28 November 2012

Rather productive

I'm really liking how it's turning out... I've got even more done than this progress photo shows!
I started this cute little tree skirt back in July.  I also figured I would be done by now but I lost interest in it.  Now that the tree is back up, my interest has returned.  I had gotten the main base completed, along with four squares before I put it away to wait patiently while I finished (literally) a hundred other knitting and crochet projects.

As of right now, I have 13 squares and the base.  I should finish my final square tonight and then I can seam them together.  I had an inspiration pattern but the more I looked at it, the less I wanted to do it just like they did so... I did what I am notorious for doing - I went rogue.  I've got notes though so who knows... maybe I'll write it up for release.

Either way you look at it, I've been rather productive.

27 November 2012

For Karrie

Today one of my crafting heroes was called home. She was so kind, compassionate and such a light. The world has lost an angel today. May she be in peace, watching over us all.

We will miss you, Karrie. You were, and always will be, loved by all.

26 November 2012

Motivational Monday

I'll be writing up the pattern for both with a release in the next few weeks.
Over the course of the last month I saw a lot of people writing lists about what all they were thankful for this past year.  I'm not one to jump on bandwagons so I'm not going to do that but as I was crafting last night, a thought came to me - how thankful I was that I could craft.

Crafting is more than just taking sticks and strings to make an item.  It's soothing, creative and a lot of fun.  I get an idea and instead of wishing that something like it existed in the world, I sit down and bring it to life.  It is a process that brings me joy and still fills me with wonder every time it actually works.

I wish that I had enough money to make little crafting starter sets.  I would have a constant supply available so whenever I see someone who looks miserable, tired, frustrated or just a little lost, I could sit down and teach them how to craft.  That way, instead of all those yucky emotions they would be filled with a peaceful calm and you would see it.  It starts slowly and as soon as the concentrated scrunched face melts away, it will appear - the subtle soft smile of being content.

As my hand gets worse and the possibility of a medically induced crafting hiatus looms in the distance, all I can think about is how fortunate I am to have this knowledge and ability... because without it, life would a lot less fabulous.

25 November 2012

Sunday Snaps

Trying to get back in the groove of things - so I started snapping daily photos again of random events.

Even updated my project pages with progress photos...

Including actually starting and finishing a project last night!

If that doesn't get a person back into the groove then I don't think anything will!

21 November 2012

Wandering around the World

We went on our 2nd Annual Disney Thanksgiving Day trip.

Peanut is still here, in South Dakota, but next year she'll be with us!

We even went to the Art of Animation and learned to draw Pluto...

I won the artist's drawing because I answered a trivia question correctly!

Then we went to the Magic Kingdom...

and pal'd around with Mickey and Minnie... so sweet!

We played in the new Fantasyland expansion which was amazingly cool.

Hobbit was in a production of "Enchanted Tales with Belle" - it was so cute.

Lots of new views of my old favorites - it was all so exciting.

My favorite baddie was there too so that made the trip perfect.

When we go back for my birthday, I think we'll spend more time here.

I really do love it here and miss going every day - it is my happy place.

24 days and counting until I return... what a wonderful treat to look forward to!

Oh - and look who followed me home!
I hope everyone has an equally enjoyable Thanksgiving full of love and laughter.

19 November 2012


That's all I've been doing today... at least that is what it feels like.  I had to go to the doctor's office this morning and I spent a good two hours waiting there.  I was so over it by the time I got back to see him that I flat out told him that I was fed up feeling like crap and still not having any answers.  I even told him all about the awful woman who was supposed to do my Nerve Conduction Test on Saturday but refused after keeping us waiting for an hour because she didn't feel that I had been in pain long enough for there to be enough nerve damage for her to assess... seriously, she said this to me and I was less than pleased.  Needless to say, he gave me another referral to a different neurologist so who knows what will come of it all now.

After that debacle, I took my car to get a patch put on the rear driver's side.  I made a point to ask how long it would take because I was exhausted and so was Hobbit.  We were told "30 minutes tops"... two and a half hours later we were able to pay our bill and head home.

So I'm thinking that the old adage about "time is money" doesn't mean diddly to most people any more.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a constantly on the go kind of girl but I do like things done in a timely manner.  If someone wants or needs something from me, I make sure to do it in a timely manner for them so they don't have to wonder, worry or wait.  Plus, it's nice to make people happy by getting stuff to them like they asked... just look around a waiting room some time, not many happy campers there.

