30 April 2011

The Sweetest

She is the sweetest girl in the universe - and I'm lucky to know her.
I've never actually met her.   We wouldn't know one another if we literally ran into each other in the street... and yet, we're friends.  We share common interests.  We laugh together.  We support one another.

She sent me a happy in the post because I ventured forth and conquered my fear of knitting socks.

29 April 2011

Royal Recovery

I was up at 2:45 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding - and yes, my royal gooberness took photos of my television and made a collage - but I am needing to recoup from the festivities (well, the hour it started) because tonight is Peanut's prom and I'm going to be up late as well!
Timing shots off the TV is harder than you think - but this, I'm happy with

27 April 2011

Perhaps Tomorrow

Lil' Chef Ramsay watching the world outside
I had my day all planned.  I was going to cut out and sew together my new dress.  I was... but now, I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow.  It's partly my fault and partly just life getting in the way.

You see, Hobbit is home today.  I took her to the doctor last night after school because she stopped in at the school nurse twice yesterday, complaining about her belly.  The first phone called received the statement "You've just got to suck it up and get back to class.  Some days we just don't feel good" but the second one had my brain turning around the idea that we had another UTI so I asked her if she thought we had to go see the doctor.  Initially she said no but while we were out picking up Peanut's glasses, she changed her mind.  I called and there was an opening so we headed in.  $20 and 2.5 hours later, I get the answer of "nothing decisive but her pH is high which leads me to believe something is going on"... I worked really hard not to laugh - I knew "something was going on", that's why I brought her in but hey, now that he's said it too I guess that made it official.  Anyway, we've got an antibiotic to take and I'm keeping her home today because we've had the worst luck with her and medication allergies.  This will just save me a trip to the school to pick her up if she breaks out in hives.

I also have to haul Lil' Chef Ramsay into the doggie doctor today because of his bought with Giardia - creepy little intestinal parasite that if you look it up online, it will freak you smooth out (and a contributing factor as to why I took Hobbit to the doctor yesterday).  He's got to go in and see if it's cleared up.  At least Pokey was sweet enough to gather a "sample" for me this morning so I wouldn't have to do it... and so they wouldn't have to retrieve one at the vet.  I'm hoping he is fine and we can go about our life as normal.  At least I know this vet visit will be much better than the initial one with that bully of a woman I saw - she had me in tears by the time I got home and I'm not a crier.  My original vet even called me at home to make sure I was alright and he swore that he will be the only one to ever see our dogs in the future.  Just another reason why I love our vet - he is the sweetest man.

So there you have it - one sick kid and one recovering pooch are going to be occupying my day.  I might try to at least cut out my pattern today.  I could always sew it tomorrow after I take Hobbit to school.  I can't do it Friday because I will be glued to the television, watching history and being a girl.  Oh well, I guess I'll be watching Disney Channel and working on my other sock for the majority of the day, which is fine too... I just really wanted to sew my dress. 

Now that I think about it, I might need to make a quick shrug to go over it - I don't like sleeveless dresses... uh-oh, to Ravelry I go!!

26 April 2011

Wish Me Luck

I'm thinking view A, minus the huge sash
I have been searching for weeks for a dress to wear to Peanut's graduation.  I hate everything out there!  Since when did the fashion industry come up with the idea that all women wanted to look like two dollar tricks on a Saturday night?  What happened to the days of femininity and modesty?

Oh and can someone please explain to me how in the world I can wear a size 16 in one store but walk into another store and wear a size 24?  I know I'm fluffy but please - there is no way I expanded walked 50 feet down the mall!!  I have no delusions of being a size 2 - and no desire to be - but I know ding dang good and well that I should be able to try on one size in one store and then go to a different store to try on clothes in the same size and have them fit.

Anyway, since the fashion industry completely failed - I'm making my own dress.  I went to JoAnn Fabrics after taking Peanut to school today and found a pattern that I liked, a material that I love and all the notions.  I even got a bonus pattern and two bags for less than the price of one of those slutty numbers I despised.  I think that it was $38 well spent - plus, I can reuse the pattern for more dresses and I have a dresser with remnants in there... no telling what I could create!

So thank you fashion houses - because of you, my sewing machine is going to get some well deserved use this summer.  Wish me luck.

