31 August 2017

Hand crafters unite

Why do random people on the internet feel the need to judge others, say nasty things to complete strangers, and act like a bunch of - please, forgive me but I know no better word to describe them - asshats? Why?

Earlier tonight, I was on a friend's page where they were showing off some hand stitch work they were doing. There was a comment regarding how what was said had to be the least heterosexual sentence ever utter or some such nonsense - as he is male and INSANELY talented in the hand craft department. Knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, weaving, spinning - just a creative genius and I am in awe of how his brain works and his hands create.

Anywho, I made a comment about how this person should have said that to my Poppaw because he was an amazing hand crafter - he even sewed my mother's wedding dress! There was nothing he couldn't do with his hands. Woodworking, carpentry, stained glass art, sewing.. I could go on and on. He was just so creative and talented. He passed when I was just 11 but the most vivid memory I have is going down his rainbow carpeted stairs to the basement (every stair was done in a different color carpet because they were remnants used) to where he kept all of his craft things. When he was working - and he was big bear of a man who otherwise intimidated me - he would whistle the most beautiful tunes. I loved to watch him and listen to him. He didn't speak much but never minded me sitting near by and just watching.

Upon my making the statement, this person states congratulations on your grandfather being gay. How flippant and rude! It is difficult for me to stand up to these kinds of things but she was insulting my friend and now she was insulting me and my departed grandfather so, with shaking hands, I went there. I told her that it was wrong of her to use that word as a derogatory weapon, as an insult. Her response was that she was gay and she meant it as a compliment. I told her that she did not and was simply trying to backpedal her way out of the nastiness she just spewed. To that, she responded with a most lovely comment about me being a delight and something about having a goodnight, pumpkin... and I'm not proud but my final response was "And up yours too".

Her comments have since been deleted and I deleted my own sans the original one regarding my grandfather making my mama's wedding dress... but I still can't believe someone would be so nasty to a complete stranger. What did she get out of that? Did she feel somehow superior? Did she think she was being witty or pithy? I will never understand the nastiness that resides on social media. Anyway, here... enjoy one of my favorite songs because if crafts and music can't lift your spirits then nothing will... except maybe chocolate. Chocolate fixes everything.

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  1. There are far too many trolls out there, who thrive when they get people annoyed... I used to work with one, he was a good person but he loved riling people up. I think they are just more visible now than pre-internet, and should be ignored.
    On an other note, did she not know that sewing used to be a male occupation? How can a needle or thread of any kind be considered gay? I'm all on your side here, honey!


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