30 June 2014

Anniversary Week - A bit of sunshine, Day 1

Anna from Supernatural Yarns by the talented HermioneJean on Ravelry
When a Slytherin needs a bit of support, you can always count on another Slytherin to step up and be an accomplice... I mean, lend a hand.

HermioneJean, to those of us who live in our Ravelry world, is one of those awesome Slytherin in my house who graciously donated to my blog's anniversary celebration - and she did so with such gusto!

This is "Anna" - you know, that most awesome princess from Disney's mega hit "Frozen".  She is my favorite character in the film and to know that a colorway existed in her honor just made my whole world a better place.  Look at how rich these shades of blue, black, pink, and green are - the perfect match for Anna's dress while she is trekking through the mountains to get to her sister, Elsa, and save her from herself.

This skein has a base of her Banshee Sock - 75% SW Merino/20% Nylon/5% Stellina.  It's 438 yards of 2 ply goodness that I am going to giveaway to you!!

Seriously, look at how wonderful this entire skein is - don't you just want to squish it, it's so fabulous!
In order to win an entry for this beautiful skein of yarn, all you have to do is
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This one closes on July 4, 2014 at 11:59pmET. Open to residents of the US only due to postage costs.  Winners announced on July 5th - on my anniversary!

29 June 2014

Exciting week ahead!

I know, things got a tad quiet at the end of week but I have really great reasons... I promise!!  Wednesday and Thursday were my days off work and I was Hobbitless so I spent them playing Lord of the Rings Online, finishing my Quidditch Semi-Finals, and making slippers for Hobbit's homecoming that happened on Friday morning.  Then I worked Friday night and Saturday I spent enjoying the company of my family since Hobbit had been gone for a week.  See, those are really good reasons, aren't they - oh yeah, and I was working on the final touches on something for y'all!!

I really love my Quidditch Semi-Finals hat.  It's an awesome tribute to Scotland!

I made these cute slippers for Hobbit.  I called my mom and had her measure Hobbit's feet while she was away.

They fit her perfectly and she loves the colors.
What was that... what was I working on for you?  Something stupendous that I certainly hope you will love.  Some of you may know this and some may not, but I started this little piece of work back in the summer of 2010... July 5, 2010 to be exact.  Which means, this is my anniversary week!!

Big deal?  I sure hope so because I reached out to some of my fabulous yarnie friends - Supernatural Yarns, Cuppycake Yarnz, Three Irish Girls, Nerd Girl Yarns, and Stackpole Books - to bring you some fabulous presents to celebrate my 4 year anniversary.  Still debating on if it's going to be a winner for each gift or one person gets a most awesome prize package but we'll know soon because it all starts tomorrow!!

24 June 2014

Tuesday Tunes - Live Edition

I love these two and I hope that everyone enjoys this fabulous new song.  I fell in love with Alex & Sierra during their X Factor days and have been anxiously awaiting for their new single.  They are two of the sweetest people who simply radiate love and joy - so enjoy and let them put a smile on your face today.

23 June 2014

Living by definition

Why is it that others expect you to be considerate and open to their positions and points of view but don't extend the same courtesy to you?  They post something on social media or say something at a gathering that is completely off base and factually incorrect but you smile and let it go.  It's what expected because you two hold opposite views on 'hot button' topics.  Yet if you were to say something to the contrary or insert the correct facts into the stated position, you are now labeled as being something horrible.

How is it if one person of one mindset says something that is factually incorrect but the person who happens to be of another mindset shares the actual facts, the person with the facts is stated to be hateful, ignorant, or somehow mean?  It is possible to hold differing opinions on a subject.  It happens all the time and has been going on since the beginning of time.  Why is it when someone who has been labeled with a 'conservative' mindset states a position that is in opposition to one who has been labeled with a 'liberal' mindset, the 'conservative' is the one who gets called names when it's the one with the label of 'liberal' that spends the majority of their energy screaming how we should all be tolerant of one another and accept all points of view.

Apparently, it's only acceptable and tolerated to accept their point of view.  They can scream and call others nasty names, lead emotionally based arguments that hold no factual foundation, and wave the flag of so-called tolerance but if you calmly, articulately, and intelligently debunk their emotional position with actual factual data then you are being hateful.  Gotcha.  Facts have no position in their world... and apparently neither does true and actual tolerance, love, understanding, or open-mindedness.