Ten on Tuesday - Grocer Edition

This week, Carole wanted to know our top ways of saving at the grocer.  I can write this list in my sleep and it's all thanks to a system that my mama handed down to me.  Here goes:
  1. Write a menu for the shopping period.  I write my menus out for the two week pay period.  It helps me figure out my list of needs and makes that "What do you want for supper" question obsolete.
  2. Take inventory based off of menu.  This way I am not buying things that I don't need.  How many times have you come home only to discover that you already had two packages of sugar in the pantry?  I know I've done it every time I decided to 'wing it' at the store.
  3. Write out a detailed list.  I go so far as to break mine down by categories - grains, meats, dairy, veg.  This way, I can make sure that I actually do have everything on my list.
  4. Buy in bulk if possible.  I love Sam's Club, especially for meats and dry goods.  I got an entire month's worth of meat (beef, pork and chicken) for less than $100.  We have to repackage them and put them in the freezer but it's well worth it when you look at all we save.
  5. Add 2% to budgeted amount.  No matter how organized you are, there is always something that will be forgotten - or something that will catch your eye.  If you give yourself a bit of a cushion, then you won't have much of a shock at the final tally.
  6. Leave "helpers" at home.  I know that if I leave the kids at home, I save $50.  If I leave Pokey at home, I save about $150.  If it is possible, just shop alone - plus, it goes faster that way.
  7. Don't deny yourself just because you are on a budget.  Not to say that you should forgo things that you need to buy something you want but be sure to allow for some little luxuries.  Even if it's just a magazine, it's a little something to make you feel like you've splurged.
  8. Store brands are just as good.  I know that our favorite grocer's store brands are just as good as the name brand.  There are a few items that we've learned just taste better as name brand but generally speaking, we buy store brand.  Once it is out of the packaging, no one can tell anyway.
  9. Eat before you go.  I know it sounds silly but it's true.  Shopping while your hungry is just cruel and the punishment occurs to your wallet.  I always make sure that I go either right after breakfast or after supper.  I am full and alert and have no desire to mentally 'graze' through the store.
  10. Use their discount card.  There are stores in our area have their own savings card.  If they swipe it, you get added discounts.  This used to be really popular but it's starting to go away.  If the stores still use them, take advantage of it.
There is the gist of how I save at the grocer every month.  Our monthly food budget isn't pinched tight but we aren't robbing Peter to pay Paul either.  It's taken us a few years to get a system that works and for now, this works for us.  I am sure that once the kids are all on their own, we'll get a bit more loosey goosey with the budget but for now, these little tricks keep us fully stocked and happy.

25 April 2011


Soon to be Graduate - wow!
That's how many days of school that Peanut has left.  I can't believe it.  I was setting up to fund the girls' lunch accounts when I realized that her primary pedagogics were just about over... and that is when life will hit us in the face.

As much as I grumble about the afternoon pick up routine, it's a routine and I can set my life around it.  The weeks before high school graduation are a veritable mess* of pointless meandering around town.  Take a gander at this - keeping in mind that Hobbit is in school from 8:40 until 2:45 each week day.  That means that I have to leave to drop her off at school by 8:15 a.m. and then back to pick her up no later than 2 p.m. or else I'll be sitting out on the highway waiting instead of being one of the first few cars in line... I can't stand not being one of the first few cars because we get home so much faster - we can turn left before the crossing guard shuts the gate and makes us to turn right!

Anyway, here is what our life is going to look like going forward - oh and don't forget Pokey's birthday on May 29th coupled with my folks being with us from May 26th until June 2nd when they leave with both kids for vacation:
  • April 29th - Prom from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m.
  • May 7th - Grad Bash at Universal Studios from 7 p.m. until 2 a.m. (parking lot by 4:45 p.m for bus and back at 4:30 a.m. for pick up the next morning).
  • May 9th week - Senior Exams
  • May 17th - Day/Night Awards
  • May 18th - Seniors Check Out - book turn in and off campus between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.
  • May 24th - Graduation Practice from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. at location across town.
  • May 25th - Graduation Practice from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. at location across town.
  • May 27th - Graduation Ceremony at 6 p.m. (students have to be there no later than 5 p.m.)
Now, I remember when I was a senior in high school.  I did all of these, including a Senior Baccalaureate Breakfast, but there is one super huge difference - I had my license and my own car.  Peanut has neither.

Before anyone wonders why we wouldn't let her - that's not it at all.  She actually has no desire, unlike the average teenager.  I know I was chomping at the bit to learn how to drive and get my license.  Peanut is the most uncomfortable driver and while she does have a permit, she has never asked to drive anywhere... which leaves me to be the chauffeur.

