15 December 2017

Sapphires today

If I were an anniversary, that is what I should get... but I'm not an anniversary. It is, however, my birthday and I am 45 years old today. I don't feel 45 at all but that is what the math comes to when you take away my birth year from this year so that is what I am.

It has been a nice day so far. I should have cleaned up but I didn't. My folks came down and I showed off my present - a new 4K smart television. I played a bit of "Rogue One" for them because the picture is awesome and that movie is epic from a cinegraphic standpoint. Is cinegraphic even a word? Oh well, it is now. After that, we went downtown to have some lunch. A cute place with the best French fries. It's called "A Matter of Taste". The sweet tea is heavenly and the fries can't be beat, I swear. I have never gotten a bad meal there, ever. Once we finished, Mama and I went down to "Quilts on Plum Lane" to wander around and Daddy went up to his favorite antique shoppe. My downtown is 90% antique establishments. It is what we are known for, I think. Oh, but between lunch and shops, I hopped into Olga's and got an assorted dozen donuts! That bakery makes the best donuts, I swear.

I'm home now, waiting on Hobbit to pop in from school. Since it's my birthday, I get a free drink from Starbucks. I need to get a card for my Secret Santa at work and see if I can't find one or two more things for Pokey to open on Christmas morning. I'll have Hobbit with me so that should make things easier. He is just not an easy man to buy for because all he does is go to work and play Elder Scrolls. Limits the possibilities.

I think I'll play my recorder for a bit while the house is my own. Nice way to unwind before the second half of my birthday begins.

07 December 2017

Wow, almost a month

Working 60 hours a week will do that to a person. I have my core hours of just 40 but then I pick up 20 hours a week of overtime... all but 5 of that is mandatory right now so with the way the schedules are done, it's just easier to tack it on to three days and be done with it. I've revamped my thoughts and instead of worrying about my weekends, I try to not have OT on the actual weekends when my family is home. At least this way I can remember what they look like now. Needless to say, I am constantly exhausted... and this isn't looking like it will change before Spring since we are fast approaching "Peak Season".

I have still be crafting though, so that's a good thing. Here are some of the things I have been up to lately...
Can you guess what is easiest to work with while you are on the phone? Some of those hats only took me a single shift to work... then again, when you are working 15 hour days, that is a nice chunk of knitting time because if you are talking, there is no reason why your hands can't be moving as well as your mouth. It was all mindless knitting... well, that cowl took a little bit of thought process and the tam in the upper right corner was not easy so that one was mostly on breaks and lunch. Let me rephrase that - the pattern was easy, if you can give it your full attention. It has a nice repeat but if you have someone yelling at you in your ear, you can't do it.

I have been crocheting too - and I have been teaching a friend from work how to do it! If you follow me on Instagram then you saw how awesomely I peopled yesterday. SO proud of me for that - and her for picking it up so quickly. She sent me a text later last night with a total of four grannies on it! She's going to have a blanket for Christmas if she keeps up that pace... and that is her goal. I have been working a Christmas present so I can show you bits of it but not the whole thing... well, I could show you the whole thing it isn't even a thing yet. Hang on, I'll snap a quick shot of it...
The top two and bottom left are all completed. I am almost done with the fourth set, the bottom right. I have 3.5 more to do on those which I hope to have done today. The fifth set is only 6 squares so that is my goal by Sunday night. The sixth set has 10 squares so I am giving myself until the next weekend to get those done - I will lose a crafting day on Friday because the recipient will be with me on my birthday and I can't work on it while she is here. Once the squares are all done, I'll need a few days to seam them together in the proper charted order and then it is on to the cuffs, button band, and collar! I have until the day after Christmas to finish it. I will need every second of it too.

Time to have some coffee before I toddle off to get service done on my SUV. Regular maintenance stuff but still takes time out of my day that I wish it didn't. Once I'm done, I need to come back here and clean, do laundry, etc because that is apparently what my weekends are for now. Not getting into that at the moment... that's a whole different post if I ever decided to go there.

Hope all of your Christmas crafting is going well. Do you have any super large projects that you are rushing to get done?

10 October 2017

(My) Friday Ramblings

It's my Friday. At Disney, any two days together is considered a weekend so it's not at all odd to hear people ask one another what day it is and to get four different answers from four different people. "It's my Tuesday", "It's my Saturday but I picked up some hours", or like me, "It's my Friday".

I never pick up overtime on my Fridays because one particular person who actually comes into the office on that day. I have been on the floor since 11 September and this person has yet to say hello to me. I have been sworn at by this person. I have been spoken to as if I was a small child and should be put on the naughty step by this person. I have been utterly and purposefully ignored by this person... but not once, in a literal month of Fridays, has this person once said "Hello. I am 'This Person'" to me. I can't even tell you what this person looks like because they keep their back to me. Thankfully, this person leaves at 3:20 pm and my normal shift starts at 2:45 pm so I don't pick up overtime on Tuesdays simply for that very reason.

