22 February 2016

Brand new day

Today, Hobbit started her new school. We are all very excited about this and hope that today is fabulous for her. Getting her out of that one school is the best thing we could have done. There are only 3 more months of school but there was no way we could have left her in that environment - the amount of damage that that particular group of educators was inflicting on her required immediate attention.

This past weekend, we decided that Hobbit needed a fun day. After all the mess of the past few weeks, she just needed a place to recapture her joy and get ready for the adventure ahead. So we took her to Epcot. It was a wonderful day spent wandering around the park and enjoying one another. It's rare that we have such a luxury of family time on the weekend so it felt great reconnecting.

We loved it so much, we even scheduled another adventure for this coming weekend - we're going to the Spirit of Aloha Luau for supper! It's something we've always wanted to do and figured that it would be a nice bookend to her first week at her new school.

While we were wandering around the park, I managed to get a large portion of her hat completed. I started with this...

I hadn't gotten much further than the ribbing when we went to the park - maybe an inch or so more than this photo shows.
I pulled my knitting out for our stroll around the countries because I could pretty much just keep it out at all times... even while waiting for supper...

I have to say, it was one of the tastiest Chinese dining experiences I have ever encountered. I had Shrimp and Steak - so good!
And by the time we got home that evening, I had managed to almost complete the body of the hat! I love the fact that I don't have to look at what I'm doing while I wander around the park. It's become such a relaxing thing for me to walk and knit that my hands just know what to do. Look at my progress...

I ended our day with a total of 6" of completed work! I only needed 8.25" before I had to bind off - very productive day.
It was easy for me to finish it last night so that Hobbit could have it today. We weren't sure of the hat policy associated with the new school so I didn't give it to her yet but it will be sitting in the car when she gets out this afternoon.

It looks like a plain old square...

But when she puts it on, it will do this...

Please, for the love of Mickey, ignore my medicine flushed and puffy face. One day, I will be healthy again, I swear.

I think that qualifies under the whole "Mama, will you make a hat with ears" label, don't you? My next adventure in travel hat knitting is going to be Nell by Lisa Gutierrez. Just enough lace to keep it interesting. Not sure I will be able to work on it around the parks but who knows. It looks to be a simple enough repeat. If not, I can always cast on something else. You never know, I just might try socks in the parks! I doubt it but never say never, right.

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend and is enjoying a magnificent Monday.

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