I know that Hobbit will be the exact opposite when she is the same age.  That child is so independent and knows all, just ask her.  When her time comes, she will probably already have the forms filled out and the book memorized.  I remember begging Peanut to read the book which is why we never pushed her to learn how to drive.  We figured that she would do it when she was ready and a permit is good for two years... we did, however, think that she would be driving by now.

I guess she really won't need it if she positions herself right - plus, think of all the money she is going to save on insurance and car payments and upkeep.  I checked online and a simple MetroCard pass is only $50 a month for students, $100 a month for the average joe... a $650 a month savings (car note, insurance and gas).

Perhaps that which is inconvenient now is financial genius later... procrastination can be profitable.

*not my initial thought (warning: foul language) - this is the real word I wanted to use but it wasn't appropriate... it honestly was the first word I thought of and then got stuck for about five minutes trying to find another!

24 April 2011

A Tale of Four Needles, Two Feet and One Dream (and 19 Hidden Mickeys)

WIP ~ soon to FO 0.5

The life cycle of my first sock ~ from casting on to toe decreasing
Today is the day... oh yes, it is.  Be back soon with an actual wearable sock - stay tuned!!

Happy Easter

Hobbit's basket
I hope you find yourself surround by friends and loved ones... and of course, chocolate.  I woke up to a sick Hobbit.  She apparently woke up around the same time Pokey does for work and came down to see if the Easter Bunny had come.  Excited about her basket, she hugged her daddy and charged back upstairs to her sister's room to wake her... then she charged back downstairs and promptly tossed her cookies.

So today is not shaping up well at all.  Hobbit is ill (complete with fever) and snuggled into the sofa watching Disney Channel.  Pokey is at work.  Peanut is still sleeping.  Minus the sick baby girl part, this is how I knew it would go... but somehow, with Hobbit being sick, it makes Easter infinitely more bleak.  A child being sick on a holiday is just no fun - for anyone.  I'm hoping that it's one of those moments where you fall ill but within a few hours you feel right as rain, you know?

Peanut's basket
The good news is that she loved her basket!  I really worked on my restraint this year and I'm proud of the results.  Each of the girls baskets has the exact same thing but they are each still unique to the them.  If they were sitting side by side without a word being said, you could pick out whose was whose.  So instead of baskets this year, they got reusable fabric bins.  I am tired of rebuying chintzy baskets each year so I went a different route - if it's going to be out all year anyway, I want it to be functional.  Inside, they will find a new dress, chocolate bunny, package of Robin's Eggs, package of Cadbury Creme Eggs, 3 Reece's Eggs, 3 Hershey's Marshmallow Eggs, one Russell Stover Coconut Creme Egg and an appropriate favorite colored Peep.  Pokey and I just got a cute plastic bucket with grass and eggs painted on it to hold our candy.  We didn't get much, just some Reece's Eggs (our favorite) and some Hershey's Marshmallow Eggs.  I was going to get us some Cadbury Eggs to split - he likes the chocolate and I love the inside - but decided we didn't need it... watching us split an egg gets funny faces from the kids.

I didn't get to work on my sock at all yesterday but that is what is on my agenda for today.  As soon as Peanut wakes up, I'm hoping in the shower to hose off and then set to work on my sock.  Wish me luck - I have to because not only do I have to have them ready for Peanut's suitcase, I don't want to let Andi down... but more on that later.

So Happy Easter everyone.  I hope that your day is infinitely better than mine - just be sure you don't get sick on all that candy... but if you do, there's room on the couch.  Grab a blanket and come on.

23 April 2011

Today's The Day... Well, Maybe

Really photogenic bottle - is that why I like it?
I'm at the toe - yep, I've started the decreasing and I'm ready to attack the toe of this sock... well, maybe.  I've got to learn the Kitchener Stitch and let me tell you, that is one confusing little devil right there.  I've watched this video a few times and I think she does a great job of explaining it.  I might even take up her advice about the glass of wine prior to starting - Pokey bought me some Schmitt-Sohne Riesling just for the occasion... gotta love him.  Although, I think this is supposed to be for celebratory purposes... I might need it for medicinal (aka therapy) instead.  Either way, it's a good wine!