I did take a nap this morning - queue applause because that is something I am just awful at, even when I'm exhausted. I managed to sleep an extra hour and some after Hobbit got on the bus. I had the weirdest dream though. If anyone analyses these things for fun, I'd love to hear what it means. So the parts I remember were that I had a talk show and I found a pen tethered to the sofa where I sit and tucked behind a pillow was a diary. It wasn't mine. It was gold and had some scribbles on it. I could apparently read it but it wasn't normal handwriting. The next thing I remember is that I was in Roy Disney's house and we were just hanging out. He went outside to feed some cats and a coyote came in the house. I fought wildly with a high back rolling desk chair, fending him off. Round and round this room - vicious coyote lunging and jumping while I swung/rolled this chair at it. I finally get it out the door again and it eats Roy. I close and lock the door.

I don't remember anything after that. I did when I first woke up but I can't now. It was just odd. Why would I be living with Roy? I admire Walt but I can relate to Roy. We are two peas from the same pod, honestly. Maybe that is why. I don't know. It was just weird. I wasn't scared, more annoyed that he left the door open and now I had to do this thing with the coyote instead of worried about anyone or anything being hurt by it. Just strange.

Oh well. I'm going to knit for a bit and catch up on my shows on the DVR before I have to go to work. I have no clue what I have on there but I hope I remembered to record Poldark. If not, I know I have an Outlander... oh, and I need to watch this week's Good Doctor. My friend at work and I really love that show and I've not seen this week's episode.

Have a lovely day!

07 September 2017

We're all fine here

There is a slight case of hysteria regarding this storm and while I understand why people were concerned for the island areas, by the time it reaches us here in central Florida it really won't be much of anything.

Granted, I have been saying this at work for some time now. Those of us in Guest Services who are queue cleaners are scheduled until 11:45 pm because the phones close at 11 pm. We haven't been getting out before 2 am this week due to excessive hold times because people are panicking.

I wish I could say "Look, it's going to rain on one day during your vacation. Nothing to see here. Nothing to worry about. We're all fine here now. See you soon." - just send that out in a massive email so things will get back to normal. As it stands, we are in *voluntear mode for extra hours and if people don't sign up, we'll go into voluntold mode and I don't like that so I'm on the books for 12 hour days until mid-October... joy.

Pray for the islands. Pray for the coastal region where she'll come in and make landfall. Those of us inland, we'll be just fine. Promise.

*Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose because at Disney, we do voluntEAR.

31 August 2017

Hand crafters unite

Why do random people on the internet feel the need to judge others, say nasty things to complete strangers, and act like a bunch of - please, forgive me but I know no better word to describe them - asshats? Why?

Earlier tonight, I was on a friend's page where they were showing off some hand stitch work they were doing. There was a comment regarding how what was said had to be the least heterosexual sentence ever utter or some such nonsense - as he is male and INSANELY talented in the hand craft department. Knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, weaving, spinning - just a creative genius and I am in awe of how his brain works and his hands create.

Anywho, I made a comment about how this person should have said that to my Poppaw because he was an amazing hand crafter - he even sewed my mother's wedding dress! There was nothing he couldn't do with his hands. Woodworking, carpentry, stained glass art, sewing.. I could go on and on. He was just so creative and talented. He passed when I was just 11 but the most vivid memory I have is going down his rainbow carpeted stairs to the basement (every stair was done in a different color carpet because they were remnants used) to where he kept all of his craft things. When he was working - and he was big bear of a man who otherwise intimidated me - he would whistle the most beautiful tunes. I loved to watch him and listen to him. He didn't speak much but never minded me sitting near by and just watching.

Upon my making the statement, this person states congratulations on your grandfather being gay. How flippant and rude! It is difficult for me to stand up to these kinds of things but she was insulting my friend and now she was insulting me and my departed grandfather so, with shaking hands, I went there. I told her that it was wrong of her to use that word as a derogatory weapon, as an insult. Her response was that she was gay and she meant it as a compliment. I told her that she did not and was simply trying to backpedal her way out of the nastiness she just spewed. To that, she responded with a most lovely comment about me being a delight and something about having a goodnight, pumpkin... and I'm not proud but my final response was "And up yours too".

Her comments have since been deleted and I deleted my own sans the original one regarding my grandfather making my mama's wedding dress... but I still can't believe someone would be so nasty to a complete stranger. What did she get out of that? Did she feel somehow superior? Did she think she was being witty or pithy? I will never understand the nastiness that resides on social media. Anyway, here... enjoy one of my favorite songs because if crafts and music can't lift your spirits then nothing will... except maybe chocolate. Chocolate fixes everything.

25 August 2017

Why, hello there!

I knew things were going to get crazy around here. I did. I may have even mentioned it or I may have simply thought I mentioned it but either way - there was a thought that manifested itself in my brain about how time is going to be all off and things were going to get a bit weird... and did they ever!

