18 July 2015

Life changing, according to the coffee...

It's been an eventful week - nothing life changing, sans the coffee, but still very eventful for me.
I've been a busy beaver this week.  I finished a sweater for my friend's daughter.  I frogged and restarted a pair of socks for my husband (different pattern).  I started an interesting cowl for my youngest daughter. I received beautiful yarn that I purchased through Ravelry via someone's stash. I had life changing coffee - says so, right on the cup. I received more gorgeous yarn through the same means but this is enough to make a sweater for me!

The week didn't seem like much went on - mostly because Hobbit was not here so it was mellow and low key - but when you pile it all together and take a look at it, it was rather nice.  I also ordered enough yarn to make Pokey a sweater for Christmas.  It is going to be a beautiful shade of purple for the Old Way Gansey sweater. I am torn between proposing it for my OWL during Fall Term or if I should just start and when the yarn arrives because goodness knows, that extra four weeks may be just what I need to finish on time.

Time for me to get moving though.  I've got to grab a quick shower so we can drive the two hours up to get Hobbit. Yesterday was a stressful day so I'm honestly not looking forward to going like I normally am but worst case scenario is that I have enough time to use the restroom before turning around and driving straight back home again. 

On the upside, I have my virtual knitting night with my Disney Adventures group so that will be fun.  Feel free to join us - we love making new friends!  All you need is Skype and we'll get you connected with us.  Shoot me a PM on Ravelry if you'd like join in.  We meet every Saturday night starting at 8:30pmET. We work on our projects, talk, have coffee, and just hang out enjoying one another's company.

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