28 August 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up

I'm still working on that same epic granny square bag and even though I've added a few rows, you just can't tell in the photos so I decided to show you photos of some other things that we've been working on this past week instead...

Someone may have been home sick but she entertained herself for a while as a beautifully creative owl...

Someone else is simply enjoying the magic and wonder of going to school closer to home...

And Tinkerbell just wanted to say hi because she hasn't been shown off in a while and she's a bit of a diva.
So that's what our past week has been like... First days of school for both of the girls, first colds of the year, and the pushiest cat in all the lands who simply wants to be pet and acknowledged during every waking moment of the day.

I'd say we're having a pretty ding dang good week, wouldn't you?

27 August 2013

Tuesday Tunes

I needed a song for today and Pokey said "Oooo... use this, it's full of awesome". Can't argue with that - Enjoy!

26 August 2013

For Peanut...

Monday Inspiration Board 17

I know it's hard to transfer schools and you may be starting to wonder if you did the right thing... well, you did.

 Sure, making new friends is hard and sometimes very scary but you can do it. I know you can - you know how I know? Because you're amazing. In my whole life, I have never met anyone so talented, kind and compassionate as you. I want to be more like you in so many ways. Things may not be exactly as you envisioned them so far but you know what, that's okay. Sometimes things have a way of becoming better than you could have imagined, all you have to do is be open to it. Enjoy these few days before classes start to explore the museums and the town. Find your special place that inspires you and chances are, you'll find others there too. This is going to be a magnificent year full of wonder and new experiences. You are so strong and brave - you truly are a most spectacular human being. It is such an honor to point to you and say "That's my daughter!"

 I love you so much... now go, enjoy your adventure.. but hey, don't forget to call home too - I want to hear all about it.

25 August 2013

Sunday Snaps

Hobbit started school this week and so far, she's loving it...

The days start out beautiful but by suppertime, we're in the middle of a deluge...

Hobbit has decided this year she will be "high fashion".  It apparently looks like this...

Still plugging away on this and my book - though progress is slower here...

Peanut got settled in to her dorm yesterday.  She's so tickled and excited to be home.
It's been a super crazy busy week with a lot of firsts.  Pokey's computer gave up the good fight but thankfully a jar full of changed saved the day.  Hobbit started 3rd grade and is over the moon excited about earning "real letter grades" for her work - and the payout for good report cards doesn't hurt either.  Peanut went up to college yesterday and is enjoying her first weekend of the year.  Her dorm is beautiful and the rooms are huge.  It pays to have 67% of your campus registered as historical structures - it means 12' ceilings in your room and space to move around!  Today we're headed up to see Mama and help her with some chores... the payout is watching "Epic" and not having to cook supper so that works.

Hope y'all have a fabulous week - lots more exciting things ahead... like weekends off in September.  Guess who is a jazzed little concierge... me!!

23 August 2013

Weekend Wonderment

It's going to be a crazy busy weekend around here, let me tell you!
Oh mylanta, lots of goings on this weekend!  Peanut heads to her dorm tomorrow, Pokey needs a new computer (blue screen of death and sounds of the Enterprise transporter room this morning), and Mama needs help at her house.  It's just going to be nonstop running around in the car for members of this family this weekend.  I'm going to try to take along a project for those possible 'down times' but who knows if I'll get a chance to work on it.  I think the granny square is the best options since it doesn't require any thought at all.

Time to get things set up before work tonight... wish us luck!!

22 August 2013

Nibbles and Narratives

Marbled bundt cake with powdered sugar on top.
I know, it's been a while since I've had a chance to do one of these segments.  I do love them, just hadn't made the time to sit down with my book in a while but now that Hobbit is back to school and I'm getting my updated routine down, I've carved out a bit of time to read again.

I am not much further than where I was last week but I am further so that's what counts.  Lena just had her first "moment" in Mrs. English's class - I can so relate to that feeling, can't you?  Thankfully, the results of mine were nothing compared to what happened with her.  I am curious as to how they are linked, Lena and Ethan, and I love how he's figuring it all out along the way.  It lets me know that the author doesn't think I'm an idiot and has to have it all spelled out at the front of it but lets me discover it bit by bit, just like Ethan.

