31 October 2015

(un)Happy Halloween

It started out great. We took Hobbit to the mall to do some Trick or Treating. It was nice. She came back with a bag full of candy and was content. The comic book store - one of our favorite places - was even giving away free comics!

I think if we end up going out again next year, that is what we'll do. We are reaching the end of our Trick or Treating years. Hobbit will be 11 next year and I remember I was not far from that age when I stopped going.

Before we left, we had put our bowl of candy out and a cute little note... and it was still there when we returned home not but a few minutes ago.  Then... then it happened.  I was sitting here in the living room with my laptop and I heard them. I knew what they were doing thanks to the girl in the group who said "what... oh my *od... hehehhee". I sprung from my chair and out the front door - it was gone!

They literally stole all our candy that we put out and the bowl that it was in!! This is a practice we have been doing for years. We put out a bowl of candy and we both take Hobbit around the neighborhood. Every year we come back to a bit of candy being left in the bowl - no problems. We're talking three years of doing the exact same thing.  This year, this year we get robbed.

So being the cool headed person I am, I ran out the door after them. I knew who they were. I saw them leave my driveway. I marched behind them, ordering them to give me back my bowl of candy for the kids. They were ignoring me and acting like they couldn't hear me.  I got right up to them and demanded my candy and my bowl back.

Please bear in mind, chasing hoodlums down the street is completely out of character for me. I was just so outraged that they would do such a thing - all because they thought no one was home and they could get away with it. So there I was , chasing these teenagers down the street, I was so mad.

Pokey went out with a flashlight and found the bowl two houses down, tossed in the neighbor's bushes. He was worse than me, hollering things that I am sure he isn't proud of and we both agreed that this is our final straw when it comes to teenagers these days.

There is now a sign on my front door that says "No Candy - the teenagers stole it & the bowl. We're sorry"... and next year, we are simply not going to participate at all. My faith in our neighborhood, in our future, is shattered.

Time to start looking at the housing market and getting our financing in order. I am done.

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