14 April 2018

Weekend Wonderment

Just want to show off a few things I've been working on and got completed... mostly donation things but I'll admit to having 84 hours on the books by the end of the month, possibly 87 or even 90. Year isn't even half over and I'll have practically met my goal for 100 VoluntEAR hours! Here's what I've gotten done lately, on all crafty fronts...

09 April 2018

08 April 2018

Pickle ramblings

Have you ever landed yourself in a bit of a pickle and when you sit back and have to process it all, you really don't see how or why the pickle even came to be? Yeah, that seems to be me at the moment.

I didn't say or do anything that I haven't seen others say or do a million times over. Nothing is ever said to anyone else and yet, when I followed suit I was called out for it. How is it different coming from me as opposed to anyone else? Am I being held to a different standard? Have I offended in some fashion so now this is a personal tribunal against me? Am I somehow threatening in my ability to simple meet or sometimes even exceed the goals given to me? All of which should be a resounding no... and yet.

If a fish is judged on his ability to climb a tree he will always be a failure. It is apparently my turn to be a tree climbing fish. Good thing I believe in Evolution... because these flippers are gonna find their way to being feet and I will stand my ground.

On a yarnie note - I have completed the first quadrant of my Hue Shift Afghan and am plugging along on my second. Here are the most recent photos.

You have to excuse the horrible lighting on the second image. I took it in the lunchroom because that is where I have been getting most of my knitting done. Having a quick PopTart and then knitting, all while watching The West Wing on phone with headphones on. It makes for an amazing break in the day.

Speaking of days, my first day shift was today and I loved it. The only down side is that I really do enjoy my deskmate and she doesn't come in until there are only 45 minutes left in my shift. I do believe I will miss her while there aren't any extra hours available. At least when she does pick up overtime, she will come in early so that makes me selfishly happy.

I signed up for a Cast On Party at my LYS for next Friday. I am scared to death but I kind of want to go since I am getting off earlier now. The pattern is gorgeous and I'm going to get the yarn there so I'll be heading in a little earlier. I don't know if I will make it the entire two hours of the party but I want to try. I don't know a single soul. My best friend is coming in for a quick visit but she's leaving that day and Hobbit doesn't want to go with me because she believes she will be bored... and she's probably right. She could read though and just sit with me. Maybe I can bribe her with Starbucks... or maybe I can talk one of my work crafty friends into going with me. I have taught several of them how to crochet but this is knitting... I'll ask anyway.

I should go to bed. Tomorrow will be coming early. Pokey is off and I have to get up at 5 am for this new shift so I'm bone tired right now. It will take a few days to get in the swing of things but once my sleep patterns even out, it will be fabulous. A year on nights takes a while to turn off. My body believes it is midnight but it is just 21:34 as I write this, complete with heavy eyelids and burning eyes.

Tomorrow is my Thursday though so that is nice... and going in so early makes the day fly by too. Have a beautiful week. I have a good feeling I will be able to come back more and more regularly as things fall back into place.

Tree climbing fish and all.

22 March 2018

One day more...

That's all that is left of my vacation... and it will be spent doing ALL of the chores I neglected since Monday. It has been wonderful though. Sleeping for a full 7 or 8 hours. Having pajama days. Playing my video game. Knitting. Nothing stupendous, just a whole lot of relaxing and taking it easy. It was exactly what I needed.

I did do a little today. We went into town and did some shopping, had a late lunch/early supper thing at Red Robin (yum), then I made the menu for the pay period, and went to the store. I did my shopping all alone with my headphones in and came home to help with bringing it in and putting it away. No one is hungry so dinner is just going to be grazing when you're hungry later... but it's already 8:15 pm so I doubt much grazing will be going on.

Tomorrow is laundry. Loads and loads of laundry. Not exciting but Pokey is home and has already promised to help with every load and I will make him keep that promise. No sleeping until 9:30 tomorrow. Hobbit is being picked up by my folks to run down to Peanut's apartment for the day and they'll be here around 8:30 am which means everyone needs to be up and functioning before then.

On an even happier note, I only have 10 more closing shifts and 1 mid shift left. I also only have 4 of my 15 hour shifts left on the books. I will be so happy when April 8th rolls around and my happy hiney will be walking out the door at 4 pm. I will be able to cook supper every night! It is going to be fabulous.