This week I also did a bit of baking.  Ever since I was a little girl, my mother would always make something on the first day of school.  Cookies, brownies, cake - just something homemade to celebrate... our return to school and her return to a calm, quiet house.  When I became a mom, I carried on that tradition with my own kids.  On Monday, Hobbit headed back to school and I made her a bundt cake.  Now, in order for you to totally get the reason behind why it looks like it does, you have to understand that "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is one of Hobbit's most favorite movies.  So not only did I make her a "cyak", I made her a "boont cyak"... and she loved it.

21 August 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up

Do you know what my biggest complaint about "big" projects is... you can't readily see the progress unless you stop and simply count to verify that all that work you've been putting in has indeed increased the epic square even more.  I'll prove it to you - here is the photo from last week's update...
Pardon the weird color issue - not sure what happened with my hues.
An now here is where I will be picking up today when I go to wait for Hobbit in the car loop this afternoon -

Same angle, just had to move a bit back to get it all in.  At least the color is true this time.
Doesn't look much bigger does it?  What if we really creep up on it, maybe that will help with making it reflect how much more is done towards this bag...
Still doesn't feel bigger, does it.  Yeah, I didn't think so either.
Oh I know - an aerial shot!  That always make things look like they are larger than life because if it weren't massive in size, you wouldn't need to go to such extremes to capture the image, right?  Let's give that a whirl...
Well snickerdoodles, that didn't do much good, did it...
Okay, you're just going to have to take my word for it, I'm finally at the halfway point.  16 rounds out of 32 and the good news is, I've only used just under half of my one skein of yarn.  I'm still not sure if I'm going to go the full 32, we'll have to see as it progresses as to how big I will actually go with it.  I must admit, I am loving the colors and while working a nonstop granny is not exactly what I would call exciting, watching the color changes sure makes up for it.  I'm even 98% sure that my inside lining is going to be that beautiful pink... 2% is pulling for that amazing shade of blue but I think I heard some backdoor bargaining going on last night so we'll see how it all plays out.

As far as the other projects go - I've decided to frog that shawl.  The yarn is amazing and so is the pattern but together it was just one big cacophony of color and texture.  It screamed at me every time I worked on it which is probably why I didn't work on it much.  I think I'll find a different pattern for my 908 yards of fingering weight wonderfulness and a more calming tonal yarn for the Miss Bennet's Walking Shawl.  The other project that I was making is my TV project because it's simple - dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc... mind-numbingly simple.

I sure hope I can get this pocketbook done soon, I really can't wait to use it!  Now, to figure out the handle situation...

20 August 2013

Tuesday Tunes

For Hobbit - who is rocking the first week of school!

19 August 2013

Happy dancing, happy day!

It is the first day of school today - to say we're all excited is a slight understatement.  Hobbit can't wait to make new friends and I can't wait until we have our routine back.  She does so much better with a routine.

Today, she's dressed beautifully and even let me pull up her hair with a bow.  We still have an hour before we have to leave so we made her lunch and now she's watching a bit of television before we have to go.  I hope the afternoon storms hold off until she's home from the bus - another new adventure.  I'll drive her in the mornings but she's taking the bus home.  The mean bigger kids who used to live on our street have since left over the summer so that leaves just the little ones who live a few houses up.  She may be the oldest child at the stop this year.

I wrote her a note on a fancy card and slipped it into her lunch box so that at 12:30 this afternoon, when she's sitting down at the table, she'll have a little surprise from me.  I hope she's still at the age where getting a surprise note from Mama is exciting and not embarrassing.  Although, I would sneak them to Peanut all through school - even now I write them on Facebook page while she's away at college.  I guess I figure that I still love to get little notes from my mama so they must too... at least I hope they do.

My goal today is for this to be the first time I don't cry on the first day of school - though I'm already about to fail because I can't believe she's in third grade already... and this weekend, Peanut will be moving into her dorm for her junior year of college!  Where has the time gone?  I hope they know how proud of them I am and that my life wouldn't be nearly as wonderful without their little faces in it.

So here's to a brand new year full of possibilities and adventures - Happy first day of school!!

18 August 2013

Sunday Snaps

Yep - enjoying the last day of summer because it's finally a school night!

