21 July 2014


That's just what we're fixin' to do around here - enjoy a few days of relaxation while we get things in order for another big year of school. Meetings, schedules, and changes galore - oh my!! It won't be long but don't fret that things have gone a tad quiet. Just getting my ducks in their necessary rows so life can run as smoothly as possible in our crazy little part of the world.  I'll be back before you know it.

17 July 2014

I have a plan

I am fluffy.  I've spent most of my life as fluffy sans my college years where I was the extreme opposite of fluffy which is just as unhealthy.  I have a handful of heath related issues that would benefit from me not being so fluffy - asthma, cholesterol, family history of heart disease, and joint pain... so I've decided to do something about it.

Each Thursday, right here, I am going to track my progress too.  It's one thing to make a declaration of having a plan, it's another thing to hold yourself accountable for said plan.  So to hold myself accountable, I'm going to document it... for me.  I know there will be good days and bad days, heck there will be good weeks and bad weeks, but I know this and it's okay.  The important part is that I get up and begin again.

So what is my plan?  It's super simple honestly because I won't do complicated.  I refuse to do complicated - my head will explode and I'll be defeated before I even begin.  It's not expensive either because I don't have the budget for it and it needs to be something I can maintain forever.  It's a lifestyle change so there won't be any prepackaged food shipped to my house.  It will be a simple thing that I can do without disrupting my world.

Stephen Covey taught me that it takes 21 days to make a habit, so that is exactly what I am going to do - make a new habit.  Here it is...

I rearranged my office by putting my bike right there in the corner.  I will ride this when I get up and I will do it three times a week to start.  My goal is 15 minutes a day right now.  I will increase it as time goes on but that will be 45 more minutes a week than I do currently so every little bit counts.

I have a fabulous view when I ride too.  I will just pop on a show or the news and peddle away.

I have a personal journal to log everything.  What I like, what I don't, recipes, ideas, ups and downs - just personal things for me only.  I could write in bold letters how much today stunk or I could leave myself a little pep talk.  It's just for me and won't be shared.  I think it's important to have a place where I can cry or toot my horn that is just for me.

I will log everything - what I eat, drink, and do.  There are so many things already in their database that I don't have to reinvent the wheel!  I made a free account and I will go in every day and log my information.  It keeps track of it for me and has an analysis tool so I can tweak the things that need tweaking.  I've wandered around here and it's just fabulous!

I learned that my coffee is 140 calories a cup... and that "Light Arts and Crafts, Sitting" burns 156 calories an hour.  Oh yeah, when I said I was going to log everything I meant it!

So here we are - at the jumping off point.  I won't be sharing numbers, those go in my personal journal, but I will share images - unflattering and truthful images.  No fancy angles or editing, just raw files straight from the camera and uploaded... and so it begins... today.

13 July 2014

Sunday Snaps

I started a shawl last night and I'm really loving how it's coming out.  Should finish this week if I stick to it!
While we were out last night, Pokey bought me the 4th season of Downton Abbey so I plan on having a marathon on Wednesday and Thursday when I'm off.  I think I can get through all 4 seasons in that time - at least I'm going to enjoy trying!  I'm taking Hobbit to my folk's on Tuesday so this will be the perfect way to fill those two quiet days before I head back to work for a long stretch of busy days.

I have notified Marilyn, the winner of the TIG yarn giveaway, so once I have her information I will be able to post all the winnings to all the winners.  Thanks again to everyone for celebrating my 4 year anniversary with me.  It has been a fabulous time and I look forward to many more years with all y'all!!

11 July 2014

Weekend Wonderment

These are going to be filling my weekend hours when I'm not at work - should make for a fun time!
  1. I am still working on my little orange top for someone very special.
  2. I decided last night that I needed a white shawl, so I started one.
  3. I am really enjoying my book so I will find some time to devote to it.
  4. I'm thinking DPS for tonight, CSL for tomorrow, and the a British movie marathon on Sunday.
Anything planned for your weekend?  Whatever it is, I hope it brings you joy.

10 July 2014

Some stuff to share

I finished my shawl last night!  I blocked it out in the office and woke up to being completely dry.
As soon as I had the points pinned on my shawl, I immediately started on my project from Crochet for Baby All Year!
So I have been busy these past 24 hours... oh yes, and I have the winners for the last two giveaways to share as well!  Let's see, where did I put them...

The winner of this amazing pattern book is Carmen N!!
The winner of Cuppycake Yarnz is Kristy M!!
I've reached out to both winners but as always, if I don't hear back in 48 hours, I will chose another because such awesomeness needs to be shared.  Thanks to all who entered and don't forget there is still time to win some TIG yarn as well!

09 July 2014

Wrangling it all up

I worked on my Market Bag while we were at the beach yesterday...

As well as adding a few rows to my socks while Pokey and Hobbit played in the sand and surf.

I may not be a fan of the beach but I sure do love the memories Hobbit is making while we're there.

I also get to take some pretty awesome photographs of some really fabulous things that only happen while we're there.

Today it is raining so Hobbit and I are just goofing around inside.  She's channeling her inner Rita Skeeter.

We got all dolled up playing with my make up simply because we could... silly, cheesy things that we are.

Now it's time to finish up this shawl - only have a handful of rows left.  All lace.  Should be fun!
Don't forget - today is the last day to enter for the pattern book giveaway and the Cuppycake Yarnz giveaway.  I'll announce the winners tomorrow.  There is also the TIG giveaway still going strong - that winner will be chosen on Sunday. 

Good luck to everyone and I hope y'all are having a fabulously productive day full of giggles and grins.

08 July 2014

Tuesday Tunes

I'm being forced to go to the beach today. I am not a fan of the shore. My daddy is a ginger and my mama is a blond… I step in the sun and burst into flames. Though I must say, my sweet duo did come home with a chair umbrella for me the other day which I thought was amazingly sweet and I will definitely utilize.

I'll stick with being a fan of Elvis singing on the beach... it's more my speed.
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