10 April 2015

You know, that slow kind of crazy

That's the type of train I've been on lately.  You know the kind.  It's crazy, you know it's crazy, but it has just enough sane moments in it to make you think it's doable.  Oh yeah, those are actually worse than the full blown crazy trains.

I've been finding moments to stay sane though.  I've been knitting and even gathered up all my stuff for my Summer OWL.  I'm going for a Potions OWL - three colors - by working a Color Affection.  I even have a shawl chosen for my BROOM, just hope I can figure out a way to make it fit the Mission.  I also got some new yarn today which, as you know, makes life perfect.

I made these for Peanut's roommate as an Easter present since she came home with her for the break.

I made these for Peanut and they were so silky feeling.  She honestly liked them and I'm sure they'll get used.

Here are the fixings for my Potions OWL.  It's going to be gorgeous, I just know it!

This is my fabulous yarn.  I'm going to make my mama something with it.
I have been knitting a lot more lately so that I can be just as well versed in that as my crochet.  I am enjoying it but my goodness it is a much longer process.  What takes me a few days in crochet will take me about three times as long as knitting.  I'm sure I will never be as fast knitting as I am when I crochet but I feel good about the progress I've made... I mean come on, I made thumb gussets!

Time for some comfort food - hamburgers and fries.  I will be back shortly, I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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