27 August 2016


Isn't it funny how light changes the color of a project. Same project, shot at several different points in it's life so far, and the colors have changed dramatically. The brightest being the last, shot during knitting group at Barnes & Noble.

I think it's progressing nicely. The yarn is the new Caron Cakes that I bought. This particular colorway is Macaron. While it is made up of 80% acrylic and 20% wool, and has 383 yards of worsted weight to it's name, I don't think it should be priced as high as it is. I think $8 for a skein of acrylic yarn is a bit dear but that is just me. I guess because it has that little bit of wool, they believe it deserves a higher price point - and a  hand wash, dry flat note.

This is going to look super cute on Hobbit. I have yet to decide if it will be tucked away for Christmas if I will give it to her when I'm done. I'm leaning more to towards Christmas but we'll see what the weather does.

Now, I need to continue my search for a rabbit that Hobbit can raise for FFA and show at the fair. You would think it wouldn't be this difficult to find a rabbit but let me assure you, it has been practically impossible. I finally found two options - one at the Humane Society and the other with a breeder. We'll see which responds first and what the pricing turns out to be before we go visit... though I'm leaning to the Humane Society, as the shelter is not a no kill and I'd much rather rescue a creature than purchase.

Oh, my Taco Bake beeped. Time to get supper on the table. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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