Perhaps the definition of tolerance should be changed from "the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with" to something less forgiving so it fits the behavior better.  Discussing different points of view is a wonderful activity and it enriches the lives of those conversing... so long as it is truly open, honest, non-emotional based positions.  Being able to disagree and discuss is fabulous and something that I personally am a big fan of doing because I learn a lot - about myself and about others.  It's never emotionally charged, attacking, or demeaning to the person I am conversing with and it should always be rooted in the desire to learn and share positions, experiences, and knowledge.

As one who has been called many a mean thing simply because I do not agree with another person's position, who is truly the more tolerant - the one who attempts to share and gain knowledge or the one who calls someone names simply because they hold a different position?  If being more liberal with viewpoints means that I need to be more 'tolerant' in the ways that have been displayed, I think I will pass.

If one is going to claim to live by a definition then be sure to learn the actual definition, embrace it, embody it, and champion it.  Don't morph it to fit what you need, live it as is states.  If you need to morph it, ask yourself why and who it truly benefits in the end... chances are, it's just you.

22 June 2014

Sunday Snaps

Two crazy kids out having fun and enjoying their favorite place on Earth!

20 June 2014

Promise... forever... no matter what

I love that this is what the top of my husband's dresser looks like - memories of the happiest day of our life, front and center.
Six years ago today I stood on a beach where I had my last first kiss and married my best friend.  We promised to love one another forever... and we're making good on it every day.

People thought we were crazy when we got married because our entire relationship prior to that was just 87 days long... sometimes I think the only one who believed in us was us.  Many people thought we were never going to make it because they felt we didn't know each other.  The truth was, we knew each other inside and out.  Talking hours on end about everything and anything.  Nothing was ever kept secret - we have always been completely honest with one another.  We don't hold grudges or play emotionally hurtful games.  We talk - when we're happy with one another and when we're not.  We may not always like one another, but we always love one another.  We know it's okay to disagree but we have never gone to bed angry - even if it meant staying up and talking about it until 4 am on a work night.  We invest the time and energy into our relationship because it has always been important to us.  We nurture it, care for it, and protect it with all we have - we are stronger together than we will ever be apart.

These past six years have been a roller coaster and I can't imagine taking this ride with anyone else.  I am the luckiest girl in all of creation to have been blessed with Pokey.  He makes me laugh, protects me, loves me, desires me, and completes me.  He thinks I hung the moon, and even if some days it may be a little crooked it still looks perfect to him.  He is still the first person I want to see when I wake up each morning and his voice is the last sound I want to hear before I fall asleep each night.  It still amazes me every day that this gorgeous man even looked twice at this nerdy girl.  He is the answer to every one of my prayers and I thank God every day and every night for making him just for me.

Happy anniversary, Pokey.  I love you... promise... forever... no matter what.

19 June 2014

Rediscovering an old favorite

I haven't made this in a while and it just sounded good - so I'm rediscovering an old family favorite this week.
I needed something fabulous and fast - that's when I remembered this recipe from way back in the day.  It was exactly what I needed and everyone loved it.  Have y'all made it?  If not, trust me - you'll love it!  If you have, I'd love to hear about it.

18 June 2014

Planning takes patience

Swatching and marinating for my Patronus Cloak.
I have been debating on how I feel on this swatch.  I've never been one to create an item in the exact same color scheme as the pattern calls for but I was given the palette of the original pattern so I thought it best to swatch it and let it sit to see if I love my work.

This will be my OWL for Fall term - meaning I won't actually work on it until I get it approved in September.  Swatching is a great way to scratch that 'startitis' itch.  There isn't a gauge on this pattern but it's nice to see how the recommended yarn weight/hook combination works up for me.  This will be my first adventure with fiddly yarn and a tiny hook.

What do y'all think?  Does it have potential to be a History of Magic OWL in a few months?

17 June 2014

Come on, come on, come on

I absolutely adore Phillip Phillips. His music always gets me bouncing around, ready to take on the world. This is one of my new favorites of his. Have a listen - and then hopefully you can take on the world too.