10 March 2018

My darling, my dear

My pattern entitled The Cat's Meow on Ravelry
Those are the words you will hear when my sweet friends is going to ask a favor of you... and you will do as she asks because will die to help you if you need it.

Those are the words that had me placing my blanket on hold while I work on a quick special project simply because she asked because I know she would do the same for me.

Those are the words that have me knitting a small dog sweater based off of measurements from her dog's current sweater in yarn that I am not necessarily a fan of using but it was from her scrap stash - as she is a loom knitter - and that is what she wanted.

Those are the words that now have me feeling guilty because I forgot the project on my desk at work tonight when I was gathering my things after being granted an early release after only 30 minutes of work on a Saturday...

My darling, my dear... I promise to finish it tomorrow.

08 March 2018

Almost, but not quite

In an effort to simplify my life lately, I have started doing a few things that I don't usually do. I delegate. I lower my standards for the help that is being given because they are helping and not everything has to be done my way in order to get done. I even tried out online grocery shopping with a big box store. That was an experience.

I planned my menu for the week, went through my pantry, and made my list accordingly. Then, I downloaded the app and 'went shopping'. That part was wonderful! No people. No awkwardness. No hunting for things. Just scroll and click. Everything I wanted was there and placed neatly in my virtual cart. I got to choose the pick up time and date too! Added bonus, it was free - no hidden "I bagged your stuff" fee or anything. So far so good.

I got a variety of items - frozen foods, dairy, and various sundries. I wanted to truly try it out so I even bought meats. What is the point of giving it a go if you don't truly let go of ALL the reigns, right? Well, this is where they missed the mark a little bit.

I purchased a chuck roast, chicken thigh pieces, and two roaster chickens. The roast isn't bad but it isn't marbled the way I like so I give that part average marks. The thigh pieces are really good but they were from Purdue so they couldn't truly mess that up because Purdue packages things great - even sizing and such. Here is where they really let me down... the roaster chickens. Again, name brand - Tyson - but the sizing was so off it looked like the chicken version of "Twins". I have one Arnold chicken who weighs almost 7 pounds and then I received one Danny chicken who is barely above three pounds. Who looks at that combination and says "Yeppers, that's perfect"?!? What I am going to do with midget chicken? I didn't even bother to freeze it because I figured I might could cook it up, shred it, and make BBQ chicken or something. It is just a sad little thing and I doubt there is much meat on it.

The pick up was a little slower than I anticipated but still pretty good. Said "Twins" chicken bled all over one container so the girl had to go in and get more bags to put stuff in because they hit the bottom of the crate and got chicken ick on them. She lacked personality but honestly, who am I to complain on that part because the entire reason I did this was so that I didn't have to interact with people. I'm sure most just sit in their car and let people toss it in their trunk and leave. I have to pack my SUV a certain way or else it irks me, so I got out to help.

Overall, I will do it again but I will be sure to not purchase meats and just go to my big box warehouse club store for it instead. The pricing truly is better.. and my chickens are all the same size.

04 March 2018

Well, hi there!

I know, I know. I've been gone for a bit. It is called "Peak Season" for a reason. At least 15 hours of OT every week. Things get insane. Thankfully, we are in our last month so I am hoping to get a good schedule down where I can find time to write again. I have missed you terribly. I have things to share. I have projects that I have been working on, contemplating, arguing with, and admiring.

I promise to start devising a plan so that things can get back to a more normal swing. I have already been dabbling... bring back old favorites and brainstorming new ones. Motivational Mondays, Tuesday Tunes, Wednesday Wound Ups, Sunday Snaps... I don't know if they'll all make the cut in the end but I can start with a Sunday Snaps since today actually is Sunday!

Peaks and Valleys - original pattern named Runs for the Hills by YaYa Lovestoknit on Ravelry
This was my first Disney VoluntEARs donation hat of the year. I used a fun acrylic that I had in my stash and thought that this hat would definitely cheer up anyone who receives it. It wasn't the softest yarn but I know that it will soften up once it's washed. My modification notes are on my project page that I linked up in the description. Nothing major, just a few little tweaks.

Time to get ready for work. I hope everyone has a beautiful day. It is my Work Wednesday and then I work 30 hours of the next two days so if I'm quite, don't worry. I do promise to be back... I do!
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