31 May 2012

Well, I felt busy anyway

These are all the crafty things I accomplished this month
I thought it would be nice to look back at the end of the month and see what all I accomplished.  I always take photos of everything so I went through my pictures and this was all I found.  I felt much busier than this...
  1. I made Henry the Hedgehog (for HPKCHC).
  2. I made my owl purse (for HPKCHC).
  3. I dyed yarn with Easter egg dyes (for HPKCHC).
  4. I sewed a lining into my Aristotle bag.
  5. I dyed yarn with Kool-Aid (for HPKCHC).
  6. I dyed yarn with Wilton's.
  7. I made my first crochet dishrag (for a swap)
  8. I made mini socks (for HPKCHC).
  9. I swatched a hexagon (for NerdWars).
  10. I made a headband, learning Tunisian crochet (for HPKCHC).
  11. I made Aristotle (for HPKCHC).
I guess when you break it all down, it's not too shabby but I've been crafting non-stop all month and I only have these few things to show for it.  In my head, I had a veritable mountain of finished objects that would awe even the most seasoned crafter... but alas, only these 10 objects came to pass.

From a different angle, every single one of them was a product of me learning or trying something new - and I like that angle much better!  So there you have it - I learned how to do 11 new things this month and that truly is amazing to me.

30 May 2012

A tic tac and a high five

I would be tickled - isn't that the benchmark?
That was a phrase that was used earlier this month that left a sour taste in my mouth. Instead of coming from the position of joy and good nature, it comes from a position of greed and entitlement... a position I don't much care for really.

I will be stopping off at the post office today to mail what I now worry might be perceived as such simply because nothing in that box is physically large. The value of the box is almost twice that of the stated swap and contains things from The Sexy Knitter and Walt Disney World. Initially, it would have had just two items (one from each of the places) and two homemade items... but since all of the ugliness broke out, I went to the parks and picked up more things that were practically equal to the value of the initial box, but not much bigger in size. I even have cast member only items in there!

So here is what I learned -
  1. Don't participate in swaps just because you like the subject at hand.
  2. Be careful of groups that are simply swap oriented.
  3. Perhaps set up swaps with a circle of friends or within my own group.
  4. It appears my first swap from earlier this year was unusual and not the norm.
I do have one more swap set up over in my own group and I am sure that it is going to be a millions better than this particular experience, especially since I really know these girls.  They would never lose sight of the fact that it isn't about the amount of money spent but the amount of thought and love that went into the box... because that is what is important in a swap - not the dollar value.

Oh well, I know the value of the box - it's way more than the price tag.

29 May 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Today is Pokey's birthday. I've made his Banana Nut muffins (from scratch - no boxes here) and he's having Turkey n' Rice for supper later. Presents are wrapped in paper that he had no choice in the matter because when living in a house full of girls, you learn these things. It was pretty, we were wrapping, we went with it. He doesn't care - and that's just another reason why we love him.

So Happy Birthday to my knight in shining armour... the love of my life... my Pokey.

28 May 2012

Found in the oddest places

Source Unknown - Message still powerful
I was reading through a knitting book, deciding if I was going to tackle the project on the side of everything else when I came across the greatest analogy.  I'm going to paraphrase so bear with me.  Basically, it asked what you would do if every day your bank account had a balance of $86,400. Nothing rolled over from the day prior and you couldn't overdraw.  Would you take it all out and hoard your treasure up (even though it would disappear on you every night) or would you do your best to spend it wisely every day?

Here comes the kick in the head - every day we are given 86,400 to do with what we will... they are the seconds in a day.  Each day we are given a fresh account balance of 86,400 seconds to do with what we will.  You can't borrow from tomorrow, you must live in the moment.  So do you chose to waste your treasure, or spend it wisely?

Today is Memorial Day, a time when we take a moment to give thanks to those brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  They spent their treasure making sure that we had the opportunities to spend ours - how will you honor them?

Our time is a treasure so be sure to invest it so that your returns are great - in health and happiness... either for yourself or others.  There is no going back, there is only the present... all 86,400 seconds of it.

27 May 2012

Sunday Snaps

It's been a busy week - I finished this bag...

Ran around Walt Disney World like there was no tomorrow...

Played a little Quidditch...

Went camping in the great indoors...

and now I am about to start my mission for the Order of the Phoenix.
Oh yeah... and teams rosters were released this morning for Nerd Wars, Tournament 5 so I foresee a lot of crafty goodness in my future too.