16 June 2014

The journey is the reward

Motivational Monday 06162014
"The journey is the reward" - Joe Ranft
While I was designing this graphic, that quote has been playing in my head.  It just popped in there and has been running around on repeat.  I think it is God's way of telling me to stop wishing things away and refocus on what is happening around me.  It's a wonderful message and one that I need to hear every now and again.  I get so excited for the next big thing that there are countless little moments that I miss along the way.

This week, instead of wishing for days to fly by so that I can enjoy the events happening at the at the end of the week, I am going to make a conscious effort to slow down and enjoy the journey.  Make some memories in the moments that are happening right now instead of planning for memories later.

15 June 2014

Sunday Snaps

It's been an exciting week around here - and it's all be centered around this silly little gifted monster girl!
For those who are new to my world, Sunday Snaps started as a single image to capture the day and through the years has morphed into a photo review of the week.  It currently lies somewhere in the middle... I hope you have a blessed day and a glorious upcoming week!

13 June 2014

Luckiest of days!

Today is my mama's birthday and I made her this precious and super happy wreath.

She gave me this yarn for Christmas and since we both love bright colors, I couldn't resist using it for her.

She can hang it inside or out on her covered porch - her favorite place to be in the universe is out there rocking.

I also made her this hotpad to brighten up her table because my mama loves rainbows.

I made her this one as well because it's just too much fun playing with the neon yarns and she needs new hotpads.

Happy Birthday, Mama... and Happy 45th Anniversary to you and Daddy tomorrow - I love you both so very much!

12 June 2014

On a Mission

I spent all day yesterday telling myself "don't forget to do the Wound-Up" and do you know what happened... I forgot to do the Wound-Up!  It's okay though because I was actually crocheting on my Order of the Phoenix Mission so that's still working on the Wound-Up, isn't it?

I've been hooking away on this because I don't want to miss the deadline for turn ins now that my OWL is kaput.
I have 8 more rows to go before I do the final variegated bit and then on to the lace.  I think I'm going to work the lace in the variegated as well but I'm still on the fence about it.  I do love how these colors have blended together because the grey matches so well.

I will definitely be making this shawl again and doing it with several different color combinations.  I have ideas for doing a pink fade to red, a rainbow transition, a purple fade, and one that is completely solid without the fade.  It's such an addictive pattern.  The lace bit is done on a 10+1 repeat so the size is adjustable as well.  I think my next one will be in worsted weight so it has some umph to it and I'll put it up for my present stash bin.

Seriously addictive novel!
Now that I'm all caught up on the crafting front, let me share I've been reading.  I am currently enjoying two books the moment.  I know, so not like me to be working on one project but reading two books - it's normally several projects and one book - but I couldn't help myself.  When we went to the library last week, I picked up a 14 day borrow so I had to tuck in straight away.  It's by Betty Hechtman and it's entitled For Better or Worsted and it's just one of those books you can't help but get sucked into reading.  I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it at first because I'm not big on mysteries, even though I love watching Sherlock for more than just having a solid hour and a half of Benedict and Martin viewing pleasure.  The writing is sharp and the characters are relate-able, which is very important to me.  If I can't find someone to love, I have such a hard time moving forward - case in point, Death Comes to Pemberley - I've not given up yet though it is still on hiatus on my dresser.  I have a second book by this author sitting in the wings because they were the only two at the library and if I liked her, I could always order them Books-A-Million if they aren't in the shop.

Your brain will totally thank me.
The other book that I'm reading is entitled Dorothy Must Die.  It was written by Danielle Paige and I will admit, the strongest reason I picked it up was because the heroine's name is Amy.  Seriously, it's true.  No one ever makes a main character with my name and better yet, this one is pithy and sarcastic and has awesome pink hair... come on, how could I not pick it up!  Munchkins with tattoos, witches with permasmile plastered on their face, and the former heroine gone drunk with power.  It's awesome and I haven't even reached the Emerald City yet.  Not your typical tale and it is not disappointing, I can tell you that.  The writing just carries you along and her imagery is amazing.  It really is a fabulous and I know that the heroine is destined to become one of my most cherished.

Tonight is going to be a classic supper night around here.  We're talking meatloaf, mash, and green beans.  All the makings of comfort food heaven.  I used to love coming home from school and learning that we were having meatloaf.  I had to ask though because my mama was prone to tricking me into a state of euphoria with the aroma from the kitchen only to be violently pushed off the edge when I learned it was Meat and Vegetable Pie.  That was always so cruel.  Must be why I've never made that particular dish for my family - besides the fact that I despise mixed vegetables.  We may even have some ice cream for dessert just because I now feel jaded with the memories of Meat and Vegetable suppers.  Ice cream cures whatever ails you so I'm thinking it will be in order.

