19 October 2014

Sunday Snaps

Remember that He sees and rewards all selfless and charitable acts by His children.

18 October 2014


Oh my goodness.  Y'all will not believe this but the other day, when my luck was just beyond belief, the most amazing thing happened.  I didn't tell you about it then because I had already written my blog post of the day and I thought that this deserved it's own.

You see, Pokey stopped by the grocer to pick up some water and to get spending money for Hobbit's field trip.  When he got out of his car, he saw a scratched lottery ticket on the ground.  Apparently none of the numbers matched so the person who scratched it thought it was worthless and just tossed it on the ground.  My husband noticed a symbol on the card that indicated you win whatever the dollar amount totals on the card so he picked it up.  When he took it inside to the customer service desk, they gave him $100!!  Yep, someone basically threw away $100 and my husband was blessed with finding it.

An entire blanket full of neon rainbow goodness.  I can't wait!
After he came home with the water and funds for Hobbit, he turned to me and fanned out the winnings.  He told me the story and then said "Go buy yourself some yarn".  Seriously!  It was perfect timing because I have been wanting to make rainbow mitered granny blanket for months now but the amount of yarn needed was just too much.  Now, I could do it!  I was so tickled - I kissed my husband, grabbed my purse, and was off like a flash to Jo-Ann Fabrics to get my neon yarn.

I told my Ravelry friends about it and one said "it was the universe paying you back for giving the blanket to the horrible lady".  I don't think it was universe so much as God blessing me for being selfless and doing something charitable for a person who has given me no reason to be kind to her other than it was the right thing to do... and like many of His children before me, I did it basically begrudgingly but I did do it... and I learned from it.  It made me think of a quote by James Parnell - "Keep close to the Light and own it alone to be your teacher, guide, and counselor in all the way through which you are to pass, and in all things that you are to do. Stand in the denial of self and all its goals; and own the Light, which leads into singleness of mind unto God away from selfish ends."

Once I finish a few of these WiPs that I have laying around, and a Christmas present or two, I am going to sit down and make myself that blanket.  Every time I finish a square or snuggle under the finished product, I will smile and think of how blessed I truly am in this world.  To be a person of wealth means so much more than having monetary fortunes, it also means to have a life full of love and blessings - and by that definition alone, I am truly wealthy.

16 October 2014

Happies abound!

My "travel" bin of projects.  It "goes" to work with me every day.
Today has been rather wonderful.  Lots of fabulous things have happened today.  It all started with an email.

I checked my work email this morning and was tickled to learn that I will be off on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  I got exactly what I wanted for the holiday bid.  I actually only requested Thanksgiving and Christmas Day since I get off work at 4pm but my big boss is fully awesome and I was able to get all three.  Granted, I'll work New Year's Eve and New Year's Day but that's fine because we don't do anything on either one and I get holiday pay for working them - double bonus on the holiday front!  Those are quiet days because people are not calling their friendly neighborhood concierge, they're out enjoying their friends and family so it's a very easy shift... generally speaking.

The second bit of happiness came in yet another email, though this one was personal.  I heard back from one of my crochet blogging idols regarding a note I wrote.  You know how my daddy also says "You don't know if you don't ask and the worst they can say is no"?  Welp, I asked and was told YES!!  I can't go into details but it's safe to say that I have been happy dancing all day long.

Then good little happy things just kept popping up for me - being able to switch my day off with myself so I can take Hobbit to the orthodontist for a one year review, "Friends" is going to be added to the Netflix library, and my husband's paycheck is going to be way more than we normally get thanks to his bazillion hours of overtime this past pay period.  Oh yeah, life is rocking some very good mojo.

I even started a new shawl - for myself - last night which I am betting was the precursor to all of this awesomeness.  Nothing says fabulous like a new handcrafted pretty for yourself.  Granted, I have now put myself on full stop startitis until I complete something but it was sure good to get the one in under the wire.

Some days are just sprinkled with awesome - this one got a double scoop!  Hopefully my good luck will rub off on you, so be sure to enter the Felt So Good giveaway before it ends at midnight tonight!!

13 October 2014

Grinch effect

I finished the lapghan that I was working on last night.  I really do love how it turned out.
You know that line in the most classic of holiday tales where the spirit of Christmas isn't found under a tree and they all gather 'round and sing in the town square while the evil one looks down on them, realizing that all his ugly works have done nothing to people of the village... the end result was his heart growing three sizes that day.  I hope this lapghan has the same effect.