26 May 2012

Victory is mine!

Sure, you might not find these images in Better Homes & Gardens...

There are even a few bits and bobs still laying about...

Like the empty tea pitcher in the sink...

And the drinks on the desk...

But when you focus on those things, you fail to see the beauty...

That is someone small helping you clean up without complaining!

So now that the beds are made...

And the rooms are tidied...

It's time to wash up and relax - because we conquered the house!

25 May 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 5/25 - 5/28

We've got a long weekend ahead before we wrap up the school year around here.
  1. I plan on watching an insane amount of movies - mostly because Hobbit was home sick today with tummy trouble and when she's feeling puny, the TV never goes off... much to my chagrin.
  2. Several swap packages are sitting open on my entryway table, awaiting their final presents to be made.  Working on these will keep me awake during all of the aforementioned movies.
  3. I need to write notes to each of my spoilees - I always forget to do this part so I might just do it now and get it over with so I don't end up at the post office, frustrated because I just remembered that I forgot to write the notes!
  4. That's my dye recipe book. I am hoping to add a few new ones over the holiday weekend - if I can get my hands on some wool at a reasonable price.  If not, I've got a pumpkin in my stash that I'm not crazy about... I wonder if I could overdye it...
So that's my holiday weekend.  Fingers crossed that Hobbit's tummy feels better tomorrow and our entire weekend isn't spent with her walking around all icky with her blankie, Henry and a bucket.  It's a rather sad sight.

Anything exciting going on with your family this Memorial Day weekend?

24 May 2012


Even they look like they could use a drink!
I had a blast the other day, running around all the parks of Walt Disney World with my friend but I have to say - the heat in Florida is just disgusting. Yes, I know I grew up in the deep south and should be used to it but I honestly don't think there is any way that a person could "get used to" this stuff.

I ended up drinking five and a half bottles of water and ended the day standing in a cool shower. When your whole body feels as though it is made out of jello, that's just not good.  By nightfall, I was walking like an 80-year-old ex-footballer with unsuccessful knee surgery.  It was a sight, I'm sure. I also have a most interesting sunburn around 3/4 of my neck... my bag strap blocked 1/4 of it... that will look interesting in my swimsuit.  Forget the "farmer's tan", I've got "Park Hopper tan!"

It's looking like we might be able to stay on property for a night or two and have a mini-vacation this summer which has every member of the house excited. I even called and got Buddy set up with bordering, just in case.  It will be a last minute booking but with all the discounts I have saved on this thing, it should work - just waiting on our paycheck from the 1st to see if we can do it. Thank goodness, June is a "3 paycheck month" - and I promised Pokey that we could do something like this with it since we haven't had a vacation in a few years.

Pluto's ready for some fun - and so are we!
Little day trips are fun and we love them but there is nothing that compares to spending the morning in the parks, the afternoon at the resort pools and then back to the parks for the end of the day - maybe even another dip in the pool before bed.  It just adds to the wonder of the day.  Sure, we're only an hour and a half from our own home but it feels like we've gone so far away when we can stay.

There are times when we all need to just recoup - from work, from people, from life... but it's always more fun to require a bit of a recoup from play, don't you agree?

22 May 2012

All about the magic...

I finished this...

Complete with pocketed lining...

Currently I'm here with a dear friend - I have the "day off"!
Oh, and I can totally participate in the Ten on Tuesday thing with Carole because there are lots of things that I wish I liked ~
  1. Exotic poncy food.
  2. The general populous of my neighborhood.
  3. Vegetables
  4. Non-fruity alcoholic drinks
  5. Wider range of spices.
  6. Today's fashion.
  7. Purling
  8. Scrapbooking
  9. Wearing make-up.
  10. "Doing" my hair.
Then there is always my Tuesday Tune to add to this magical mix.  This one goes out to my amazing husband who always knows when I need a day off to go play with my friend in the park.

21 May 2012

You don't know if you don't try

Sometimes, even if you think you failed at first, you may surprise yourself at what you've won.
I felted the bag. It's still drying so I'm saving the full photos until I can have all the bits and bobs off of it that are helping it to form it's final shape. I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I like it. Let me rephrase it, I don't dislike it but it didn't turn out as I had anticipated.

I've got the lining all cut out, complete with pockets, so hopefully I'll have something new to show you later on today or tomorrow. Currently, I'm trying to focus on all the positives - like how my cute ruffle edge didn't get lost in the process.

