04 December 2014

More of everything

More tests.  More waiting.  More crafting.  More working.  More more more more.  I wish I had less some days.  At least the one 'more' that I've been really enjoying is taking more pictures...

The little tree from last year is now in Hobbit's room for the holidays.

I've got everything out for Christmas so we started December all ate up with the spirit.

Even the animals have their stockings up and are waiting for Santa.

I started the week like this... stay tuned, it's grown and I'm tickled over it.

I spend the nights admiring my tree.  I do love all the ornaments and their special meanings.

From the new ones we just picked up within the last five years...

All the way to the ones my mother made when I four years old.  These are my treasures.

Certain ones make me cry - like this one because it reminds me of Peanut and I miss her at Christmas.

To the silly things that Hobbit does to make up for Christmases long past.

I love my tree and all the memories that it holds and shares each year.

This photo is now out of date because I've got a few rows of green on it past the variegated!

I told you it grew!  Who would have something so simple would be such fun.
So here is hoping for a week of less.  A quiet, simple week with the only thing in the "more" category is rest.

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