Are y'all making anything fabulous - crafted, food, or otherwise?  I'd love to hear about it!

10 June 2014

Never underestimate a hobbit

I know I didn't pop in yesterday to motivate the Monday crew but that was because I busy motivating my own little crew here.  Hobbit had her gifted testing today and yesterday she was a tiny little ball of nerves.  I kept reassuring her that all she had to do was be her awesome self and it would all work out as it is supposed to - relax,  breathe, repeat was the order of the day.

This morning, we got up and took Pokey to work because we would need the car to get to the school for the appointment.  I did my best to have a low key, stress free morning.  She got a shower when we got back home, picked out one of her prettiest dresses and we were out the door.  Before she went back I told her to simply be awesome and that I loved her.  She hugged and kiss me and told she was going to make me proud.

When she was done, the school psychologist and Hobbit came back to get me so we could learn the results.  The highest you can earn is 145 on the grading bell curve for gifted... I think 144 in verbal with a 130 average should do it for her, don't you.

Hobbit aced her Gifted Program testing!!!  

We just need the final stamp of approval from district and then she will officially be in the state gifted program.  It will involve a school change (thankfully with transportation) since her school does not have a dedicated gifted classroom environment but she's excited and told the school psychologist that the location did not matter to her, her goal was to be in a true AP environment so she could learn and grow... out of the mouth of a 9-year-old... hehehe.

Pokey and I knew she would do well so we had a little something special waiting for when she was done - a new rainbow loom with 2100 bands and beads, plus a pretty case to keep it all organized!  She is currently setting it up and is in hog heaven.

I can't help but think back at her first First Grade teacher who spent half the year telling her she was a problem student and nothing special... all the time we spent advocating for her and telling the school that she simply needed to be challenged, which resulted in her being moved to a different First Grade teacher's classroom where she immediately soared because that teacher pushed her and expected more out of her - and she delivered in spades.  I would love nothing more than to go visit that little troll woman who didn't believe in Hobbit, bullied her and belittled her for her first few months of school that year.  I would very calmly, and probably somewhat smuggly now, tell her to never - ever - underestimate the power of positive reinforcement, of listening to parents, and by all means never when it comes to the power of one precious and precocious little Hobbit.

Awesome job today, baby girl.  Mom-E and Daddy are so stinking proud of you and all you've accomplished!!

08 June 2014

Sunday Snaps

Just a reminder to take time during the crazy summer holiday to stop and enjoy the view.
For those who are new to my world, Sunday Snaps started as a single image to capture the day and through the years has morphed into a photo review of the week.  It currently lies somewhere in the middle...

I hope you have a blessed day and a glorious upcoming week!

06 June 2014

Time to recharge

We've been running nonstop since school was let out for the summer holiday so we're going to take this weekend and just relax.  We need to get back on a bit of a regular schedule since Hobbit has her appointment on Tuesday morning for testing to see if she should be in the Gifted Program at school next year.

I think I'm more nervous than she is over it but I've made sure that she understands how fabulous she is, regardless of the outcome.  If she scores well on the test and gets placed in Gifted, that's awesome.  If she doesn't get placed in Gifted, it's not big deal because like my daddy always says - "You get out of school exactly what you put into it."  It's just another avenue of coursework and the most important thing is her attitude towards it and her overall performance.  The school psychologist who will be administering the test told me that she will review her findings afterwards so that is nice.  We won't have to wait forever to find out if she will recommend skipping a grade, AP coursework, or simply keeping an eye on her and test again next year.

We went to our public library yesterday afternoon when Pokey got home for work.  I picked up all the delicious crochet books I could find.  It should keep me thoroughly entertained for the next few weeks.  Hobbit got a few things to read too and those will hopefully last more than a day or two each.  One of the hard parts about having a 9-year-old who reads on a 7th grade level - finding books that are challenging and still appropriate in content for her.  I know one thing she'll want to borrow, the Star Trek Craft Book I checked out.  She's such a Trekkie.

What about you - anything exciting planned for the weekend?

