time - at one point, Hobbit got up and went to get a photo with the first act... BY HERSELF! She didn't want us to go with her. She was adamant that this was something she wanted to try and do alone so we let her... and she did it! She even has a photo of her with them, they're called Kulick and you should definitely give them a listen because they are fabulous. The smile on her face in that shot says it all - she is beaming! Don't tell, but I screenshot her photo from Instagram - look at that face...
She had to have asked a random stranger to take the picture too so double kudos to my awesome kid!
After their amazing set, The Rocket Summer took the stage. Wow. This guy will blow your mind. The sounds he was able to make and the songs he sang were just beautiful. I got one single shot of him and he is back lit by hot pink light so his face is gone. I'm not posting it here (it's on Instagram if you really want to see it, along with a few others and some videos of the night) but I did post a link to his music because you have to give yourself the honor of listening to him. You won't regret it, I swear.

After his set, I simply lost my mind. I have to admit, I am not their typical fan. I'm technically "old" by their average aged fan standard. It's okay. I don't honestly care. I smile every time I hear one of the kids in the audience say something like "Man, I wish my mom was like that" or "That kid is lucky, look at her mom" - and this is usually while I am singing along, acting like a Woo Girl, and having a blast. I did remember to get a few photos...
This was before it all started and we had just found our seats. See Pokey's shirt - Kellin dedicated the song "Gold" to "the awesome dad in the Stay Golden shirt". He was tired so he was sitting, holding my purse, while Hobbit and I sang.

This is actually the encore when Kellin and Nick came out to sing 2 Chords. It was amazing!
This man, Nick Martin, is the embodiment of pure joy. He is so happy that he truly fills the room with his energy.
There is no zoom on this image! Sleeping With Sirens was literally two people away from us. This acoustic tour was a dream come true for me. I have seen them before but I had always wanted to catch an acoustic show - and Kellin said that this would probably be the last time they do one so I am forever grateful for last night.
No concert is complete without purchasing the epic tour date shirt. There we were, 5th from the bottom on the left.
I was one happy camper. I put in some fabulous washout purple dye because Disney would freak if I went to work on Friday with purple hair even though I work in a backstage support area. I wore my pretty white off the shoulder summer dress and my sparkly pink tennis shoes. For one of the oldest fans, I was rocking it appropriately.
I did see a few other parents in the audience, my husband included, who were just sitting there. Pokey didn't really know them but he simply enjoys music so was having a good time. He has to stand all day at work so no one faulted him for sitting. The other parents though... I don't get it. They looked miserable. There was a mom and dad, looked to be about our age, sat in the row in front of us and they were just bumps on a log. It's like they thought they couldn't have fun. I was such a sharp contrast - and really always have been I guess. Granted, I am an honest to goodness fan of their music but even at shows where I'm not a super fan, I still have a good time. I think it does Hobbit good to see me up, awkwardness and all, just unapologetically enjoying myself. At one point, Kellin was talking during the lead in to "Better Off Dead" and he shared about his personal challenges with anxiety and depression. By the time he was done, just before he started singing, Hobbit and I were both just in tears because we understood and connected with him on that very real and raw level. We weren't embarrassed or ashamed. We were living in the moment - singing along, tears streaming down our faces, my arm around her shoulder and just living it.

When it was all over, I even had the courage to go to the stage with Hobbit while Nick was giving away the set lists (no, we didn't get one) and holler "Thank you" to him. He put his hand on his heart, smiled at us, and said "No, thank you!". This made our night!! The first time he came over to our side of the stage, we both waved at him and since he couldn't wave back, he gave us the biggest and cheesiest smile ever - right at us - and we were tickled. The last time we saw them, we connected with Nick and he tried to toss us guitar picks, missed, shrugged, and blew us kisses instead. That was another amazing summer night just last year.

So I guess I really can think of another word to describe last night... amazing... because it totally was!

Oh, and since it is Thursday and I try to track my projects on this day, here is an updated shot of my Marley Blanket that I am making for a coworker who is due to have her first girl in October. It will be her fourth child but her first girl...
I am literally halfway done. I have 3 more rows of the even section and then I start the decreases!

17 July 2018

Tuesday Tunes

Tomorrow, we finally get to go see Sleeping With Sirens on their summer acoustic tour. We caught them last year on their Up Close and Personal tour when Gossip was released. We are super excited to share this experience with Pokey since he couldn't go last time. Our seats are third row, stage right. It is going to be amazing! In honor of our adventure tomorrow, here is one of my most favorite acoustic versions of their songs for you to fall in love with...