Other than that, nothing real exciting going on around here.  Pokey has to work on Easter but hopefully there will be some ER (early release) opportunities and he will be able to come home early for supper.  The girls are looking forward to what the Easter Bunny might be bringing.  I've not been able to share because of Peanut's internet access abilities and reading here so I'll share with y'all tomorrow.

I should get off my hiney over here and go plant it over there to work on my sock.  I will, you know I will... just mustering up the courage is all.  Did I tell you that I have some yarn already picked out for my next pair that I'm planning on knitting... sock weight and everything... oh yeah, it's true.  I've enjoyed the ease of this project and it's practical "tote-ability" is just wonderful.  My faux circle sweater is getting too bulky to lug around in this tropical heat so socks are just the thing!  I still work on my sweater when I'm at home but it's a long term commitment - actually, it's the biggest item I will have completed once it's done.  I need little projects to break up the monotony of the sweater pattern and these socks seem to be just the ticket.

Okay, this time I'm honestly going.  Tomorrow (hopefully), I will have a finished sock to show off... unless I get this Kitchener Stitch down the first time and then y'all know I won't be able to control myself and I'll post about it after it's photo shoot... what can I say - I embrace the simple successes in life.

21 April 2011

Letters and Socks and Projects... Oh My

"Some Assembly Required" = "Make It Yourself"
We got the official letter that Hobbit did not win a lottery spot at the charter school.  We are actually number 26 on the waiting list - not bad but not fabulous.  I hope they all change their minds over the summer or move on to great things... but either way, we get a new teacher and a fresh start for First Grade next year.  Trying to keep things positive when it comes to that wackadoodle school.

I'm working on decreasing the toe for my first sock ever.  It's been less crazy than I feared it would be which is wonderful.  I do worry that I will run out of this leftover yarn before I finish the second one but we'll see how it all turns out.  Either way, I've conquered my fear AND learned a new technique (Norwegian Purl) in the process... half of my 2011 Promise to Try item completed and it's only April!

My brain has been trying to come up with a cute little case for Peanut's mp3 player.  It needs to be a functional piece that can house the ear buds when not in use but also be cute while wearing it so the music can be mobile but safe.  I was thinking of a necklace type thing since she will have it with her at college - and she will always have a coat and scarf since it's colder than she could ever imagine... just not sure how I want it to look past technical stuff.  I borrowed Beatrice (yeah, she named it) last night and while I was enjoying my "lost" copy of "Les Miserable - The Dream Cast", I outlined her on a stray envelope so I could make... well... something.  Oh hang on, phone's ringing...

Hobbit's eye appt was this morning - I couldn't resist shooting it
Well cool - Hobbit's new glasses are in but Peanut's aren't... and the chocolate frames she ordered for me to try out came too.  Pokey is napping on the sofa so I'll wake him in about thirty minutes so we can boogie down there and check it out.  Should be fun.  Besides, the kids don't have school tomorrow so we're doing burgers with "Tron Legacy" tonight.  I know two people who will be tickled anyway.

Alrighty, off I go.  Just want to finish my delicious cup of Peppermint Mocha before I get started on the afternoon craziness - plus, perhaps I can get a jump on tomorrow's craziness since someone (Pokey) promised someone else (Hobbit) a picnic in the park since everyone will be home together.  I don't care how crazy tomorrow is - it will be nice to have all my babies home all day.

19 April 2011

Ten on Tuesday

So Carole wants to know ten reasons why I love my family - pretty spiffy but I'm not sure I can keep it to ten, although I will try.  Here goes:

  1. Giggles - my family is full of them and we share them freely.
  2. Abandoned Silliness - we're goofy and we don't care who knows it.
  3. Hugs and Kisses - our children will still do this wherever we are.  They aren't too cool to love their parents... and not because they want something - just because they felt the urge to do it.  When other kids walk ten feet in front or behind their families, mine are holding hands with us and we're skipping along together.  Yeah, we're that family that dances in a store if a good song plays too.
  4. Creativity - we inspire and encourage one another in our artistic endeavors... and this is one crazy creative family... from cooking to art to photography to writing and all things in between.
  5. Unwavering Support - we are there for one another 100%, no matter what... and I am so thankful that everyone in our family knows, understands and appreciates this fact.
  6. Traditions - old ones or new, we love the things that make our family unique... we have our own little twists that we've developed over the years and we just weave them into the ones that have been in our families for generations.
  7. Understanding - even when we don't 'get it', we will always work hard to get on the same field... because if you're on the same field at least, you have a better chance of finally 'getting it'.
  8. Originality - my family is unique and I love that we don't even think about keeping up with The Jones... shoot, we don't even know The Jones... and we like it that way.
  9. Forgiveness - everyone messes up, it's a given, but we can say "okay, it's done so let's move forward" and whatever it was stays in the past... where it belongs.
  10. Appreciation - be it little or big, my family appreciates all things in life.  A cake being decorated just for you.  A handwritten note of love.  A simple snuggle on the couch - or a dog pile full of tickles... it's all about the love behind it that matters.
So those are a just few of the reasons why I love my family... if you want a few more, just come for a visit and you'll soon see for yourself.  I've got a pot of coffee on, come on when you're ready... oh, and don't forget your project!

