27 February 2011

The Cat's Meow Pattern ~ Finally

The Cat's Meow
I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to write out this pattern.  I promise to never take as long ever again, barring death.  So here you go, Ramsay's newest sweater ~ The Cat's Meow.  Simply click to enlarge the images.

To sew the sweater together, simply hold right sides together and sew down the top ribbed sections.  Pick up again at the bottom rib sections, working up to the six rows of garter stitching.  Wallah, an inside out completed sweater for your fur baby... flip it the right way, slide it on your favorite pooch and everyone is happy.


  1. Thank you for sharing your talent..a pdf of this would be great! Thanks!

  2. Love this pattern!could you please email me a pdf copy,thanks s_e_chambers@hotmail.com

  3. Love this pattern could you please email me the pattern thank you very much. sky2@mts.net


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