14 July 2018

You'll never guess what I did!

Here, I'll give you a hint...

With my donation on Friday, I managed to log 101 Disney VoluntEAR hours already for the year! I am so over the moon proud of myself. I gave myself a goal of 100 hours this year. I had a lot going on and I wanted to challenge myself but thanks to some serious crafting during times when I didn't think I would able to, I was able to smash my goal with 5 months left in the year. All of my hours are from crafting and donating it all to the Disney BlanketEARS.

I'm feeling pretty dog gone good about myself right now.

13 July 2018

Wear your ears!

Happy Friday the 13th! 

At work, it is a tradition that we wear our ears to ward off the bad luck and bring in the good so you know I've donned my classic ears today. You know what else I've done? Opened an Etsy store! Yep, that's right. I have decided to open an Etsy shop. I only have patterns up at the moment but I am going to be adding a few homemade things as well. Some sewn, some knitted, some crocheted, and some where my creativity got the best of me. I figured with as much crafting as I do - and I want to do - that I can't possibly keep it all so I figured I would share my wares with everyone else.

It was just something fun I thought of doing yesterday and now it's up and running. Take a wander around. I'll let you know when I get a few items up for sale besides patterns.

Have a beautiful day!!

12 July 2018

Out of my comfort zone

So I spent yesterday day - all day - out of my comfort zone... the whole week, actually. I won't go into detail because it just makes me cry but between horrific people, losing loved ones, and extreme challenges at work, this work week was simply brutal. I honestly think I cried every single day of the week. Not tears of frustration either. These were heartbreaking tears of just complete and utter sadness. It was a rough week... but I digress.

Wednesdays are my Saturdays. After such a gut-wrenching week, I wanted to do nothing but be a human burrito in my squishy Lazyboy chair and binge watch old TV series. Instead, I got up early and headed an hour and a half away to meet two girls from work who share my passion for fiber arts. I didn't want to, but I did because I promised. Don't get me wrong, these girls are amazing and sweet and funny and beautiful souls whom I truly treasure. My anxiety was on point by Wednesday and it was simply a struggle to put on that "I'm fine" mask and people. Peopling has never been my strong suit but I make myself do it anyway, even when I don't want to do it all.

So I took them to my favorite yarn shop in the universe, Four Purls. They were adorably overwhelmed. We sat in the living room a good bit, just so they could get comfortable and acclimated to their surroundings. I guess it can be a lot to take in if you have never been to a LYS as opposed to popping into a big box store and picking through their meager offerings. Don't misunderstand, I love me some Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics goodness but nothing compares to the sheer joy found in a local yarn shop.

They both walked out with yarn for a new project - Glow* is making a long cowl for her new job which requires 100% travel in soon to be cold areas and Eartha* is making a Barley hat and a guinea pig since she has one at home that she adores. I got yarn to make myself a Madame Entrechat, with a twist. Here's my yarn...
It is Emma's Yarn in the Practically Perfect Sock base in the colorway 80s Rewind
My pattern calls for worsted weight yarn but I wanted it to be a mostly white base with speckles of color. I was hoping that Emma, one of the actual Purls in the Four Purls collection of kids, had branched out into worsted weight but she seems to be sticking with sock/fingering bases at the moment. I wandered around the shop several times, always admiring my favorite worsted yarn, Malabrigo Rios, but the colorway I had in mind just didn't exist.. and every time, I would end back on the back wall staring at this yarn because it was perfect... but the wrong weight... so I just jumped even further from my comfort zone and bought it, determined to do the math to make this project.

Now, let's all keep in mind that I am not mathematically inclined. The thought of recalculating an entire pattern stitch count for a sweater is not something I do. I usually bend my vision to match what I have at my disposal, not the other way around... but I did it... eventually.

I came home yesterday afternoon and stared at my freshly caked yarn and panic hit me. What have I done?!? Did I just waste over $80 on yarn for a project that I won't have the ability/courage/intelligence to do?!? After several hours (I wish I was kidding, I'm not) of this anxiety driven diatribe, I started researching. I purchased 1200 yards of it since the worsted weight pattern called for 900 and I was going to need more than that for obvious reasons that even I understood without doing the math. I figured first things first and I found some old icky US 3 needles and made a swatch... then I ordered a new pair of fixed circulars... then I finished my swatch. I got 6 stitches per inch. I knew I needed to worry more about the across stitch count than the length in inches because I can fix that easily by simply continuing to knit until it is the desired length. So there I had it. 6 stitches per inch. The pattern had 18 stitches for 4 inches which divided out to 4.5 stitches per inch. Now what! I had information but no clue what to do next.