My original thought was to felt this bag but as I went on, I became lost in all the fun little details that I added - forgetting about the felting for strength aspect as was my initial plan. I think I added all of those things because I was afraid to felt. I had only done it once and while I think the end result was rather neat, the recipient didn't seem to care for it because she never used it... granted, Peanut was only 16 at the time and purses weren't her thing but even three years later it is sitting in my closet.

At least I can always say that I'm not afraid to try - and that is a million times more rewarding because sometimes, happy accidents occur that you couldn't have planned in a million years.  So while my bag is currently drying, I'm letting it's new shape and design marinate with me too.  Who knows, when it's all said and done, it could be my most favorite creation.  Only time will tell.

Are you working on anything new or scary?  How is it going?

20 May 2012

Sunday Snaps

I have had a bit of "tunnel vision" this week...

plus I discovered photo thieves - while flattering, it is frustrating...

which caused me to revamp my copyright watermark position.

Hobbit got some awesome new glass that turn into shades when she's in the sun.

My creative vision has actually worked when it has come to my Aristotle bag...

I bound off the flap last night and I am really tickled with how it looks.

Isn't that little ruffle edge just the sweetest thing ever!
Aristotle was supposed to be a felted bag.  It may still become one but for now, I'm enjoying the precious details that I added. My biggest fear with felting it now is that all of those sweet things will be lost when it's done. I have no way of knowing for certain so sooner or later I will have to make up my mind but for now, I'm just enjoying them.

I'm off to make my mini socks for Quidditch - Hufflepuffs are the reigning champs, three times over, and I aim to do my part to keep it that way.  I hope y'all are having an equally satisfying weekend... enjoy!

19 May 2012

What do you gain, really?

Source - You can get more information here as well
This week has been full of interesting situations... all of which revolve around a common theme - bullying.  I didn't realize this until I was sitting here this morning, drinking my coffee and reading my messages. This realization hit me hard and it honestly makes me very sad.

I have spent the better part of this week comforting those who have been bullied - child and adult alike. It is rather disgusting and it irks me to no end. What do these bullies gain for their behavior? Do they somehow feel better now that they have attempted to hurt another? Do they not have the ability to function without chaos so they create it in order to feel balanced? Are they just that soulless and evil that it honestly brings them pleasure to inflict pain on others? Whatever the reason, it needs to stop.

There are all kinds of bullying. Physical, emotional or verbal - they all hurt the same. Someone proclaims a real or perceived position of power and they use that on those whom they believe that they can overpower or intimidate. It could be a kid walking up to another and hitting them. It could be a person, regardless of age, who constantly uses their words as weapons instead of their fists. Anyone who uses emotional mind games to manipulate another. No matter how it's done, it's bullying... and it's getting out of hand.

Bullies come in all shapes, sizes and ages. I would like to think that those who are bullies may not realize how they are behaving - perhaps they don't know any better, you know? If they are in an environment where people behave as such, you have to make that leap that they believe their actions to be normal. Tell them it's not - tell them that they are being a bully and hurting people... and that they need to stop.

No one has the right to lay their hands on another person. No one has the right to belittle, insult or manipulate another person. No one has any power over another. The only person you have power over is yourself. If someone is being a bully - regardless of age - you have two choices: stand your ground or walk away. If you chose to stand your ground, stand still and tall, don't stoop to their level. If you chose to walk away, do so with your head high and your heart light.

So to the bullies that I have dealt with this week, I would just like for you to know that you have not hurt me, my family or my friends. You have not gained any ground in your perceived world - you have actually lost it. We do not fear, respect or admire you because of what you have said or done - we simply pity you and feel sorry for you. In your feeble attempt to overpower and dominate, all you have done is gain our sympathy because we simply feel sorry for  you. We aren't intimidated or impressed - we are saddened by the fact that your life is so little and empty that the only way you feel you can fill it up is by behaving as you do.

Blame stress, peer-pressure or whatever you wish - the truth of the matter is, you're a bully and the only thing you have honestly done is make us feel sorry for you.  So what did you gain, really?

18 May 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 5/18 - 5/20

Finishing my bag and starting a new book that my mama sent me.

I like my little idea for the flap that I fiddled while watching Top Gear - I think it's pretty neat.
Nothing better than  having a quiet weekend as we slide into summertime.

