08 March 2017

First Saturday

That's what I like to call today since I've been working four ten-hour shifts with Wednesdays off. I have "First Fridays" and "First Saturdays" which are very quickly followed by the standard Fridays and Saturdays. "First Saturdays" are generally for cleaning and errand running. Currently, I have four loads of laundry ticked off my list and during that time, I completed a hat.

Yep, that's two hats and two coffee collars so far this month. Not too shabby since I wrote out my game plan for the month. So far, I have turned in homework for DADA, Charms, Flying, and now Herbology.

Thotful Spot Hat is a pattern by Sarah Schira/Imagined Landscapes.
Next up, I am going to make some covers for two pillow forms that I picked up at JoAnn's with my mama. I am narrowing it down from a few cute granny square patterns that I have seen. Not really sure which version I like best but I am sure it will be in the grey and silver that I have in my box from my failed OWL. I over ordered so it's not a big deal.

Laundry buzzed. Time to fold it. Happy "First Saturday" of the week to you!

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