I'll be honest, I loved how it turned out so much that I wanted to keep it for myself.  I couldn't though because then I'd be the grinchy one.  Instead, I took this one single photograph of it at 11 o'clock last night, folded up the blanket, and placed it in the passenger seat of my husband's car so it wouldn't get forgotten.

She may not be the nicest woman...  She may not be the person that everyone wants to work with because she avoids doing her job constantly...  She may constantly spout negativity into a room and have an excuse for everything... but she has been hurt.  She has undergone one surgery to cement and set her wrist.  She's going to undergo another to repair a hernia.  She's been told that she won't be back to work for several months.  She's sore.  She's sad.  She's scared - about finances, family, and her future.

I hope this thousand yards of yarn will bring her some comfort.  I hope that she will find a bit of peace as she rests under the weight of it.  I hope she finds warmth in her soul when she looks upon it.  I hope she moves forward in life with a gracious attitude.  I hope it simply brings her some joy and then, just maybe, her heart will grow a little too.

12 October 2014

Sunday Snaps

This week has been crazy busy.  Taking a page from Tinkerbell's book, just relaxing.  Join us, after you enter the giveaway.
This past week has been crazy busy, and our weekend hasn't been much slower.  We spent all of yesterday out of the house.  The Odyssey of the Mind coaching training went from 8:30 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon.  After that, we had to swing by the house and let the dog out before we headed up to my parents' house to Hobbit.  We shared a quick supper with my mama - Daddy is in Texas for a few weeks to lend a hand at his old company while the person who took over his spot spends time with his dying wife, so very sad - and then got home just before 11 o'clock in the evening.  I tossed Hobbit in bed and was not very far behind.  Pokey stayed up though because he asked me to drive up since he was tired and took a nap the entire time.

Today is simply laundry (a necessity) and crafting (another necessity, in my world).  I hope to either finish the blanket or a bird... or both, who knows.

10 October 2014

Felt So Good

Okay, after I typed that, I started singing this...

What can I say, I'm a child of the 80s and this was back when he was yet to not be a "Cougar". Old school tunes for the win... but I digress.  What brought on this musical moment for me - I've got another awesome book to share with you!
I know, you're drooling now too... it's okay, you're not alone.
It's actually entitled "Felt So Good" by Tone Rorseth.  If you are trying to cut back on your crafting and have no desire to try something awesome then this is definitely not the book for you.  You will get completely sucked in the moment you turn the first page, daydreaming about all the magnificent things nestled between the covers.  The tongue in cheek title isn't just a tease, Tone fully delivers.
I want to live in the room where those star hang and that beautiful view resides while wearing the colorful cuffs!
Every area of your life is covered - cute accessories, unique jewelry, mind-blowing decorations, and amazing ensemble pieces.  All told, there are over 70 fabulous projects - complete with pattern pages.  The photographs are exquisite, making it beautiful on a whole other level entirely.  You will never look at felt the same way again.
These two items need to be in wardrobe right now.  My life won't be complete until I make them!
I have never done felting of any kind, at least not on purpose.  My husband felted a beautiful sweater that I bought him from our first Christmas when he helped do the laundry.  He washed it in hot and then tossed it in the dryer.  That sweater was worn by our then 3-year-old Hobbit for many years... after that, it became a cozy for his Nook.  That is mere child's play compared to what is found inside this book.
It is a good thing that you can't die for awesome overload because this book would be lethal!
Would you like to have your own copy of these amazing felted and wool designs?  I knew you would.  All you have do is...

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Winner will be drawn on October 17th so be sure to get your name in the hat. Just a reminder, when you leave a comment, it won't show automatically so don't fret that it's not there. It will show up shortly. This contest is open to residents in the US only due to publisher paying shipping. Be sure to leave me a valid way to get in touch with you - either email or Ravelry ID.

Good luck everyone!!

09 October 2014

One hundred five

That is how many hours my husband as worked during this pay period... and he still has one more day to go.  That is just crazy.  I'm tired from the earlier shift conversion but I know he has to be exhausted.

Here it is so far.  Not bad for a night's work.
I decided on what I am making for his coworker who was in the accident.  I went with a simple ripple blanket.  I've been mistakenly called a saint for doing it so let me clear things up just a little... I'm not.  The woman I'm making it for is, well, mean.  She is many equally as nasty adjectives to boot.  This is not a gift of love that I was moved to make.  It's more of a "hey, you're crafty and it's what crafty people do".  It's not nice to speak ill of someone who is down but it's also not right to take praise where you shouldn't.  I'm not a saint, I'm simply doing a duty... truth be told, I'd rather keep it for myself.  I know, I'm horrible now too...
At least Buddy thinks I'm totally spectacular... silly puppy.  If he only knew...

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