08 December 2014

Did I keep my promises?

Every year I write a list of things I promise to try and accomplish during the year.  I don't make resolutions, just promises to try.  This past year, I had some different kinds of promises so I thought I would take inventory to see if I was able to keep them.

My first promise was attempting to pay off all outstanding debt, with the exception of the car.  I am pleased to announce that by January of this coming year, that will have been completed!  It wasn't easy and some weeks, I just wanted to give up but I reminded myself that once those bills are done - they are done and not coming back.  I would think of all the fun things we could do with that money instead and it helped get me through.

My second promise was about crochet colorwork charts.  Yeah, I so didn't even touch it.  I did, however, pick back up my knitting needles after several years and have been attempting to make peace with them.  So while I didn't keep that particular promise, I'm not upset about the reason as to why.

The third promise is a little tricky.  While I continually put funds into savings this year, I also had to continually use the funds I had put up.  I could look at it as in being blessed enough to have the monies available when I needed it instead of how I am practically back to square one on the savings front.  I think I'll choose the latter and just try again next year.  We'll focus it more towards savings and less towards "emergency funds"... maybe I'll set up both and see how it goes.

Fourth spot on the list was dedicated to reading six books this year.  I checked my Goodreads listing and learned that I actually read six books and I am in the middle of my seventh!  I have a few other books in progress but they seem to continually get back-burned for something new.

So for this past year, I think I did a pretty good keeping up with my promises.  I'll be pondering my 2015 list over the next few weeks.  I've got a few things in mind already but I've not ironed out all the particulars just yet.

How have you done with your promises this year?  As long as you gave it an honest try, then you can be proud of what you've accomplished.  Like Albert Einstein always said - "You never fail until you stop trying."

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