05 June 2014

Living the life

Yesterday was our first official day of summer holiday so Pokey and I took Hobbit to the beach!

If you can believe it, our Florida baby had never swum in the Gulf in her entire life...

This is mostly because I don't like the beach very much - shocking to some but it is very true.

This pirate ship was cruising around all afternoon.  Hobbit thought it was really cool - and so did I!

She is officially a beach bum now.  She was already asking when we could come back again within ten minutes.

Pokey and Hobbit were both born in Florida, so that must explain their absolute love of the beach.

She loved getting knocked about by the waves... look at her holding her breath with her cheeks puffed up.

These two spent the entire afternoon scooping up sand and searching for shells.

He was in hog heaven, lazing about in the Gulf and searching for shells with Hobbit.

I, on the other hand, sat happily on my towel and worked on a market bag that I had started earlier in the week.

I even wore my new sun bonnet which was surprisingly cool and extremely comfortable.

After some fun in the surf, Hobbit played with her new kite that we gave her.

She earned it by getting on the honor roll (all Bs), her gifted testing is Tuesday, and just being sweet.

There were a fair few boaters across the Gulf yesterday as well.  They may scare me but they're neat.

For all the icky parts associated with living in Florida, I will admit that there are some really pretty parts too.

The first official day of summer holiday was full of adventures, sunshine, cool refreshing breezes...

and giggles and smiles... lots and lots of giggles and smiles.

Pokey told Hobbit that he was stuck so she was attempting to dig him out so we could go to supper...

a 'POP' and a 'PLOP' later, he was freed.  She pulled so hard, she fell over and landed in the surf.

We hosed all the sand off, pulled on over cover ups and ended the day at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for some supper.

Oh yeah, for those curious, I did get in the water... about that much.  I saw Jaws, I know what happens...

04 June 2014

Our first day of summer holday...

I have been super busy this week!  Working on things for my mama's birthday, playing with all my neon yarn, and cataloging gifted yarn for future use.  Hobbit is officially on summer holiday, and she officially woke up with a cold this morning.  Poor baby girl.  The worst part of it all, we bought her a new nylon kite that looks like a butterfly and were going to take her over to the beach to fly it.  We still might this afternoon, depending on how she's feeling.

Check out all the neon fun I've been having this week...

I swear, this is just a heavily manipulated image of my mama's present.  I'll share after I give it to her.

I cataloged all this beautiful yarn and it is going to be used to make that fabulous pattern from MAD Designs.

My most awesome stitch marker is hard at work on a project I started yesterday that will be gifted to someone too.

Awesome tiny hat to be donated to awesome tiny babies - Hobbit was gracious enough to have Kit model it for me late last night.

I learned to make mitered granny squares and I must say, I am in love.  I need more neon yarn now because this must somehow become a blanket... and I will make it so.
I also started using that Fettuccine yarn that Pokey found for me but man oh man, does it hurt my hands.  I can only do a few bits at a time before I have to put it down.  I would not have thought that it would have been that difficult to work with - and it may be because I don't have an ergo hook that size - but t-shirt yarn to make a rug is powerful stuff, let me tell you.  I do like how it's coming out though...

I know, it's not the best shot because it's hard to see the awesome pattern
You see, I had a bit of "help" while trying to take this last photo.  Normally, I take a shot like that one and it's my base.  Then I move forward, tweaking lighting, camera angles, etc.  Well, the minute I sat down on the floor today, I had company.  Here are a few outtakes from this sad little photoshoot...

I had found the perfect lighting angle but was working on camera angle when Tinkerbell decided to help out...

Not to be outdone, Buddy and Hobbit had to join in the mix as well...

Okay, nix my cute bag and go straight for the shot of the rug in progress and I almost made it...
So I did what any mama would do... I put my things away and decided to focus on them instead.  Of course, that's when I immediately became less interesting...

Buddy just plopped down and promptly began to 'power down' for a nice snooze fest...

Tinkerbell decided that whatever was going on outside was way more entertaining...

and Hobbit figured drawing on her whiteboard was a billion times more fun than my taking pictures.
Interesting how that works, isn't it.  Oh well, guess I should get saddled up and see about heading to the beach to let Hobbit fly that kite.  I hope y'all have a fabulous day.  Are you working on anything fun this week?
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