22 November 2014

Tell-tale sign

Gratuitous puppy shot - he's so cute!  I love his snores.
It's such a tell-tale sign that things are out of sorts around me when my blog gets quiet.  I don't mean for it go quiet like it does but it's just one of those things that happens.  It's like something has got to give and this is where it goes.

I've been sick recently.  Nothing to alarm anyone about - I'm not alarmed anyway but I'll let you know if that changes Monday afternoon after my appointment.  I doubt it though so don't worry.  Anyway, this thingamajig has worn me slap out so I've not done much of anything besides go to work. I get up early, go to work, do what housework I can during my breaks, get off work, cook supper, help with homework, get Hobbit in bed, and then I'm a zombie on the sofa for a good hour before I just kind of doze off and Pokey sweetly toddles me off to bed.  Then I get up the next day and do it all over again.

This new doctor has had me keep a food journal.  It's rather pathetic on the entries but I've kept up with it.  Still feel crummy but hey, I'm doing my 'homework' like a good girl.  I keep looking over it for a something, anything, that looks like a common thread that would have me feeling horrible but I come up empty.  She was trying to tell me it was either food allergies, appendix, or ovaries.  Now how those three things would cause me to feel constantly nauseous, cramped up, and exhausted (along with other details that we'll just smile and nod over) I just don't know.  I would have thought at the ripe ol' age of 41 that if I had a food allergy, I would have known about it well before now.  I'm no doctor but I took Health Education back in 10th grade and my ovaries have nothing to do with my belly.  The only one that makes sense would be my appendix but honestly, I saw my husband go through it all six years ago and it's nothing like what he was going through.  I'm just lost.

I think it is coming along nicely.
So that's why it's been quiet around these parts.  I'm just basically a Petri dish it seems.  Hopefully there will be some kind of answer or direction on Monday because I am completely over it already.  It has been cropping up every few months for years now but since it was getting more severe and more common, I thought it best to have it checked out.  Y'all know I'm stubborn and don't like going to the doctor but sometimes, it just reaches the point where you have to go and get poked.

On the upside, I did start a shawl yesterday.  Pokey wants to gift it to a coworker for Christmas so I thought it best to get started now so I can have it done in time.  I really like how this heathered hunter green is working up.  I have some darker rainbow variegated to use as well.

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