18 April 2011

Happy Birthday Hobbit!

I just snuck over to say hi... today is a special day around here so I've got to scoot... my last baby turned 6 today - we are all officially big girls now.  Here's a shot or two to tide y'all over and I'll be back tomorrow.

Following their tradition, Peanut decorated Hobbit's cake

Delicious cake and lots of fun

Hobbit made out like a bandit, thanks to her Nana & PopPop

Happy Birthday Hobbit.  I love you!

17 April 2011

Sunday Snaps

Hobbit will be 6 tomorrow - some things never change
I finally figured out the gusset on my ugly sock!
Bathroom Sudoku love notes - one of the many reasons I love Pokey

16 April 2011

Strengthen What Exactly

I turned my heel!
Y'all know I've been working on my first ever pair of socks.  Remember how I was afraid of turning the heel - piece o' cake really.  Don't know what I was afraid of... oh wait, I know now - the gusset!

Defined as a piece of material sewn into a garment to strengthen, I am wondering if it is to strengthen me or the sock.  I have read the directions over several times.  I have watched videos on the subject.  I have gone to knitting forums and discussed my challenge - and I'm still wimpy.  I am having a difficult time understanding how all of this is supposed to happen.

Repurposed lunch tote - now, sock bag
I pick up ten 'ghost' stitches and knit them in on both sides.  At some point, I have all four needles working so I guess I'll have to borrow one of my straights or just wait until payday to get another set of dpns which seems wasteful since I only need one for a split second.  I am just honestly lost.

I will keep trying until I figure it out and in the end I know I will be a stronger knitter but for the time being, I am contemplating who or what this particular gusset is actually working on.

Serendipitous Extraordinarious

My geeky humor in photographic form
Blarter.  It's fun to say isn't it?  Blarter.  I could babble that word all day long.  Blarter.  Slowly, I'm turning into Dug from "Up" but that's okay.  Blarter.

What is it, you ask... just the neatest, simplest, coolest idea to ever hit the blogiverse in forever.  I stumbled upon this site and it truly was a serendipitous extraordinarious moment... because what other words could one use to describe Blarter.

Blarter (giggle snort) is a bloggers bartering website.  See how they did that?  Bloggers.  Barter.  Blarter.  Oh my goodness, too cute!  Okay, the knitty gritty of it is that a crafty blogger like myself can go to this site, offer up some of my craftiness in exchange for someone else's craftiness.  Hopefully, my offer to exchange knitted items (dog sweaters, hats, scarves or slippers - limit 2) for a ceramic yarn bowl will be accepted by another crafty soul... fingers crossed!

Pretty spiffy, no?  I've linked them up over there on the sidebar if you are interested in Blartering too.  Oooo... I just turned my new favorite into a verb - like 'googled'.  Giggle snort.

15 April 2011

Welcome Home!

Do you remember way back when, when I said that I had a surprise?  Welp, it finally arrived!  Ravelry has a group for those of us who blog.  It's a great place to ask for critiques, feedback and just inspire one another.  There is an ongoing thread for contests - so I entered one... and I won!

The girl who writes this particular blog was looking for feedback and tips on how to go about improving her blog.  I shared what little wisdom I think I have and wished her well.  I never expected to win - mainly because I never do win those things.  One day, when visiting Ravelry, I had an email message from the girl stating that I had won - oh how exciting!!

I didn't want to post about it all until I had the yarn - so I could take photos and such.  Well, it arrived late yesterday afternoon and I was so tickled.  I had to wait until this morning to get photos since I love natural lighting... plus, I knew exactly where I wanted to take them and it required daylight.

