04 October 2018

The long and short of it all...

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably already read this but I promised to tell y'all what has been going on and I am not one to break my promises so here goes...

This has been the perfect "Sunday" morning for me. I go back to work tomorrow after the whirlwind that has been my life since September 11th.

For those who don't know, the house that we were leasing to own is now foreclosed upon. It appears as though the man with whom we entered the lease agreement with has no legal right to the house. He broke in, changed the door locks, and leased it out.

The house was apparently entered into foreclosure on 2/2016 and we signed our lease on 6/2016 without any knowledge of it. Then, on 9/11/2018, the Albertelli Law group attempted to serve papers to my precious 13 year old Hobbit. Pokey and I were both at work.

I called them and was informed that we were losing our home and had to get out. I was in shock. The person on the other line was so cold and cruel. I offered to take over payments, trying to explain that we had been living there for the past 27 months, paying our rent on time EVERY MONTH since June of 2016. She called me a "squatter" and told me that I had to move out since the house was going up for sale at auction in October.

I cried. I was scared and lost and overwhelmed. I had less than a month to find a place to live, pack up everything, and move. If I hadn't already believed in God, the events over the next two weeks would have made me a believer.

As for the awful man who did what he did, I know that he will get caught - truly bad people always do. I hope the $34,000 he basically stole was beneficial to him. Perhaps he needed it more than we did. Perhaps he has some personal drama that needed such drastic measures. Perhaps he is just a horribly bad man. Whatever the case, it is no longer my worry or concern.

So here I sit this morning - thankful for my parents and the grace of God - in our new apartment as I watch the sun rise and listen to the wildlife around the lake. It may not have been what I wanted to do but I am so blessed to have been able to do it. It is now time to simply say thank you and let the anxiety of the past 23 days go so we can all move forward with grace and dignity.

My family and I are safe and settled... That is all a girl can ask for... That and a quiet coffe morning with her knitting.
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