My wish is to just once, actually be seen at my appointment time or have something get finished within the time quoted - I lost my day due to other people's inability to handle theirs.. and well, that's just not fair.

Sorry for the whining... waiting wears me out.  Here's gratuitous WiP shot for putting up with it.  This was to be my Order of the Phoenix blanket but I end up hurting so badly that I know I won't be able to finish it in six days.  I admitted defeat but on the upside, it is also my Dissertation so I've got another month to redeem myself with it!

Ravelry project page - Fortifications

18 November 2012

Sunday Snaps

I made a hat...
but Pokey stole it...
So then I made myself another one - this time with a flower!
Then I got kinda super sick again and lived here for a few days...
but as soon as I felt a little better, I finished up my OWL and turned it in for pretty, pretty points!
I still need to finish my Order of the Phoenix blanket so I should bolt.  Hope y'all had a great week and I'm doing my best to get back in the groove of things.  It's taken a bit longer than expected but I'm getting there.

14 November 2012

Pardon my dust

I'm trying on some holiday decor so please excuse me for a bit if you happen to pop in and things look wonky - it will be settled soon.

It's a work in progress

This room was a useless catch-all when we moved in...

Today, it's starting to look like an actual viable playroom for Hobbit...

All we need is a bit of carpeting and some creative seating for it to be completely done... but it's good.

13 November 2012

Tuesday Tunes

I just love this song and movie... since I was humming it today, I thought I'd share.

12 November 2012

Thankful for the small things

I have spent a great deal of time these past two weeks at doctor's offices and I will probably have to spend just a bit more before it is all said and done.  It can be a rather arduous task to sit and wait, paying the constant fees and dealing with random strangers while they poke and prod at you... well, at least it can be for me.  During these times I have taken to counting the tiny blessing so that I don't just break down in exhausted tears over the whole affair.  This was my little list this morning as I waited on hold...
  1. It's "me time".  Sure, it's not where I would like it but it's still a chance to sit and read or work on my projects if I can.
  2. I have fabulous insurance.  My husband's company has a most awesome insurance plan that without, none of these things would even be possible.
  3. Surprise coverage.  I just learned that the things I have to do tomorrow are 100% covered and I don't have to pay anything - best bonus ever!
  4. Answers are eventually coming.  I may not like them but at least I will know what they are and can make a game plan accordingly.
It's not an earth shattering list of realizations but it is a list of things that I bet a lot of people don't really think about very often.  I see the other people in the waiting rooms - some just read, some fall into a lull while they stare at the television and others grow increasingly agitated with each tick of the clock... and I honestly don't blame them because I feel the same way some days.

So when life gets to be stressful and frustrating and full of things that you would rather not have to do or deal with - stop for a minute and find four great things right then... it will lift your mood and help ease the tensions a bit. 

They don't have to be earth shattering, they just have to be honest.

11 November 2012

A New Reality

Isn't it funny how we always seem to view ourselves as invincible... then reality slaps us in the face.
I know I've been rather quiet but I've had a few things to deal with around here - some of it is still unresolved but there is nothing I can do about it right now.  I make a lot of jokes about losing the genetic lottery but the truth is, it's not funny.  It's a fact that has scared me since I was young enough to comprehend that all of these rotten things can, and probably will, happen to me... and now they have - or at least they are trying to while I do my best to stop them.

My entire life has to change.  These aren't little things either but it's good to know that I have some very sweet friends and very supportive family who are helping and encouraging me.  It's scary... very scary... but I've never been one to just accept things as they are - as if it were final and no room for adjustments.  If it is within my power to change it, I will.  If it is within my power to reverse it or annihilate it, I will.  It won't be easy and I know that... it's not a 'snap your fingers and it's all better' kind of deal.  It's a 'work yourself to the bone, fight it tooth and nail' kind of thing.

Sure, I may have lost the genetic lottery but I won when it comes to drive, determination and intestinal fortitude.  I will come out on top... I have to...

07 November 2012

Bahs and humbugs

I've been making hats - cute stuffs, at least to me.
My mind is in a bit of a fog due to things beyond my control.  It makes writing rather difficult because I am one of those people who needs time to process and work things through.  I'll have more information on Friday morning and then even more the following week so I know it's coming but for right now, it's hard to concentrate on other things because of this looming ickiness that is a great unknown - and we all know how much I love surprises and the unknown.