16 August 2013

Weekend Wonderment

I think this will make for a very nice weekend - reading, lace and blankies.
I plan on doing a little of everything this weekend.  A little reading each night, working a little on my squishy blankie, and a little on my lace shawl.  It is going to be very relaxing.

15 August 2013

It is Important

It appears to be a theme with me this month, doesn't it.  Working a day late on everything.  I can make excuses - and they're good, see...

1. School starts on Monday so we're getting ready.
2. Sorting is happening at HPKCHC and I'm a minion.
3. I'm still getting used to my work schedule and feeling constantly worn out.

That's all I've got but they're good excuses as to why things have been off... except that I despise excuses.  Every time I hear an excuse for anything, I think of this...

Found on Pinterest a very long time ago and it stuck with me.
So no matter "how good" the excuse is, it's still just an excuse... and I don't like them.  Now, it's Thursday and I think the above the moment could be considered a motivational moment (work with me people) so that takes care of Monday.  I just learned about this artist and wanted to share...

Fully awesome, I know.  Best way to be forgiven for Tuesday is by posting an awesome video today... lol.  So that bring us to Wednesday (which I honestly thought today was until I remembered all the errands we ran yesterday for Wednesday) and Wednesday is wound-up of current projects so here goes...

Here they sit, patiently waiting as I carry them from the sofa to the office and back again, every day...

My bag, my blankie toy and my shawl... all getting a little love over the week.  Very little love.
Which brings us to today.  Thursday.  Nibbles and Narratives day.  I did not cook anything new this week but today I am making a family favorite - Turkey Corn Soup.  Though I am using chicken for this batch because I just want chicken.  I have turkey chopped up in the freezer but this time, I'm hankering for chicken.  I actually need to get it started so it can simmer this afternoon.  As far as reading goes, I'm so ashamed that all I can do is show you...
Yep, I've not picked it up this past week.  It's going to live by my bedside table now so I will read it tonight!
Haha!  See, that little saying from the top of the post is right... if something is important, you find a way.  I just did an entire week's worth of series on one post because it was important to me to get back on track.

Tomorrow, I'll show my plans for the weekend!  I promise!!

12 August 2013

Sunday Snaps

I seem to be running a day late lately, don't I... oh well - better late than never...

I started a new shawl.  I've named it "Stroll Around the Castle" since it has every house color in it.

Started a new bag too - isn't this yarn amazing!

Hobbit's room is clean and ready to start the school year (next Monday!)

I got a little silly with my camera and a prompt named "peek-a-boo"

I braved the elements in my ever illusive 'lightening shot'... and I'm afraid of storms!

I was gifted beautiful yarn from...

two beautiful souls.  I'm very blessed to know them.

09 August 2013

Fibery goodness

Y'all know that I normally do a "Weekend Wonderment" segment and show you what I have planned on the crafting front but today I have to share some of the beautiful things that have be bestowed upon me as of late.

I know that a lot of people think it is silly or odd that I am so invested in my Ravelry group, Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup, but if you are in the know then you get it.  The students and staff are so amazing that you don't want to go anywhere else.  You can spend hours just talking to your friends and enjoying the silliness of it all or gather around for support during a difficult time.  It is unusual that an online community as large as this one would be drama free... but it is and it's amazing.  This is a group of men (yes, I said men) and women, ages 8 to 80, who just want to have a good time and craft along together.

My role is that of a Mentor to the Not Quite First Year students, also known as NQFYs.  I, along with the most amazing partner a girl could ever hope for, help these students learn how to play our game while they wait to be sorted into their houses.  Everything is covered, from how to do Ravelry basics like photos and linking items all the way to figuring out class prompts and OWL ideas.  We never get an off month and things are always hopping in the Waiting Room.  Each term we honor one of our rising First Years to be a peer mentor as well and we have been spoiled this past term!

Students always send owls of thanks for helping them along the way or they make a post in the Waiting Room, earburning us to it so we can see.  It always warms my heart that I am able to share my love of this game to others who can then go out and do great things within our version of Hogwarts.  This past term, I have been showered with beautiful gifts from students - either NQFYs or ones who have already been sorted.  I won't share names, as some are shy and I would not want to embarrass them in the least, but I will share my gratitude for what all they have done.  This week has had me in tears over the kindness of my friends at Hogwarts... it truly is my home.  Take a look at the wonderful gifts that have been bestowed upon me lately -

I was trying to deconstruct a pattern that was in here and a sweet friend gifted me a digital copy of it!

