04 March 2018

Well, hi there!

I know, I know. I've been gone for a bit. It is called "Peak Season" for a reason. At least 15 hours of OT every week. Things get insane. Thankfully, we are in our last month so I am hoping to get a good schedule down where I can find time to write again. I have missed you terribly. I have things to share. I have projects that I have been working on, contemplating, arguing with, and admiring.

I promise to start devising a plan so that things can get back to a more normal swing. I have already been dabbling... bring back old favorites and brainstorming new ones. Motivational Mondays, Tuesday Tunes, Wednesday Wound Ups, Sunday Snaps... I don't know if they'll all make the cut in the end but I can start with a Sunday Snaps since today actually is Sunday!

Peaks and Valleys - original pattern named Runs for the Hills by YaYa Lovestoknit on Ravelry
This was my first Disney VoluntEARs donation hat of the year. I used a fun acrylic that I had in my stash and thought that this hat would definitely cheer up anyone who receives it. It wasn't the softest yarn but I know that it will soften up once it's washed. My modification notes are on my project page that I linked up in the description. Nothing major, just a few little tweaks.

Time to get ready for work. I hope everyone has a beautiful day. It is my Work Wednesday and then I work 30 hours of the next two days so if I'm quite, don't worry. I do promise to be back... I do!

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