30 December 2014

All set

I don't normally carry a ton of WIPs so I'm doing a Detention OWL this term to clear them out!
I may be crazy for proposing all of these but I can't handle having them hanging around any longer so I am going to do the once a year offering of a Detention OWL over at The Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry.  It doesn't count towards my OWL Mistress badge or for being able to do a NEWT but it will clean out all of my old projects that are just hanging about and making me twitchy.  I have three months to get them done... and here is where they each stand, as of right now...
My Hitchhiker that I started in November.  I am so painfully slow when it comes to knitting, I swear.

This was supposed to a Christmas present for one of Pokey's coworkers - obviously I didn't make it.

This was the first knit project I started after several years of not touching my needles.

Another awesome MADDesign shawl that I love working on but it is just so flipping big, I got burnt out.
I figured with two crochet shawls and two knit shawls, it will give me a nice mix of things to work on.  I am proposing my 50% mark to be when I have completed both crochet shawls, made it to 30 teeth on the Hitchhiker and completed up to x” on the cabled edge shawl.  I really need to figure out what that "x" will be... it's sitting at 18" right now so I think if I can get it to 22" that will be a good indication of halfway... though I'll probably propose it to be 20" and if I go over, then it's all the better but I don't make it, then that's a challenge.  Yeah, I'm going to make it 20", thanks for helping me work through that last bit.

How many WIPs do you have hanging around?  Do you have a point that you reach where you get twitchy too?  Here, enjoy one of my favorite songs while you pull out your pile of WIPs and figure out whether to finish or frog...

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