(c)Pandia's Jewels - I was gifted this pattern for Miss Bennet's Walking Shawl so I could join a CAL!

One of my sweet NQFYs sent this as a surprise in the mail to say thanks for all I do as a Mentor.

One of my colleagues sent me this from Hermione Jean Creations as a thanks for always being there for her.
There is one thing about crafters that is universally true - they are the sweetest, kindest and most generous people that I have ever had the honor of knowing.  Thank you for being a part of my life... each and every one of you.  You constantly provide truth and examples to the adage that if you put good things out into the world, good things will be returned to you.  Thank you for being a blessing in my life.

08 August 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up.. on Thursday

I managed to get Hobbit's room in order yesterday before school starts next Monday.  Hopefully, it will stay this way!

I'm gently rolling along on my new Autumnal bag.  Adding a round whenever I have a minute.

There was an accident and I lost a blanket that I was making for a friend.  Pokey got me replacement yarn for a new project.
That's been my productivity so far this week.  I've also volunteered to be a part of the Slytherin Baby Blanket Brigade so hopefully I will have a package delivered to me soon that has some squares to be joined - a perfect project to work on while I'm at work because I won't get flustered if I have to put it down.

I hope everyone has been having an awesome day - and yes, I know it's Thursday but by the time I finished Hobbit's room yesterday, I was too mentally exhausted to form a coherent sentence.  Don't worry though, I will hopefully have some time to read my new book and get back to the regular post next Thursday - although I will be in Downtown Disney having lunch with a friend but I can schedule it all the same.

06 August 2013

Tuesday Tunes

I love that they are so humble, they can poke fun at themselves like this. It reminds us all that no one is so important and that we should all take a step back and see the bigger picture. Enjoy one of my most favorite bands and have a great big giggle at their expense, just as they intended.

05 August 2013

Golly gee, thanks!

I must say, I'm a bit amazed at the response from 11's Fez yesterday.  Almost 50 downloads and it's not been 24 hours... thanks!  It's funny how those things work, isn't it.  You make a silly hat for your kid and figure that you'd write it up for a giggle, not thinking anyone will actually want to make one, and then you get such an amazing response.  Nice to see I'm not the only nerd in these parts.

I started a new project yesterday - a bag for Autumn.  I am loving it too, which is not something I would normally say over such a simple pattern.  It's basically just a super huge granny square but it was a pattern that I had on my Pinterest crochet board and it just called to me yesterday.  I also had this fabulous yarn that I desperately wanted to use but didn't have enough to make something wearable so I decided that I was going to make this bag and a matching hat.  I'm over the moon excited about it and I can't wait to show you it all finished up.  Here's a sneak peak at how beautiful the yarn is working up though -

Seriously, couldn't you just die over how fabulous this colorway is working out?  It's Elliebelly Yarns in Fire Dragon.
I have yet to figure out what I'm going to do on the lining front - I think maybe I might carry the burnt orange feel over to the inside as well.  The handles have me perplexed as well - should I go bamboo rings or perhaps a darker simple squared off handle would be better?  I'm leaning towards the rings but instead of bamboo, possibly just clear instead.  Any suggestions?

04 August 2013

Free Pattern - 11's Fez

I have a treat for everyone - and since today is the day that we learn who the new Doctor will be, I thought it only appropriate to release it now.  I designed a fez for Hobbit because 11 is her favorite Doctor and fezzes are cool.  I do hope y'all enjoy this little gift, I know Hobbit will!  So without further ado,  download now.

Sunday Snaps

Oh let's see, Wednesday I had a lovely date with my husband... Thursday I had a nice visit up at my mama's... Friday I had to work and Saturday I had food poisoning so that's the recap as to why I didn't write this week.  I know, sad... what's even worse is that there aren't many photos in which to recap it either -

I made an original design little shrug for Hobbit to wear over her tank top dresses.  It's not fabulous but it'll do.
What can I say - some weeks are like that...
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