Now all I have to do is figure what I am going to make with my two full hanks of this beautiful wool.  My original plan was to make Hobbit a skirt but since her birthday is on Monday and I know my limitations, that isn't going to happen.  I guess I'll just have to let the thought marinate... any suggestions?

13 April 2011

I Thought. I Hoped. I Did!!

You knew it would be pink
I searched the internet for patterns and found nothing I understood.  I saw a lot of photos of finished products and I had my own standard needle roll that my mama made me... I had to pray that those were enough to give me the 'gist' of what was needed.

I went through my stash of scrap material that my mama left for me and found the perfect one - pink with purple and pink flowers on it.  I sat down to attempt the folding and refolding and folding again and... well, you get the idea.  After several false starts and psyching myself out, I buckled down to make my own dpn needle roll.  Worst case scenario - it doesn't work and I try again - I had enough scrap material to mess up at least 50 times over.  No worries... seriously.  Plus, I always had my mama to call and she could walk me through how she made mine - but that was a last ditch resort.  I was going to do all I could to make this on my own.

You know what - I did it!!  I made it... successfully... the first time... and I love it.  So here are a few photos of my newest creation to help me make even more creations.  I present to you, my very own homemade dpn needle roll.

I was so excited I immediately took a photo when I was done

All my current dpns with room to grow up to size 13!

All wrapped up and ready for my knitting bag

I Think. I Hope. I Am.

It's a cute case - just needs better organization - I can fix that!
I am going to create a dpn case.  I need one.  My ziplock baggie system is not working out so well - they keep escaping.  I bought a cute 'make-up' zipper pouch with cherries on it for a dollar but it doesn't organize them, it just contains them.  I need something more 'together' so I've decided that I am going to sew my own.

It won't be fabulous.  It won't be awesomeness in fabric form.  It will, however, be functional and organized... and perhaps be a bit of a proud spot for me since I am not a fabulous seamstress.  That title belongs to my mother.

Wish me luck.  It's my project for after supper.  Now, it's time to make the taco burgers - hope Pokey saw my note about picking up buns and tots on his way home!

*Updated to add the photo in color - my edit looks too "film noir" for my lighthearted self.  Here is the original shot that I took, no editing involved... doesn't it make you happy!
That's better - sunshine and, well, cherries

12 April 2011


Detail of Hobbit's glasses
Today, the girls and I went to get new glasses.  This is always an event since one of us is indecisive, one of us is a 'yes' girl and the other doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings so will deflect the question of "what do you think".  Yeah, it makes life a bit hard.  These are the times when my precious husband, who has no real fashion sense, comes in handy because he will flat out say "Yes, I like those" or "Nope, those are ugly".  Unfortunately, Pokey had to work so it was up to the three of us to help one another out.  Little did I know, the littlest one would live up to the strength of her name ~ at least in regards to fashion.

Peanut and I had to have our eyes examined and Hobbit just needed new frames because she has a nickle allergy and the paint on her frames was wearing off, causing her face to break out in a rash.  We all knew we wanted plastic frames.  We all had ideas of what colors we wanted ~ black, purple, chocolate, pink or any combination of those four.

Marking her bifocal
Hobbit walked in and found her glasses straight off the bat.  They were perfect.  Pink.  Sparkly accent.  Flower detail.  This kid has some fashion prowess, let me tell you.  Oh how I pined away for the same frames but in adult size.  Peanut found frames too that were perfect for her.  Black.  Sparkly accent.  Flower detail.  Wait a minute - those are Hobbit's glasses in black!  All I could think of was the sentence "SO NOT FAIR" and I believe I may have actually uttered it out loud, complete with a stamping of my foot.

Detail of Peanut's glasses
As I perused the wall of frames, Jessica, the godsend and savior of the front office area, was on the phone to manufacturer.  She was inquiring if they had the frame in an adult arm length... and in pink.  They did!  It is back ordered until the end of the month - but she was savvy enough to order a pair in chocolate, just to see if I would like them.  If I do, then I am set.  When the pink pair comes in, she's going to call me to try them on because if I like them, she can pop out my lens and put them in the pink pair!

Peanut's new specs
I adore this woman.  Because of things like this, we don't shop for glasses anywhere else.  Sure, big box areas have a great selection and you can get them in hour... but they certainly wouldn't do half of what Jessica has done for us over the years.  So I have to wait a week to get my new glasses.  I'd rather do that from a group that I have a relationship with than get mine in an hour from a cold, callus individual who could care less about us as a family.