I am down to my last two official days of training. All 10 weeks of classroom antics are behind me and the two weeks of shadowing are almost on the books. Things are finally going to start getting to normal, I hope. My schedule has been all over the place the past two weeks and I'm honestly just exhausted. I doubt it will get any better once I am on my night shift - 11:45 stop time which means crawling in the door close to 12:30 am, then having to get Hobbit up for school by 6 am is not my cup of tea. Even my 'weekend' is in the middle of the week so I'll never get to sleep in again... that isn't true but it feels true. There is rumor of a shift bid in September/October so we'll see what happens. I would honestly like to go back to an opening shift but a mid would be fine too. The reality is that I will continue to be on nights because we're just out on the floor and don't have seniority. It's fine. I like my job. I just wish a few things at home were just a bit different.

On the crafting front, I have completed quite a few projects. All during training, I was able to knit so I kicked out a ton of hats in those 7 weeks that covered resorts. I think my final tally was 12 hats completed. 2 went to coworkers, 1 went to Hobbit, and 9 went to charity. They were all originally made for charity but I have a hard time saying no... and honestly, the act of giving it away to make someone else happy is charitable so in essence, they all went to charity. OOOHH, and I finished my first knit adult sweater...

Overall, I do like how it came out but I think if I make another one, I will do it in a lighter weight yarn. The aran weight just feels a bit bulky but it will do it's job just fine. I really do love how the yarn worked up too. The sleeves are a bit to floppy for my liking but again, I read some tweaks that other people made - and there are suggestions in the pattern on how to avoid it as well.

I got to spend Monday with Peanut in the parks. It was a lot of fun. We haven't had the opportunity to do anything together - alone or with a group - in almost a decade! She has grown into such an amazing woman. I still can't believe she's mine some days but bust with pride that she is... so sweet, considerate, polite, creative, and just a dream of a human bean. I think this is our favorite picture of the day...

This is her favorite attraction and I had never seen a PhotoPass person there before so we hopped in and got our picture taken before we headed across the street for lunch at the Columbia Harbor House. We went during the eclipse and while it was overcast, there were still signs everywhere telling people not to look up. Naturally, this is us...

We are such rebels... hehehe. We strolled around our two favorite pavilions - United Kingdom and Japan. I bought her her first cider, which she loved. She also had lamb for the second time but this time it was good. Wherever she ate it at first just ruined it but she got a Shepherd's Pie and really liked it. After a full day of park hopping, we headed home so she could see Hobbit before having to head out on the road home. It was a great day and one I am so happy to have had with her. I missed spending time with her and it felt like after she graduated high school back in 2011, I never saw her again except for brief and fleeting holiday moments.

I think I'll have a donut before doing a few chores that need done prior to my heading out to work. I can't wait for my regular schedule to start so I won't have to keep functioning on such little sleep. One day, I will get to wake up whenever my body says it's time... one day.

17 July 2017

Five days more...

Standard view/pose of tween in the 21st century
That's all I have left. Five days. Pokey says I count weird because I don't count the current day but the current day has already started so it doesn't need counting because it doesn't count. Totally makes sense, right? Right. Anywho, I simply need to power through five days more and when I get off work, my little Hobbit will be back from her travels with my folks. I miss her.

She's been gone the whole of July. I must admit, it was a bit by design though so that she wouldn't be spending the summer alone now that I am working outside of the house. I had such guilt knowing she was just left alone until Pokey got home from work. We had it pretty well worked out though. The first week I was off, the second and third week she was with my folks, the fourth week was Pokey's turn to be home. After that, she had a week alone. I felt horrible. Granted, I didn't go to work until the afternoon and Pokey came home in the early evening so it wasn't like she was abandoned from sun up until sun down - and let's add that she is 12-years-old so it isn't even like she's a baby... but she's my baby.

That week, we will have to do some school shopping. I'll see if she wants a first day of school outfit or if she is cool with what she has. Also need to get her a new school bag and the list of school supplies for 7th grade Cambridge Programme kids. I think Sam's will be the best place to get it all but I will leave it up to her since there are different options on her list. I think she is in the great "backpack vs cross body satchel" debate. Given how little she really has to carry, I would do the satchel but that is me. I did get the bus stop moved to the corner of our yard so I feel better about that bit. She has to be out there before 7 am and I would rather she be close to home and under a street light. The bus depot lady was a bit of a poop about it but it still got done and I gave her my best sing song 'thank you' that I could squeak out on the phone.
It will be a February Lady Sweater when it's done.

Time to work on those sleeves and play catch up on "Game of Thrones". I am just about to start season 3 and the only reason I'm watching is because a girl on my team really likes it and no one else in the class watched it so I started it so we could talk about it. Once I get caught up, I am sure we will natter forever on it but right now, she doesn't want to give me any spoilers so I've been sharing what I think as I watch... some even via text messages because they could not wait... vile little Joffrey. House Stark forever... with a little Lannister, in the form or Tyrion, thrown in for good measure.

This sleeve is nowhere near being done but it needs to be turned in no later than 31 July so I best get cracking - because this is the first sleeve, not the second! I only have 14 days to get it done which means a week per sleeve. I think I will go with the short sleeve option instead of elongating it all the way down the arm. It is a heavy sweater and I just really need it at my desk at work. My arms rarely get cold, just my shoulders. If my arms are completely covered, I get too hot. This will be the perfect compromise.
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