31 August 2012

I've been better

You know how when you move, nothing seems to go smoothly?  Yeah, that is the best way I can describe recent events.  Our truck was too small, fees out that wazoo doubled the quoted amount, we still aren't done getting everything over to our new house, I hurt my back and now our AC is broken.

It was broken yesterday but someone came and claimed to fix it.  My house was almost 90 degrees - they didn't fix squat.  I looked for the "emergency number" on the property management website because they claimed all over it that one exists - it doesn't.  I have been calling every hour since 6 a.m. when my house boasted a temperature of a balmy 81.  It's supposed to be 98 degrees today and I am currently on the front porch because it is cooler than being inside.  In central Florida in August, that's saying something!

Granted, I managed to clean the kitchen, clean my bedroom, fold two loads of laundry and start another all before I was completely drenched in sweat and ready to die.  I'm trying to stay optimistic but honestly, I just want to flop down on the floor and have a fabulous cry.  I can't though - Pokey wants to wring their necks and so that means I have to be the collected one.  I'll cry when it's done.

For now, I'll focus on the cool breeze while it lasts, my coffee and being thankful for a laptop with wireless internet.  Hopefully this afternoon, I'll be thankful for a working air conditioner.

27 August 2012

Some headway

So this was yesterday... and even with my wrenched back, I managed to turn this...

Into this. Nothing makes me feel better more than having my kitchen, in order...

Except maybe surprise presents!
You know what makes the ickiness of moving not so icky - getting thoughtful surprises, like the mop and this message, from your husband:

"I just wanted to let you know that without all that you have done these past couple of weeks, the packing up, dealing with people at the utilities, dealing with me being grumpy over moving etc... I just want you to know that you are appreciated in everything that you've done and I love you."

A love note and a dream steamer mop all in one day - I'm a lucky girl indeed!

26 August 2012

Sunday Snaps

We enjoyed an epic last day of summer vacation - complete with artwork and ice pops.

Rainy, rainy week and now we've got to worry about Hurricane Isaac... joy.

Fabulous first week of school full of good reports and smiles.

We moved yesterday and this is where I stand today... so much to do!

And simply because I think she has the cutest little baby feet... I share them with you.
Okay, break time is over. I've got a house to put together now... too bad my muscles aren't as eager as my spirit. There is a current test of wills as to who will win out. I'm rooting for spirit but muscles have put forth a compelling argument... a compromise may be in order.

24 August 2012

Two and a half hours

I got Hobbit to the bus just fine, she got on and we waved bye - then I was off.  I went to the property management office and the door was locked - I knocked and got nothing. In case y'all didn't know, I'm one of those odd people who doesn't have a cell phone - by choice. Generally speaking, they are of no use and interfere with actual human interactions. I don't need one and I honestly don't want one. I was tied to an electronic leash for my entire Disney career, I'm living my life free. I see no reason to call me at the grocery store. I have no desire to get a text in the potty. Nothing is so important that it can't be left on my answer machine at home... which I will definitely get when I return.

Anywho, I drive home and call the office and they say "whoops, we'll open the back door for you".  I hang up and go back. I pay the deposit/rent and get the signed copy of my lease to carry over to the county utilities office. I was told that if I want to have my water on the same day, be there before noon.  I was there at 10:30 a.m. - and I didn't get back out until 1:05 p.m.!

Yeah, I was not happy but what could I do... and to make matters worse, I left my crochet in the car so I didn't even have anything to work on while I sat... starving, caffeine deprived and on the verge of an anxiety issue. I toughed it all out and kept my cool, unlike the vast majority of other people there. The grumpiness, fussing at the girls behind the glass and the latest in super hero wannabes, Obligatory Obnoxious Guy (OOG for short), who speaks too loudly because he finds himself to know all and be the coolest kid in the building, were all a little much. Yes, the system is flawed. Yes, we've all be waiting too. No, I doubt you could revamp it over the weekend and make life better for all involved. Seriously dude, just lower your volume and shut up - you've got me on the verge cursing a blue streak because of your constant need to yammer.

Instead of creating that gorgeous shade of blue, I decided that I would be the one ray of sunshine in the entire room. I was going to smile to any employee who looked up at me. I was going to daydream out the big window behind the counter and try to block out OOG. My number was finally called, two hours later, and there was a snafu from the property management side. Thirty minutes and two phone calls after that, plus the outrageous fee of $300 to simply read a meter and turn a knob, and I am given a yellow piece of paper and the freedom to leave.

