08 November 2015

Sunday Snaps

I have spent the entire weekend reclaiming my bliss. I only allowed myself to do one chore - washing clothes, simply because we don't want to be nudists - but otherwise, I did nothing but that which made me happy... which this weekend meant sewing!

I made this fun little triangle bag as a Slytherin Prize Patrol gift. She wanted something to go in her bag - this should do nicely!
This bag is for Hobbit's teacher whose birthday is Tuesday. Hobbit bought a Goofy and he needed a bag to go in - wallah!

I made myself a superhero project bag because who doesn't want a Marvel Superhero tote bag to carry everywhere?
Recently, I had to break down and get a cell phone because Hobbit's new Girl Scout troop is very active and I didn't want to be tied down at home... oh, for those who didn't know - her original troop was awful and didn't follow any of the proper handbook things so I asked for her to be reassigned after a month. This new troop is fabulous, though a bit over-scheduled in my opinion but the leader is engaged and excited and has been doing it for years. She's even a leader in the high rankings of area Girl Scout offices. Can't remember what it is but it is nice to have her.

So, because they are super active, I broke down and got a cell phone because the leader texts alerts and updates and if they are out, I won't have to be stuck in the house all the time. So with this new phone, I have found Instagram. It is a ton of fun and I have been posting there to keep my sanity while my work life sucks out my soul. I only have roughly 35 more working days of this and then my life will become a million times better.

Alrighty, I'm off to take some medicine for a raging headache that I have all thanks to my lovely neighbor who has been working on his cars and motorcycle all day. His garage is right next to my office/craft room so all the revving and fumes have done me in.

Have a beautiful and blessed week!


  1. What a wonderful little bag for the Prize patrol. Like the others as well. The young lady and Hobbit's teacher are very lucky. I wish I had the skills to make a bag like that.

    1. If I can do it then you can too. I've only just started learning to sew three months ago. The greatest gift you can give to yourself when learning something new is to simply have no fear.


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