I think I'll go work on a few projects to see if I can't shake the bahs and the humbugs that seem to have taken up residence in my brain.  If anyone has any great ideas on things to do - distractions or stress relief - then please share.  I can use all the help I can get right now.

06 November 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Every day is a good day for Steve Perry and Journey. Make today count!

I know I don't get political on here but with today being Election Day, I just wanted to reiterate something I said yesterday.  For all the young people who will be voting today - please, read the platforms and positions so that you can make an educated and informed decision. I don't care how you vote, I just care that you make a well informed choice... reach beyond the sound bites, viral videos and friends' opinions. Pray, meditate, reflect or whatever it is that helps you get grounded. I urge you to vote, but I urge you even more to vote intelligently. 

05 November 2012

Randomness rolling through...

I have a few things on my mind so it's difficult to focus on a motivational post today.
All of which is leading me to make some interesting decision that will have long term effects.
If I can motivate you to do anything today - let it be to take care of yourself and stretch.

04 November 2012

Sunday Snaps

This week was full of crafty goodness - silly projects for homework...

Dyeing the perfect match...

Hobbit tried trick or treating again... and again disliked all the spooky so she handed out candy...

I made serious strides in the Quidditch hat trials that started yesterday...

and all these hats are doubling for my Nerd Wars submissions so it is working out rather well.
My mama, a very talented nurse, also brought to light something that I had not even imagined.  I was describing the pain in my hand that was traveling up my arm and around my chest.  She laughed a little at me (not in a mean way, just the Mama way) and informed me that I have Carpal Tunnel in my right hand.  I will bring it up to my doctor when I go back for all those test results but my google research was a hard slap in the face with reality.  This will serious interfere with my crafting so I am going to spend today learning about ways to care and combat it.

Here's to a better week ahead with lots of smiles and fibery fun.

02 November 2012

Weekend Wonderment

I'm going finish my book and my design... well... definitely the book at least.
Thank you for all the emails and comments full of well wishes and prayers.  I was told that it couldn't be muscle strain because it doesn't hurt when I touch it so they ran a battery of tests of me - all of which so far have come back normal.  We'll see what happens with the ton of blood they took from me.  The dreaded *"M word" was uttered by the phlebologist which got my mind whirling in a different direction though my mama said she would go with me when she moves back in the area in a few months.  We lost my Mommaw to that particular awfulness when I was barely 5 years old so it's always been in the back of my mind.

Time for more uplifting things - my weekend plans!  I have decided that even though I was told it couldn't be muscle strain, I'm going to take today off from crafting.. possibly even tomorrow.  I am, however, going to finish my book today and start the series that my mother lent to me so I can be done before they return to Florida and can return them to her.  If I'm feeling better Sunday, I'll finish my original design.  It's not ready to be shared, I can tell you that, because I flubbed up the decrease.  They now fit Hobbit and no longer fit me so even though they'll get used, it won't be by the originally intended recipient.  Oh well, that's why they call it 'testing'.

I hope that your weekend is full of love and laughter and everything that brings you joy... and if it isn't, I can you find the moments that will.

*For those that don't know, the "M word" is mammogram - something I've yet to actually do and scares the stuffing right out of me... not so much because of the indelicate procedure but more of the possible results.

01 November 2012

I'm sure it's nothing... right?

Sometimes, being left alone with my thoughts is a bad thing.  You see, the past few nights, I have had a dull burning pain that radiates from under my right arm and around the right side of my chest muscle... and yes, I am right handed.  I know that it is from crocheting - I hold my hook rather tight, I've been working a LOT with rather uncooperative yarn so it's more than likely muscle strain.  That's the logical person's rationale for the pain... but...

I kind of lost the genetic lottery.  My PopPop had chronic heart issues coupled with multiple surgeries (he called his scar his "zipper"), my PopPaw died of heart failure and my daddy (who will to this day say he was not sick) had a "silent heart attack" three years ago that resulted in an emergency triple bypass.  I even have a uncle who is only 11 years older than me who has already had a handful of heart surgeries.  When my chest hurts, I get scared.

Last night, I managed to work myself up into a really tizzy... to the point that I have a doctor's appointment as soon as I drop Hobbit off at school this morning.  I don't know what they can tell me but I am going to sit down and tell him everything - even about the anxiety which in some ways is worse than the actual muscle strain.

I'm going to be 40 in 6 weeks - and I don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering if or when I'm going to have an issue.  I'm going to nip it in the bud.  Wish me luck... and a prayer or two for good measure.
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