23 August 2015

Rekindling a love

I used to have such a love affair with photography and photo editing but for some reason, over the past two years, it has dwindled a bit. I was actually missing it this week so I rejoined an old group yesterday to try and catch a spark of that flame and fan it bright.  These were the fruits of my labors.

The bottom left is the first one I submitted under the prompt of "Path" and the bottom middle won out for today's prompt of "Lighting" - though the top image put up a valiant fight and I think if I had posted it instead I would still feel like I should have posted the other. The image of Hobbit was taken on Thursday for Orientation but I didn't 'work' the image until yesterday.

I can feel my creative side starting to poke through a bit more. As my dear Robin once said, we're only given a little spark of madness and we mustn't lose it... so this is me, doing my best to not lose it.

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