17 July 2017

Five days more...

Standard view/pose of tween in the 21st century
That's all I have left. Five days. Pokey says I count weird because I don't count the current day but the current day has already started so it doesn't need counting because it doesn't count. Totally makes sense, right? Right. Anywho, I simply need to power through five days more and when I get off work, my little Hobbit will be back from her travels with my folks. I miss her.

She's been gone the whole of July. I must admit, it was a bit by design though so that she wouldn't be spending the summer alone now that I am working outside of the house. I had such guilt knowing she was just left alone until Pokey got home from work. We had it pretty well worked out though. The first week I was off, the second and third week she was with my folks, the fourth week was Pokey's turn to be home. After that, she had a week alone. I felt horrible. Granted, I didn't go to work until the afternoon and Pokey came home in the early evening so it wasn't like she was abandoned from sun up until sun down - and let's add that she is 12-years-old so it isn't even like she's a baby... but she's my baby.

That week, we will have to do some school shopping. I'll see if she wants a first day of school outfit or if she is cool with what she has. Also need to get her a new school bag and the list of school supplies for 7th grade Cambridge Programme kids. I think Sam's will be the best place to get it all but I will leave it up to her since there are different options on her list. I think she is in the great "backpack vs cross body satchel" debate. Given how little she really has to carry, I would do the satchel but that is me. I did get the bus stop moved to the corner of our yard so I feel better about that bit. She has to be out there before 7 am and I would rather she be close to home and under a street light. The bus depot lady was a bit of a poop about it but it still got done and I gave her my best sing song 'thank you' that I could squeak out on the phone.
It will be a February Lady Sweater when it's done.

Time to work on those sleeves and play catch up on "Game of Thrones". I am just about to start season 3 and the only reason I'm watching is because a girl on my team really likes it and no one else in the class watched it so I started it so we could talk about it. Once I get caught up, I am sure we will natter forever on it but right now, she doesn't want to give me any spoilers so I've been sharing what I think as I watch... some even via text messages because they could not wait... vile little Joffrey. House Stark forever... with a little Lannister, in the form or Tyrion, thrown in for good measure.

This sleeve is nowhere near being done but it needs to be turned in no later than 31 July so I best get cracking - because this is the first sleeve, not the second! I only have 14 days to get it done which means a week per sleeve. I think I will go with the short sleeve option instead of elongating it all the way down the arm. It is a heavy sweater and I just really need it at my desk at work. My arms rarely get cold, just my shoulders. If my arms are completely covered, I get too hot. This will be the perfect compromise.

15 July 2017


We are winding down the first segment of our training. All we have left is tomorrow and then next week, we will take a few calls. It will be a welcomed change for me. I miss talking to Guests. I am a little nervous but not a whole lot. It is like riding a bike. Plus, once we are done with next week, we move on to the brand new things so that has me doubly excited. So what have I been doing to stay engaged, you ask... knitting!!

I asked my trainer - who is the most amazing soul, I swear - and she said she did not have a challenge with me knitting during the class. I took it and ran with it! Look at what all I have made since the last time I was able to check in...

This last one, I cast on and off tonight during class. It was a fun hat to make and I will make another but first, I told a teammate that I would make her daughter a hat since she is afraid she will lose the yellow one I made her - a valid fear when her daughter said "ooooo, I'm going to take that!" To ease her fears, I asked her what color I should make for her. I'll cast it on tomorrow... which is technically today but I haven't slept yet so it's still today which is technically yesterday. Don't you love after midnight logic.

This brings my total donated hats since I started 6 weeks ago up to 7 - though I have made 8, but we have that whole teammate giveaway. My goal was one hat a week so I'm tickled for being ahead. I get an hour of voluntEAR time for each hat - even though they take me about 8 hours each. I am hoping to hit 10 hours before I leave training. That's three more hats so there is a good chance I will hit it.

Okay, it is time for me to hit the sack. I hope y'all are having a wonder summer. I would love to hear what you have been up to lately!

02 July 2017

You do you

Why do some people create drama? I remember reading somewhere that children of alcoholics and abusive families create chaos because they don't know how to function in a world of peace and understanding. They function better and feel more at ease when their surrounds are in a constant state of upheaval - to the point that they will create drama where there is none simply so that they can feel comfortable.

When you have to spend a quarter of the year - that is 573.75 hours of your life - shut off from the world in a room with the same 10 people, you need to learn to adapt to a variety of personalities. Some you may like and get along with, others you may not, but there is never a need to whisper falsehoods in the shadows.

All I can do is feel sorry for you. To have a self esteem so shattered that you need to create strife in hopes that chaos will ensue and you will either be the victorious fixer or the empathetic victim. The thing you never calculated in to your equation is that there will always be the one person who does not bite. I am that person.

I will not partake in the petty whispers. I will not listen and I will not share. Iron sharpens iron so if I am not one to sit in the quiet moments with you, you are not made of "stronger stuff". I am not mad at you for what you have done. I simply feel sorry for you that you believe you have to do it. I pray for you - and I have been since that first day when so much negativity came forth. I tried to befriend you but your evil words and ugliness just made me feel horrible. So I quietly became busy and slipped away. I didn't say anything ugly or do anything evil. I simply was not there... and you have decided to whisper in the shadows in an attempt to create chaos.

I am 44, not 4. I have been graduated from such childish things for quite some time. Yes, initially, I was angry... hurt... annoyed... and then I took a deep breath and thought about it on my drive home. That is when I simply felt sorry for you.

While I was raised with the understanding that you are known by the company you keep, I will not keep company with you. I do not want to be painted with your same brush. I will, however, pray for you. I will, however, wish you well. I will not speak ill of you. In all actuality, I will not acknowledge you in anything less that a professional manner.

We are not friends. We are colleagues. I am an adult. You can choose to continue to whisper in your shadows and wait for the inevitable to catch up with you or you may simply stand up, come into the light, and be an adult too.

The choice is yours.
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