Then I found the most amazing page in all of the world wide webs and I heard angels singing as the heavens poured enchanted sparkling light on everything. Once I read through it a couple of times, I had enough confidence to attempt the first section of the pattern. Then, I mathed. I mathed so hard, my head swam! Once that part was done, and I checked it three times to ensure my counts matched what the amazing page said the calculations should match, I moved on to the next section. I was tired, emotionally spent, but I soldiered on and managed to math the entire pattern conversion!! I wrote it all out in the notes section of my project page so I would not lose it. I printed out the project page just in case Murphy and his laws decided to play around with things. I was in awe of myself - I mathed!!

Today, I will be mostly in my comfort zone since it is my Sunday. I will do a few chores around the house because you can't escape adulting but otherwise, I will be knitting my calculations. I will start this project on my icky needles while I wait for my new ones to arrive. I am anxious, but not in my normal sense. I am anxious for good reasons, as I really am proud of myself for all that I accomplished yesterday and if my calculations are correct, I will have something to remind myself of this moment once I finish my sweater.

Sometimes... just sometimes... it's good to get out of your comfort zone.

*Names were changed because I didn't ask if I could share their day with the world

04 July 2018

Wrangling them all up...

Oh gosh, this idea may be harder than I thought. I was thinking I would do a quick update on all the items I am currently working on but then it got to be depressing - all the things I haven't finished! Now I have changed my mindset and so instead of that sad angle, I'm going to show a few things I am going to finish in July... that I started a while ago...

This is the oldest item in the collection of things to complete in July. I started this at the beginning of the year. It was my mindless knit during Peak Season (January - April at work). I am actually a little further than this photo too, since I'm up to 25 teeth so I'm still plugging along... just not very quickly.

Because I love Christmas in July, I plan on putting on two of my favorite Christmas movies - maybe even the entire Santa Clause Trilogy! - and finishing this new tree skirt up. It is cute and I do like it. I'm not even that far from being done either. I have 5 more squares and the edging left. It's super huge but I think one devoted day, or maybe even my weekend, and I will have this completed.

This one is a bit of a stretch. It's my Marley Blanket that I'm making for a friend at work. She is due in October but I wasn't sure how long it will take and I wanted to be sure to be able to finish it. I finished the 9th edge scallop at lunch today so if I don't finish this month, I will definitely be able to finish it in August - because October is closer than you think!!

I have the standard Blanketeer hat on my needles too but those are always going and I stick to a handful of patterns and colors so they are a bit boring to update. I want to turn in at least two hats a month so that's 8 hours. If I do that to the end of the fiscal year, that's 24 more hours and will end me 111 hours. If they stop counting at the end of the calendar year, that would be 135 hours. Either way, I will have made my goal that I set for myself.

I'm trying to get a good schedule going here. I know it won't be an every day event but I am shooting for 3 or so times a week. I'm brainstorming some possible new themes and such. Just like life, things evolve over time and it's a new season in the life of this blog... but this blog needed life so I'm trying to figure out how to do that - for both you and me.

Time to go enjoy my family. I hope y'all have a happy and safe holiday.

03 July 2018

What's Up?

Yes, I know... can we just skip the excuses and apologies, hug it out, and move on? Yes? Great! So, first things first... look at what I earned...

Do you see up there? No? Okay, I have to be quick though because we aren't supposed to have our phones out taking photos on the floor...

I know it's a tad blurry but I had to be quick about it. That is a medal - my own medal. My very first medal! This is the 35th Anniversary of the Disney VoluntEARS and if you earned at least 35 volunteer hours, you earned a medal. So far this year, I have 87 hours earned and I am going to turn in at least 8, possibly 12, more hours this month. My goal was 100 hours and I think I may make it!!

How did I get it? Oh, knitting things for charity. Yep, I am very proud member of the Disney Blanketeers. Did I mention that we were the VoluntEAR Team of the Year this year? No, well, there you go!

