27 August 2016


Isn't it funny how light changes the color of a project. Same project, shot at several different points in it's life so far, and the colors have changed dramatically. The brightest being the last, shot during knitting group at Barnes & Noble.

I think it's progressing nicely. The yarn is the new Caron Cakes that I bought. This particular colorway is Macaron. While it is made up of 80% acrylic and 20% wool, and has 383 yards of worsted weight to it's name, I don't think it should be priced as high as it is. I think $8 for a skein of acrylic yarn is a bit dear but that is just me. I guess because it has that little bit of wool, they believe it deserves a higher price point - and a  hand wash, dry flat note.

This is going to look super cute on Hobbit. I have yet to decide if it will be tucked away for Christmas if I will give it to her when I'm done. I'm leaning more to towards Christmas but we'll see what the weather does.

Now, I need to continue my search for a rabbit that Hobbit can raise for FFA and show at the fair. You would think it wouldn't be this difficult to find a rabbit but let me assure you, it has been practically impossible. I finally found two options - one at the Humane Society and the other with a breeder. We'll see which responds first and what the pricing turns out to be before we go visit... though I'm leaning to the Humane Society, as the shelter is not a no kill and I'd much rather rescue a creature than purchase.

Oh, my Taco Bake beeped. Time to get supper on the table. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

19 August 2016

Something a little different

Okay, so not only did I do a podcast/vlog post, I did it all on my phone! If this works out, can you imagine the possibilities?!?

14 August 2016

The last weekend of summer

Some of us are happier than others about this fact but what can you do. I know she's nervous about starting Junior High - where has the time gone?!?! - but I know she will rock it. Currently, she is behind me, playing on her computer. I'm not asking much from her today, her last day of 'freedom', and so she's still in her pjs... at ten minutes til three in the afternoon.

Yesterday, we celebrated like nobody's business... we went to the Magic Kingdom! The PhotoPass is now a part of our annual pass membership so we took advantage of it, in all it's glory. Here are a few of the images they took for us...

It was a great day - even though the heat index rose to 113 in the shade! I did knit on Pokey's Christmas socks for a little while in the queues but honestly, it was just too hot to play with yarn. The whole day was wonderful and I hope that it got Hobbit energized for all her adventures this year in school.

Now, time to check to make sure her backpack is ready and all is well in Junior High world...
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