How did my "ray of sunshine" plan go - well, my water is being turned on today even though I missed the cutoff, through no fault of my own, and OOG's isn't. I'd say it was a most exhausting but rather gratifying win. 

Charlie Sheen, eat your heart out.

23 August 2012

Small pause

I've been hinting at it but not yet come straight out and said it - we're moving. Initially it wasn't going to be until two years from now, then it wasn't going to be until the beginning of next year and now, it's Saturday.

I've got to take a brief and ever so small of a pause in posting so that I can set up camp at our new house... we're trying to beat a stupid hurricane to boot so no pressure or anything.

Wrapping up Tournament 5 in Nerd Wars, launching Fall Term on Staff at Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup and moving... sure, no worries... none at all.

22 August 2012

And so it begins...

Most important part of moving - getting the stash there together and in one piece...

See, all safe and sound which means the rest will be cake, right?

21 August 2012


I've been packing and moving things back and forth between the two places... I forgot to post.  Oh hey look over there...

Yes, distracting you with a cute kid and a huge muffin is my plan for today - thanks for noticing

20 August 2012

Me too, baby girl... me too.

My baby is in second grade already.  Where has the time gone?!?
Hobbit woke up at 6:45 this morning.  School didn't start for another three hours but she was up and I understood.  We had breakfast, watched a little television and got a nice slow start to the day.

Nudging me along, we left earlier than I wanted but it kept her calm so I was okay with it.  It wasn't by much, just about ten minutes or so. We parked at our new house and walked to the bus stop. Twenty minutes early - in the Florida heat. We melted a bit but I had enough forethought to bring along a bottle of water to share.

Then, the school bus appeared. Lots of hugs and kisses later, she queued up to climb the enormous stairs. She looked little for the first time in her academic career.  Then it happened, the part that broke my perky front that I had been wearing until she was far enough away that I could have my "first day of school" cry... she looked back at me with a weak smile, tears in her eyes and her chin quivered. 

All I could think of the while I did my best to keep the smile glued to my face was "Me too, baby girl... me too".

19 August 2012

Sunday Snaps

The heart of my home had returned - little girls chattering away and giggling...

I am set up for my OWL proposal for Fall Term and I must say, I'm pretty proud of it...
I'm finally starting my dream sweater - and it will be magical!
I spent more time frogging and reclaiming yarn this week than I had crafting. It's a heartbreaking process but once completed, it's very liberating. My thoughts are not that I have failed a project but that I just didn't find the right one for the yarn so we'll simply try again with something different. I now have my two most expensive yarns back and they're waiting to be turned into something magnificent - and I can't wait to figure out what that might be... but for now, I'll be content with what I've got working because I know they will be fabulous in their own right... and I can't wait to see them finished.

18 August 2012

Just a little update

I did it... I frogged it... again.
After attempting to make that particular shawl and frogging it for the third time, I think it's safe to say that it is the pattern that doesn't work for me. So now my gorgeous TIG wexford merino silk will sit quietly and wait for that perfect project.

In the meantime, I'll work on this poor forgotten baby for a bit.
It's a stormy grey day so that calls for minimal chores, lots of coffee/tea and as many Harry Potter movies as I can get away with... then, Gilmore Girls episodes. I'd say that makes for a perfect final Saturday of summer break, wouldn't you?

17 August 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 8/17 - 8/19

Still plugging along on my Nightwatch shawl... heaven help me.
I am seriously contemplating frogging this shawl because it is wildly boring and I don't think it compliments the beautiful yarn well enough.  Plus, I'm not big on shawls.  I worked it to it's full stitch count and it seems small... I think I'm going to put it (and me) out of our misery and just tuck it away until the perfect pattern arrives.  Maybe it would like to be Bigger On The Inside... I just don't know.  One thing is for certain - after two attempts, it does not want to be that particular shawl.

The Sorting Hat has made his way back for Fall term.  I filled out my house assignment sheet, complete with muffins and a Haiku. I even stated that if there was a First year who would be missing out due to my bed occupancy, I would do a term abroad. I know, I know - I'm totally a Puff but in being a Puff, offering your bunk to another is totally in character... besides, my hyper-competitive nature would lead me towards Gryffindor as a second option anyway and that can't be all bad, can it.