Tomorrow, I'll share what all I'm working on now. I hope y'all have a great (and magical) day!

02 July 2018

Motivational Monday

I know I've been quiet lately but I promise, I'm soaring!

14 April 2018

Weekend Wonderment

Just want to show off a few things I've been working on and got completed... mostly donation things but I'll admit to having 84 hours on the books by the end of the month, possibly 87 or even 90. Year isn't even half over and I'll have practically met my goal for 100 VoluntEAR hours! Here's what I've gotten done lately, on all crafty fronts...

09 April 2018

08 April 2018

Pickle ramblings

Have you ever landed yourself in a bit of a pickle and when you sit back and have to process it all, you really don't see how or why the pickle even came to be? Yeah, that seems to be me at the moment.

I didn't say or do anything that I haven't seen others say or do a million times over. Nothing is ever said to anyone else and yet, when I followed suit I was called out for it. How is it different coming from me as opposed to anyone else? Am I being held to a different standard? Have I offended in some fashion so now this is a personal tribunal against me? Am I somehow threatening in my ability to simple meet or sometimes even exceed the goals given to me? All of which should be a resounding no... and yet.

If a fish is judged on his ability to climb a tree he will always be a failure. It is apparently my turn to be a tree climbing fish. Good thing I believe in Evolution... because these flippers are gonna find their way to being feet and I will stand my ground.

On a yarnie note - I have completed the first quadrant of my Hue Shift Afghan and am plugging along on my second. Here are the most recent photos.

You have to excuse the horrible lighting on the second image. I took it in the lunchroom because that is where I have been getting most of my knitting done. Having a quick PopTart and then knitting, all while watching The West Wing on phone with headphones on. It makes for an amazing break in the day.

Speaking of days, my first day shift was today and I loved it. The only down side is that I really do enjoy my deskmate and she doesn't come in until there are only 45 minutes left in my shift. I do believe I will miss her while there aren't any extra hours available. At least when she does pick up overtime, she will come in early so that makes me selfishly happy.

I signed up for a Cast On Party at my LYS for next Friday. I am scared to death but I kind of want to go since I am getting off earlier now. The pattern is gorgeous and I'm going to get the yarn there so I'll be heading in a little earlier. I don't know if I will make it the entire two hours of the party but I want to try. I don't know a single soul. My best friend is coming in for a quick visit but she's leaving that day and Hobbit doesn't want to go with me because she believes she will be bored... and she's probably right. She could read though and just sit with me. Maybe I can bribe her with Starbucks... or maybe I can talk one of my work crafty friends into going with me. I have taught several of them how to crochet but this is knitting... I'll ask anyway.

I should go to bed. Tomorrow will be coming early. Pokey is off and I have to get up at 5 am for this new shift so I'm bone tired right now. It will take a few days to get in the swing of things but once my sleep patterns even out, it will be fabulous. A year on nights takes a while to turn off. My body believes it is midnight but it is just 21:34 as I write this, complete with heavy eyelids and burning eyes.

Tomorrow is my Thursday though so that is nice... and going in so early makes the day fly by too. Have a beautiful week. I have a good feeling I will be able to come back more and more regularly as things fall back into place.

Tree climbing fish and all.

22 March 2018

One day more...

That's all that is left of my vacation... and it will be spent doing ALL of the chores I neglected since Monday. It has been wonderful though. Sleeping for a full 7 or 8 hours. Having pajama days. Playing my video game. Knitting. Nothing stupendous, just a whole lot of relaxing and taking it easy. It was exactly what I needed.

I did do a little today. We went into town and did some shopping, had a late lunch/early supper thing at Red Robin (yum), then I made the menu for the pay period, and went to the store. I did my shopping all alone with my headphones in and came home to help with bringing it in and putting it away. No one is hungry so dinner is just going to be grazing when you're hungry later... but it's already 8:15 pm so I doubt much grazing will be going on.

Tomorrow is laundry. Loads and loads of laundry. Not exciting but Pokey is home and has already promised to help with every load and I will make him keep that promise. No sleeping until 9:30 tomorrow. Hobbit is being picked up by my folks to run down to Peanut's apartment for the day and they'll be here around 8:30 am which means everyone needs to be up and functioning before then.

On an even happier note, I only have 10 more closing shifts and 1 mid shift left. I also only have 4 of my 15 hour shifts left on the books. I will be so happy when April 8th rolls around and my happy hiney will be walking out the door at 4 pm. I will be able to cook supper every night! It is going to be fabulous.

