14 April 2018

Weekend Wonderment

Just want to show off a few things I've been working on and got completed... mostly donation things but I'll admit to having 84 hours on the books by the end of the month, possibly 87 or even 90. Year isn't even half over and I'll have practically met my goal for 100 VoluntEAR hours! Here's what I've gotten done lately, on all crafty fronts...

09 April 2018

08 April 2018

Pickle ramblings

Have you ever landed yourself in a bit of a pickle and when you sit back and have to process it all, you really don't see how or why the pickle even came to be? Yeah, that seems to be me at the moment.

I didn't say or do anything that I haven't seen others say or do a million times over. Nothing is ever said to anyone else and yet, when I followed suit I was called out for it. How is it different coming from me as opposed to anyone else? Am I being held to a different standard? Have I offended in some fashion so now this is a personal tribunal against me? Am I somehow threatening in my ability to simple meet or sometimes even exceed the goals given to me? All of which should be a resounding no... and yet.

If a fish is judged on his ability to climb a tree he will always be a failure. It is apparently my turn to be a tree climbing fish. Good thing I believe in Evolution... because these flippers are gonna find their way to being feet and I will stand my ground.

On a yarnie note - I have completed the first quadrant of my Hue Shift Afghan and am plugging along on my second. Here are the most recent photos.

You have to excuse the horrible lighting on the second image. I took it in the lunchroom because that is where I have been getting most of my knitting done. Having a quick PopTart and then knitting, all while watching The West Wing on phone with headphones on. It makes for an amazing break in the day.

Speaking of days, my first day shift was today and I loved it. The only down side is that I really do enjoy my deskmate and she doesn't come in until there are only 45 minutes left in my shift. I do believe I will miss her while there aren't any extra hours available. At least when she does pick up overtime, she will come in early so that makes me selfishly happy.

I signed up for a Cast On Party at my LYS for next Friday. I am scared to death but I kind of want to go since I am getting off earlier now. The pattern is gorgeous and I'm going to get the yarn there so I'll be heading in a little earlier. I don't know if I will make it the entire two hours of the party but I want to try. I don't know a single soul. My best friend is coming in for a quick visit but she's leaving that day and Hobbit doesn't want to go with me because she believes she will be bored... and she's probably right. She could read though and just sit with me. Maybe I can bribe her with Starbucks... or maybe I can talk one of my work crafty friends into going with me. I have taught several of them how to crochet but this is knitting... I'll ask anyway.

I should go to bed. Tomorrow will be coming early. Pokey is off and I have to get up at 5 am for this new shift so I'm bone tired right now. It will take a few days to get in the swing of things but once my sleep patterns even out, it will be fabulous. A year on nights takes a while to turn off. My body believes it is midnight but it is just 21:34 as I write this, complete with heavy eyelids and burning eyes.

Tomorrow is my Thursday though so that is nice... and going in so early makes the day fly by too. Have a beautiful week. I have a good feeling I will be able to come back more and more regularly as things fall back into place.

Tree climbing fish and all.
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