03 September 2016

Interesting week

My goodness, this has been one interesting week. While we did not get a lot of challenges from Hurricane Hermine, our old house sure did! That area was evacuated and was flooded so badly. I am so thankful that we moved further inland. We had some seriously soaking rains, gnarly thunderstorms, and at times a severely blustery day but overall, we came out on the other side with very little to complain about... and I'm extremely happy about it.

This afternoon we are going to drive over to the Magic Kingdom and say our goodbyes to the Main Street Electrical Parade. I am going to miss this event but I am so happy that my kids got to make the same fabulous memories that I have with it. Hopefully, others will think it will be continued rainy and we can have a fairly empty park.

Since it is also the weekend, I'm going to finish this post with excessive photographs.. hehehe...

This is our newest family member. His name is Matthew Liam and Hobbit is raising him for FFA and to show at the fair.

We went to the breeder's last night. He is a Netherland Dwarf with a champion sire for a daddy. It was love at first snuggle.

I came home from knit group to find them on the sofa together. He likes to sit in an apron pocket of all things.

I am almost done with my icord hind off. My only complaint is that it rolls. I don't think blocking is going to help but I will try.
I am up to the five rows of blue section in my blanket. I'm still unsure about the variegated but others have liked it so it stayed.

And KP made us ice cream and coffee floats this morning during knit group. It was a most magical pairing of flavors!

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