17 May 2012

Diamonds and triangles and rain - oh my!

I really am loving this yarn that I dyed too.
It has been raining since yesterday - and I love it.  It's supposed to be rainy all day today and at least a 30% chance for the next seven days.  This is fabulous because we honestly need it.  Things around here have been so dry and I don't want to go through another summer on water restrictions.

On another happy note, I've got some crazy plans that are working out perfectly with my Aristotle bag.  I wanted a top flap but nothing real stiff and boring so I've formed a plan.  I'm going to make granny squares, turn them on their points and then join with bunting triangles, just at the top though for squaring off and leaving the bottom with the points to give a really funky edge to it all.  I've got two squares finished and I plan on making one more then the first bunting today.  Once those are done, I'm going to seam them with a single crochet bind so it has a raised lattice pattern... then I'll pick up the edge stitches and do about an inch and a half of stockinette to attach it to the bag.

I am so excited with how this is all turning out... happy dancing the day away, really.

16 May 2012

Just chugging along...

Testing out a new watermark since I've seen my photos wandering around the internet... thoughts?
It has been exactly a week since I cast on for this bag.  I don't think it's been bad progress - the Tunisian crochet strap really slowed me down because I'm not proficient at it, at all.

I'm currently laying out a plan for a flap top cover and once it's all sorted, I'll create it and attach it.  Then the magic happens - I'm going to felt it!  Fingers crossed I don't end up ruining all my hard work futzing around with the felting.

What projects are you currently working on?  Are they coming out as expected?

15 May 2012

Sunshine Award

I will be the first to admit that I don't usually re-post these little awards that run around.  Sure, they're cute but none of them are really "defined" as to why you got them or what they are for... but this one is and I'm rather proud that someone thought of me to receive it. 

The Sunshine Award is for happy blogs.. fun blogs.. and that is what I try to create here - a happy, fun place that makes you smile.  So thank you, Jen for choosing my silly space in the world as one of your top happy places.

The rules stipulate that I must now answer these 10 questions - so here we go:
  1. My favorite animal: I love turtles - they're just so cute.
  2. My favorite number: 8 - It's a long story that dates back to my lucky jersey that I wore on test days at college...
  3. My favorite non-alcoholic drink: (hot)Peppermint Mochas / (cold)Sweet tea
  4. Facebook or Twitter: I think Facebook so I can keep up with my family.
  5. My Passion:  Creative outlets... knitting, crochet, photography, writing, dyeing along with attempted sewing and spinning.
  6. Getting or Giving: I love to watch people open the presents I give them... but I'm horrible about hanging on to them until the right time to give them - I think I end up repurchasing Christmas stock during the year because I just can't wait to see their face when they get it.
  7. My favorite pattern:  I don't really have one... I love florals, plaids... if it is done in a pleasing color palette, it's a go for me.
  8. My favorite day of the week: I'm an odd duck, I like Mondays... but our house is odd too.  Monday is the day that Hobbit goes back to school from the weekend and it's Pokey's "work Friday" since he's off on Tuesday/Wednesday.  That means I get the day to clean up and get ready for my first weekend of the week.  My second favorite day is Friday for the very same reasons but flip the people's positions... yeah, I know - totally crazy!
  9. My favorite flower: I love gerbera daisies and tulips because they don't aggravate my allergies or asthma.
  10. My favorite country: I would love to go to the United Kingdom... to the point of I think I'm borderline obsessed with it.  It would be a dream come true for me.
Now comes the really fun part - I get to nominate 10 other people for this award.  Based off of this criteria, I choose these fabulous places and their creators:
  1. The Yarnista
  2. The Morning Latte
  3. One Sheepish Girl
  4. Needles, Pins and Baking Tins
  5. House of Humble
  6. Kevin & Amanda
  7. According to Matt
  8. Simply Notable
  9. Misadventures in Crafting
  10. Cozy Things
These aren't in any particular order because all of them will make you smile in some form or fashion.  Go and enjoy a grin on me... trust me, you'll love them.

Tuesday Tunes ~ M635 edition

This is for my friend who is just having a bit of rough moment... wanna go find the banjo?