Can't you just feel the awesomeness from this!
I swatched for my OWL last night while watching an old TV special, "Merlin". I don't remember it being so comically bad but we loved it.  Cheesy special effects, some really poor acting - it was epic.  Sam Neill will always be fabulous though - he lives in the same world as Alan Rickman, for me anyway. Unconventionally appealing and just enough nerdiness to make smile. I've known for years that I don't have conventional taste in actors as leading me - mainly because I want them to be manly and that doesn't seem to be the norm as of late. Sam and Alan are most definitely manly... and very mature. The only one on my favorites list who doesn't really fit is Jeff Goldbloom... still trying to figure that one out myself. I guess everyone has one that doesn't quite fit the norm and Jeff is mine.

So that's my weekend - enjoying the last two days of summer before school is back in session on Monday.  What are your plans - anything fabulous going on?

16 August 2012


That's what the past two days have been for me... trying to get reoriented after them is rather difficult.  Plus, I have to get things sorted, packed and ready to move at the end of the month so it's doubly crazy and my brain is all over the place at the moment.

My babies - together again!  Hobbit wouldn't let Peanut out of her sight the entire time she was home.

I got to spend the afternoon with Peanut (and my parents) before she was whisked off back across the country to get ready for another year of university.  There was a late breaking development that we learned about - a possible shift in majors from Digital Storytelling to Mortuary Services.  Left turn, Clyde!

I've missed this silly little girl, more than she may ever know.

Yesterday we had Hobbit's orientation and teacher meeting in the morning and then in the afternoon, we bought furniture for the living room in the new house.  I'm still trying decide on which area rug I like better.  The entire house is tile so area rugs are going to be our new best friends... it's okay though because I know the trick about flipping them over, running ribbons of silicone caulk around it and then flipping it back once it's dry to keep them from sliding.

See... a whirlwind... and it's only going to get worse before it gets better.  Oh well, I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have thirty things on my plate anyway.  Which reminds me - I'm going to not only Captain the greatest team in all of Nerd Wars, I'm going to mentor the NQFYs (Not Quite First Years) next term over at HPKCHC... so stoked, I can't even begin to tell you.

How has your week been?  If you're not doing anything, help me pick a rug...

14 August 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Today is the Open House for Hobbit's school.  We're off to meet her new teacher and see her new classroom, all tucked up inside her new school.  When we get back, Peanut and my folks should be here.  We'll show them our new place and then possibly go swimming.  We don't have a lot of time but any time at all is a cause for celebration in my book.

So when Hobbit woke up, I asked her what her favorite song is - this was her answer.  There you have it, this edition was brought to you by the littlest member of the family because today is her day.

13 August 2012

1 year, 2 months and 13 days

That's how long it's been since I've seen this face - tomorrow, the clock starts over

12 August 2012

Sunday Snaps

My silly Hobbit has been wearing this almost every day since I made it...

I made a Scrap Bowl out of scrap yarn to keep my table clean - I love the irony of it all...

I made Peanut a new headband. A multi-colored flower one is next...

I made Hobbit a headband in honor of her love of Doctor Who - because bow(tie)s are cool...

But having some S'mores Pie in the fridge has been the best part of the week... hands down.
I did end up cleaning the living room and doing the wash yesterday.  I felt like a prat by not doing it so I just marched myself right over there and commenced to cleaning.  Today, it's more laundry and the dining room/entry hall. I'm trying to get things set for the mass packing that is going to start taking place next week... this is just the pre-organization and sort out before we pack up to move. 

My goal is to shed about 30% of what we currently have so that we can live a simpler life in our new place.  Less mess, less clutter, less 'stuff' would mean a less stressful place for everyone.  Pokey and I have gone through our closet and it's practically naked in there... our dressers are next and that will be hard for him because he keeps things out of emotion - something I have stopped doing over the years.  Hobbit will have to try on all of her clothes and we'll move on from there.  If I can get her down to about half of what she has - with a 80/20 school to play clothes ratio, I'll be happy.  Her toys are another battle entirely.

How has your weekend been?  Full of giggles and grins?

11 August 2012

A severe case of the dontwannas

Gratuitous super cute Hobbit shot
I have a list of things that I need to do - clean the house for company, wash clothes for modesty and pack for moving.  Nothing on there is small which leaves me with a severe case of the dontwannas.  I don't wanna do it... I just don't.

When projects get too big, both good and bad, I get overwhelmed. I may be the most organized soul on the planet when it comes to most things but there are times when it all gets to be too much and I kind of shut down... not a "Rainman" moment, more of a Scarlett O'Hara pause.

