05 July 2015

Sunday Snaps

I have been crafting up a storm, all week - and it felt really great!
This week I have been making things and it felt so good.  It really recharged my batteries to spend hours playing with my yarn.

I started the week by finishing up my Matching Wrap!  I was so happy to have it completed.  It was fun and I love the color combination. Things have been deliciously slower at work so I was able to make a few things - like the beret and the hotpad - during the week. 

I finished up the week by making the doll cape, backpack (colors are due to a HPKCHC class, Potions, not my choosing), and yarn caddy all yesterday!  Oh yes, so many hours spent in preparation of constant noise that would be happening... and did happen, well past 2:30 this morning!

Today, I'm going to work on the two projects I have going on (Abigail's sweater and my shrug) but I'm going to start a simple cowl for something to do during knitting group, and I need to get to the start of Row 11 on my Whippoorwill so that my friend KP can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong at that point.  I really want to make this shawl because it means a lot to me - one of my sweet readers gifted it to me with a note letting me know I wasn't alone and understood where I was coming from in regards to my recent diagnosis.  I'm going to be doing it in a delicious bubble gum pink and chocolate brown - and it will be gorgeous!

I hope y'all have a fabulous week ahead.  Did you get a chance to play with your projects this week?

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