28 February 2015


That's what we'll be saying around here - thank goodness it's March!  February has been less than kind to us here in the PMM household.  I'll do the quick rundown because I can't stand those posts that drone on about how horrible things have been and then they disappear again only to come back and share more ugly news.  So the skinny of it has been, we've been plagued.  Not literally but it sure feels like it.

Started the month by finding Butch a new furever home.  He is now the proud followerer of a four-year-old boy with Autism.  They are both happy campers and it's nice to know that while we weren't the perfect fit, we were the perfect stopping point for him to get ready for his final place.

Afterwards, I was hit hard with a few episodes.  Every time I thought I was good, I was reminded I was stupid for thinking I was good.  I'm not going to say I'm good any more.  I consider vertical a win.  It makes life more positive.  If I can be vertical, it's an awesome day.

Currently, Hobbit is down with the flu.  Hit her like a ton of icky bricks too.  Had to get her from school Friday - needed a cab and everything.  I would have thought my first cab ride would have been more exciting.  Oh well, life isn't like the movies.  She was so sick that her pediatrician called in medicine usually reserved for cancer patients dealing with the effects of chemo.  That helped her a great deal but today, she popped a fever of 102 and it's bounced around all day but not yet broke.  It teased me by going down to 99 but then reminded that I'm stupid and came back up to 102 just a few minutes ago.  I see a lukewarm bath in our future.

On the pretty side, look at what all I've completed since I've been horizontal a good bit of this month... yes, I can knit and crochet while lying down - it's a talent I'm rather tickled about because it means that I can still work even though I feel wretched.

This was originally for my mama but it came out very small so I gave it to Hobbit - yes, it's knit lace!

I crocheted this for my mama  instead.  I love how it turned out, so did she.  She said it was fancy.

I had some yarn leftover so I made this ascot because it's awesome.

I finished this project bag the other day and now I'm debating lining it.
I've got another bag in the works right now - also known as my Mission for HPKCHC.  I've given up on my OWL because honestly, I don't like the projects any longer.  I'm going to frog the one and find something else to do with that yarn... the shawl, I'll just find a good stopping point and give it to Hobbit.  She's still small, she'll love it.

Off to figure out I'm doing for supper.  Somehow my planned menu of pizza doesn't seem right now.  I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend and I have big things coming in March... a giveaway or two might even be up my sleeve!!

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  1. That blue shawl is divine! What a talented lady you are!!!


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