So I will sluff off for another day until I look at the calendar and realize that I must now double time it to get it done.  I don't mean to be this way. I don't like to be this way. I just am this way - and I know it. So instead of doing what I should be, today I am going to indulge my case of the dontwannas and I'm going to sit down and finish my Nerd Wars Dissertation. Once that is done, I'll work some more on my shawl... or my scary sweater that has been hibernating for over a year and a half... or my Christmas tree skirt... or anything else at all.

To quote the great Southern belle - "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow.."

10 August 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 8/10 - 8/12

Not too shabby of a weekend adventure, if I do say so myself
  1. Make a Doctor Who inspired headband for Hobbit - because Matt Smith wears bowties.  Bowties are cool.
  2. I need to make the sole of the second slipper and then simply sew them together.  I also now have a shorter timeline than originally planned because I simply stink at waiting.
  3. Start the first of hopefully many itty bitty crafting projects.  I have until February to get them all done.
That's my list of things that I want to do this weekend.  Lots of known surprises going on around here. Some things were supposed to be for Christmas that just aren't going to happen because I have the ability to gift them now and some things are part of one bigger thing... the only common thread is that everything in that photo is for someone else.

I'm super excited to make this baby blanket
I know this really sweet girl who just announced that she and her husband are expecting their second child in February. Over some everyday conversations a few weeks ago, I had a feeling she was pregnant but she didn't confirm anything until yesterday.  So I did what any other self-respecting crafter would do - I ran to the store!

Armed with nothing - no preconceived idea about what I wanted to make - I simply wandered up and down the aisle, fondling and accosting all of the wooly goodness until my project jumped out in front of me.  Naturally when that happens, you go with it... and I did.  I am torn between hanging on to it for one of my AS (advanced studies) projects for next term of HPKCHC, which I still might since it starts in September, or simply jumping in but either way I can still "swatch" for it now to make sure my gauge is good.

Isn't this the happiest yarn you have ever seen in your life!
I will write up my proposal and see if I can resist the lure of the yarn... but I'm going to be honest with you - it's too pretty for me to leave alone for long!

What are your plans for the weekend - anything fun calling your name?

09 August 2012

One week left

1st day last year
That's all we have until school starts. I can't believe it. I don't know where the time has gone either. One minute, we're so thankful to hear the final school bell ring and the next, we're anticipating with nervous butterflies the first bell of the year.

Orientation is Tuesday and this will be Hobbit's last year as a "primary" student. Her new school has an Elementary and a Middle school so they delineate the lower grades by breaking it in half, almost. Kindergartners are just that, 1st and 2nd graders are consider "Primary" and those who are in 3rd, 4th and 5th are called "Intermediate"... all of which I think is odd because I grew up with "Primary" meaning all children in Elementary school and "Intermediate" meant all the ones in grades 6 through 8.

Anywho, we're all set - at least we think we are so that counts, right? We'll meet her teacher next week and see her classroom. We'll take all the supplies in that were posted on the website and pay the fees. Hobbit claims she wants to ride the bus and I don't have issue with it but I will admit to some trepidation due to the experiences we faced when she started Kindergarten - but we keep reminding ourselves that this is a new group of children.  Thank goodness she tells me everything and if I know kids, and my daughter, she won't be riding it long because of the noise level.

Lots of interesting things coming down the pike - some exciting, some scary... but mostly I keep wondering when my babies became college sophomores and second graders.

08 August 2012

Not much

There wasn't much going on today and at the same time, I lost the day somehow.  We went to the pool.  We had a great supper.  We played games.  Hobbit is currently watching a movie under a tent in her room that we built.  Pokey is currently playing his video game and I'm fixin' to go knit on a headband that may or may not see the light of day for my last challenge of Tournament 5 and pull double duty for a final Ravellenic Games submission.

Nothing much going on... but it has been a lovely bit of nothing.

07 August 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Sure, I was only 5, possibly 6, when this song was big but I have to say - I simply adore Billy Joel. My whole life, I wanted to go and see him in concert... did I ever share that with y'all? No? Huh... oh, look what else I found...

Cruddy cell phone photo back before all the new gadgets... I mean ancient - 3 years ago!

Can you figure out who those two little people are?  Yep, back in March of 2009, I got to check off two things from my Bucket List - seeing Elton John AND seeing Billy Joel in concert.  It was mind-blowing.  They bumped Garth Brooks from my most favorite concert memory of all time.

Enjoy the tunes today... I'll be jamming over here in the corner.