10 March 2018

My darling, my dear

My pattern entitled The Cat's Meow on Ravelry
Those are the words you will hear when my sweet friends is going to ask a favor of you... and you will do as she asks because will die to help you if you need it.

Those are the words that had me placing my blanket on hold while I work on a quick special project simply because she asked because I know she would do the same for me.

Those are the words that have me knitting a small dog sweater based off of measurements from her dog's current sweater in yarn that I am not necessarily a fan of using but it was from her scrap stash - as she is a loom knitter - and that is what she wanted.

Those are the words that now have me feeling guilty because I forgot the project on my desk at work tonight when I was gathering my things after being granted an early release after only 30 minutes of work on a Saturday...

My darling, my dear... I promise to finish it tomorrow.

08 March 2018

Almost, but not quite

In an effort to simplify my life lately, I have started doing a few things that I don't usually do. I delegate. I lower my standards for the help that is being given because they are helping and not everything has to be done my way in order to get done. I even tried out online grocery shopping with a big box store. That was an experience.

I planned my menu for the week, went through my pantry, and made my list accordingly. Then, I downloaded the app and 'went shopping'. That part was wonderful! No people. No awkwardness. No hunting for things. Just scroll and click. Everything I wanted was there and placed neatly in my virtual cart. I got to choose the pick up time and date too! Added bonus, it was free - no hidden "I bagged your stuff" fee or anything. So far so good.

I got a variety of items - frozen foods, dairy, and various sundries. I wanted to truly try it out so I even bought meats. What is the point of giving it a go if you don't truly let go of ALL the reigns, right? Well, this is where they missed the mark a little bit.

I purchased a chuck roast, chicken thigh pieces, and two roaster chickens. The roast isn't bad but it isn't marbled the way I like so I give that part average marks. The thigh pieces are really good but they were from Purdue so they couldn't truly mess that up because Purdue packages things great - even sizing and such. Here is where they really let me down... the roaster chickens. Again, name brand - Tyson - but the sizing was so off it looked like the chicken version of "Twins". I have one Arnold chicken who weighs almost 7 pounds and then I received one Danny chicken who is barely above three pounds. Who looks at that combination and says "Yeppers, that's perfect"?!? What I am going to do with midget chicken? I didn't even bother to freeze it because I figured I might could cook it up, shred it, and make BBQ chicken or something. It is just a sad little thing and I doubt there is much meat on it.

The pick up was a little slower than I anticipated but still pretty good. Said "Twins" chicken bled all over one container so the girl had to go in and get more bags to put stuff in because they hit the bottom of the crate and got chicken ick on them. She lacked personality but honestly, who am I to complain on that part because the entire reason I did this was so that I didn't have to interact with people. I'm sure most just sit in their car and let people toss it in their trunk and leave. I have to pack my SUV a certain way or else it irks me, so I got out to help.

Overall, I will do it again but I will be sure to not purchase meats and just go to my big box warehouse club store for it instead. The pricing truly is better.. and my chickens are all the same size.

04 March 2018

Well, hi there!

I know, I know. I've been gone for a bit. It is called "Peak Season" for a reason. At least 15 hours of OT every week. Things get insane. Thankfully, we are in our last month so I am hoping to get a good schedule down where I can find time to write again. I have missed you terribly. I have things to share. I have projects that I have been working on, contemplating, arguing with, and admiring.

I promise to start devising a plan so that things can get back to a more normal swing. I have already been dabbling... bring back old favorites and brainstorming new ones. Motivational Mondays, Tuesday Tunes, Wednesday Wound Ups, Sunday Snaps... I don't know if they'll all make the cut in the end but I can start with a Sunday Snaps since today actually is Sunday!

Peaks and Valleys - original pattern named Runs for the Hills by YaYa Lovestoknit on Ravelry
This was my first Disney VoluntEARs donation hat of the year. I used a fun acrylic that I had in my stash and thought that this hat would definitely cheer up anyone who receives it. It wasn't the softest yarn but I know that it will soften up once it's washed. My modification notes are on my project page that I linked up in the description. Nothing major, just a few little tweaks.

Time to get ready for work. I hope everyone has a beautiful day. It is my Work Wednesday and then I work 30 hours of the next two days so if I'm quite, don't worry. I do promise to be back... I do!
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