14 May 2012


It really is coming along rather nicely, isn't it.
That is what I'm going to name this bag... because the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.  If you break it down, I'll have done seven different techniques or new skills with this bag.  Seriously, it will be seven - look:

I dyed the yarn (twice really, with two different techniques actually but I only counted this process once), foundation single crochet and granny square adaptation (crochet bits for the bottom), knitting in the round, color work (remember, the purple top and strap are a new yarn), Tunisian crochet for the strap, felting, sewn in lining (complete with pockets and a possible zipper section).

That's seven different techniques and with the exception of two (knitting and changing colors), they are all brand new skills that I just learned this past month. It's so nice to be able to incorporate all of these little things together to make one item.  When it's done, no one will know any of this by looking at it - they'll just see Aristotle, a most amazing bag.

13 May 2012


Remember that gorgeous blanket I made for NerdWars?  You can vote on it to win the prize in the Dissertation category. Just click here and smoosh "love" for me... I'd appreciate it.

The other projects are beautiful too so be sure to take a look through the rest... it's amazing what some people can do with a bit string.

We'll call it my Mother's Day present and I'll love you forever.

Sunday Snaps... and a Happy Mother's Day

It has been a very creative week around here! I finished Henry the Hedgehog...

Learned how to Kool-Aid dye yarn.  This colorway is called "Nana"...

I learned how to Easter egg kit dye yarn. This colorway is called "Hogwarts Harmony"...

I am designing my own bag and used up all of my Hogwarts Harmony...

I learned how to dye using Wilton's icing dye. This one is called "Tonks"...

I even tested to make sure you couldn't dye with the Wilton's on acrylic... you can't

I was surprised with some wonderful presents last night from both of my girls...

...and this morning.  That's her and I under the Geosphere in Epcot.
This explains why my housework didn't get done much this week. I thought I was having a fabulous week - turns out I was having a fabulously creative week! It just goes to show that creative people are happy people.

Happy Mother's Day to all - I hope you are shown as much love and appreciation today as I have been blessed with this week... and I hope it lasts all year through.

12 May 2012

Icing dyes and recipe books

I call this one "Tonks"
Hungry? Unless you're looking to add a bit of fiber, this post won't help you with that at all... because I'm talking about latest obsession - dyeing yarn!

Remember how I needed a purple to finish my bag?  Well, I made it yesterday and I took my first step into dyeing with Wilton's icing dyes.  I have to say, I loved it!! Not only can I now jot down my recipes for fabulous colorways, I can honestly attempt to recreate them with a bit more confidence that it will turn out the same since the dye is measured and controllable.

I have even learned a few things along the way - Violet will split and turn more blue when it hits vinegar so you can bring it back to purple by adding some red or burgundy... and once the yarn has dried overnight, if it is still just a bit damp in spots, you can place it in a cold oven, turn the temperature to 200F and set a timer for 10 minutes - end result is dried yarn with no felting.  I know this works on worsted/aran weight yarn since I just pulled mine out!

I am having a great time on this new crafting adventure. My only issue - I've currently run out of bare naked yarn!

11 May 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 5/11 - 5/13

And y'all know how it pains me to do this too... yeah, right!
As you can see, I was able to sit down and work through all 220 yards last night. It was wonderful!  The only problem was, I ran out of yarn before I finished my bag.  I  had a split second of panic and then I regrouped.  I went online to find coupons to one of my local big box craft stores. I knew the next step in my dyeing journey was going to be the Wilton icing dyes and I was prepared... sort of... okay not really but I am going there anyway!

After taking Hobbit to school, I took my coupons and my pocket money to the store where I was able to purchase the same base yarn and a 12 color starter pack for roughly $12 - incredible to me because the color itself is marked at $15!  As soon as I clean up the kitchen, and change my clothes, I am going to figure out how to make a nice red... I think that will work to finish off my bag and strap.

You'll have to stay tuned for the next steps because it will be amazing - I'll leave you with a little tease... I'm going to make a flap top for it too that will incorporate most if not all of the colors already used, plus one more!!

10 May 2012

Busy day... buzzing through...

Almost 200 stitches take a bit to make a full round... but I'm having so much fun getting there!
Oh my word - between Hobbit taxi service, chores and crafts today, I will be running ragged.  I want to stay and chat, I really do, but I told myself that I couldn't knit any more on my bag until I put the laundry up from yesterday and got the next load started, cleaned up the kitchen and gotten Hobbit safely off to school.

So you see, while I love each and every one of you - I really want to play with my yarn and needles so please excuse me as I buzz through here today.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have a finished bag to show you - then you can help me decided whether or not I should felt it!
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