It's refreshing to know that there are still places of business today who put people before the all mighty dollar.

Ten on Tuesday

It's a new thing we're doing, thanks to Carole Knits.  I have seen others participating and noticed that they all had the same theme... well you know that got my noggin rocking to find out where it originated!  Low and behold, this crafty little vixen came up with the idea and I jumped on board.

This week, it's Top Ten Favorite Snacks!

Apples with Peanut Butter

Cheezies (aka Cheez-Its)

Double Stuff Oreos

Popcorn with Light Butter


Any and every flavor of Pringles

Chocolate - in most forms

Tator tots - the ranch dipping is off to the side

Shortbread Biscuits

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11 April 2011


"If you aren't ten minutes early, you're late".

That is my mindset when it comes to being punctual.  It is the way I was raised.  It shows respect, concern, integrity, dedication, interest and a myriad of other things... so why is it such a difficult concept for this one particular person, or institution for that matter, to grasp?

Hobbit supposedly had a difficult week at school last week.  One day she was "chatty" and another day she was "loud" and on Friday, she supposedly said "unkind words" to her friends on the playground during recess.  I read the write ups in her take home folder but I always get the story as soon as Hobbit gets in the car.  She tells me how her day went without prompting... so why are their stories so different for Friday?

Hobbit got in the car on Friday afternoon and said that she had to move her clip.  I asked why and she said that it was because of what happened at recess - or at least she thinks that is why because it didn't make sense to her.  You see, she was playing with Child A when Child B came up and said that they wanted to play with Child A but not with Hobbit because they don't like Hobbit.  This hurt my little girl's feelings so she said okay and left Child A & B to play together while she searched for other friends.  When she found some other children that she knew, she relayed the story to them but it was loud on the playground so she had to speak louder.  Then her teacher came up and informed Hobbit that she would be moving her clip when they got inside and she knew what for... all Hobbit said was "Yes ma'am" because she has been raised to not talk back to adults.

I told her that I am sorry she was treated that way at recess and she was right in leaving the situation because she should be around people who value her.  Hobbit said she knew that and understood but she didn't know why she had to move her clip.  I told her I would see what her teacher wrote in her folder when we got home.  Upon inspection, I found the scribbling of "unkind words and yelling at friends".  I didn't read this to Hobbit but I asked her if she was ugly to her friends.  She looked mortified that I would even suggest such a thing and said no because if she was, she wouldn't have any friends.  That left me with one option - to call the teacher.

School gets out at 2:45 p.m. and we are usually home by 2:55 p.m. and Friday was no different.  I placed the call to the school and requested her teacher.  I was asked to leave a message because the teacher's phone had a "do not disturb" on it.  Alright, I can do that I suppose.  30 minutes passed without a return call so I redialed the school and received the same response.  Fine, but please be sure that she contacts me before she leaves.  By 4 p.m. I had still not received a call back and now, no one was answering at the school.  Swell.

Fast forward to this morning, at 8:08 a.m. to be precise.  My phone rings and on the other end is a sing song voice asking to speak to me and identifying herself as Hobbit's teacher who had a message to call me.  I was livid!  I stated, very succinctly, that the message was from Friday immediately after school and the point is now moot due to her failure to respond in a timely manner.  She then replied with some pathetic inquiry in her most annoyingly high pitched cartoon character voice if there was anything she could do today - absolutely not was the response she received and a curt statement that she would see Hobbit shortly for class... and then a dead line.

How on earth can someone who claims to be a professional, who is aiding in (and in some cases the only one) shaping children to be productive and posed members of society be so thoughtless?  There is no call to ever disregard a phone message from a parent regarding the events of a day.  It doesn't matter that it was Friday.  It doesn't matter when you have chosen to be in a profession such as teacher because during the school week, you are also the liaison to the parent.  You are the person who fills in the gaps, who gives the other half of the story so that a parent can find the truth in the middle.

Our family is praying that Hobbit gets into the charter school and we should find out next week... but this is just another prime example as to why we are praying harder.  Lack of compassion, moodiness of a supposed educator who plays favorites and the general ignorance that surrounds this school is disproportionate to the level of education and support that students and parents receive.  Punctuality, timeliness, courtesy and respect are not difficult to exercise - or even fain - but they are key components that are lacking from this institution.
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