06 August 2012

Simply because she smiles

She was said she loved berets and pompoms last week... today she got this.
Do you know that people ask me all the time why I make things for Hobbit. It has been shared that some feel she's "too young to appreciate them" or she "doesn't understand all that went into making it".  I giggle on the inside and leave them with a shrug and smile - because they couldn't possibly be more  wrong.

Hobbit watches me make things all the time.  She knows about the time and effort involved.  She understands that if you appreciate the pretty things that Mama makes for you then Mama will make you more... even take requests for items - the subtle and the not so subtle alike.

So why do I make such things for Hobbit, who is barely 7-year-old... simply because of the reaction I get when I do.  Squeals of delight, dimples galore and all the hugs and kisses I can stand.  If that isn't appreciation then I certainly don't know what is... and I dare say that if every handmade item you gave earned you that type of reaction, you'd continue to make them too.

05 August 2012

Sunday Snaps

Afternoon rains have become morning rains with some afternoon rumbles..

I learned a lot about people with the events of this day... some good, some not so good...

I crossed the finish line for the Modular Relay in the Ravellenic Games...

I crossed it again for the Home Stuff Hammerthrow...

I made "Walt & His Nine Old Men"...

You know it's hot when your kid and your dog both melt...

I took a lot more photos than I have been lately - and it felt great...

I've been trying to get a bit more green in my kitchen with a sad little herb garden on my window sill.

My youngest has been following in my eldest's footsteps... and she's doing a good job of it too.

04 August 2012

Structure is key

This statement holds true for Hobbit. She doesn't do well without structure.  I have tried this summer to let her figure out what she would like to do and when in hopes that she will learn to entertain herself and come up with ideas when she's "bored".  It worked for a week or two just after summer began but after that, she was floundering and frustrated.

So I made her a rough schedule - not that great but a good start.  After a really horrific week of attitude and issues, I revamped her schedule last night into one that is hard and fast which, so far, has been perfect.

Yes, I made her sign it (though that is an overlay for y'all) and I signed it as well underneath
She got up and immediately went to the fridge to start her day and has been working it properly ever since. This system would have annoyed me as a child - it's too restricting - but that is me, not her.  Hobbit seems to crave rigid structure and excels with it.  Hard and fast lines and expectations all mapped out, that is what she wants. No grey area for her - give her black and white.

It's amazing how someone who looks exactly like me can be so utterly different.

03 August 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ Nine Old Men edition

I talk all the time about Nerd Wars and how much fun it is... I show projects that I've created and stuff but I've never actually shown you what a true challenge submission looks like and all the work that goes into one. Today that changes.

Below is what I'm working on for the Geek Pride challenge and once I've completed my item, this will be my submission... and I have to say, I am rather proud of it even before I've made the item!

Name: PprmntMochaMama
Team: Club 33
Project: Walt's Nine Old Men

It's still in progress - you can see it grow on my project page though

Craft Used: Crochet
How Does This Answer The Challenge: Walt Disney has been famously quoted as saying "I am in no sense of the word a great artist. I have always had artists working for me whose skills were greater than my own."  These men that he surrounded himself with were affectionately referred to as Walt's Nine Old Men, each now a Disney Legend.


These men, along with Walt Disney himself, created such classics as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Mickey and the Beanstalk" and "Mary Poppins", just to name a few.  If you have seen a piece of Disney's work from the 1930s through to 1981, then chances are you have seen the work of these "nine old men".  There is a wonderful documentary entitled "From Walt's Table: A Tribute to Disney's Nine Old Men" that was released in 2005 that is well worth a watch.

This square is my crafty interpretation of Walt and his Nine Old Men.  The red center crosses represent each member of group, the white is depicting the beautiful legacy they left behind and the red border is for Walt himself, who held it all together seamlessly.

Team Tie-In: Walt's favorite color was red - well actually, he had two that were his favorites, red and blue but he could never narrow it down any further than that so when asked, he would alternate his answer.  I made this square while sharing classic Mickey Mouse cartoons with my daughter - including my favorite, Boat Builders.

This square would make a great pocket hanky for Mickey while he labored away on the Queen Minnie... and since Walt was the voice of Mickey for so many years, including in this cartoon, the colors are perfect for both of them.

Anyone care to join in the fun in October?  Lots of nerdy goodness to be found over at Nerd Wars - take a look and hopefully I will see you around Lounge soon.

02 August 2012

July in review

Not too shabby for a month that didn't allow for a lot of crafting

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