21 August 2015

Sewing, stitching, and staying above water

Oh mylanta. I've been one busy girl!  Lots of irons in the fire lately makes for very little time in other places some days.

I've got a dream gig that just makes me so happy. It's a side job, honestly, but it's not really work to me so I love it. I am making sample pieces for a major yarn company!! Yep, I've got my first one under way right now and as soon as it's released, I'll share the details with you.  Once I got that gig, I had an indie designer jump on board with my sample crafting as well.  I'm getting paid to play with yarn.  You can't beat that!

We had Orientation the other day at Hobbit's school. She was so excited to be back at her old school.  She went around visiting with her old teachers and staff members of the school.  They all wanted to know where she was last year and so happy that she came 'home' for her final year in elementary school.

I honestly wanted to keep it for myself but that would have wrong, right?
Speaking of new school years, I made a bag for her to give her new teacher.  I must say, it is the best bag I've ever made. It is also the biggest bag I've ever done - it finished out at a whopping 16"hx12"wx6"d!! We didn't know if Hobbit's teacher was going to be male or female so I went with blueberries and gingham.  That could work for anyone right? When we gave it to her, she said it was amazing and in her favorite colors so I was tickled.

Her teacher is brand new to the school and is doing the entire self contained gifted classroom.  It houses all three grades (3rd, 4th, and 5th) and there were only 12 student names on the tables the other day.  She comes from South Carolina, is a total nerd (loves Disney, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and many more), and used to teach 6th grade gifted so she's got experience.  I really liked her and so did Hobbit. She is about as tall as Hobbit, has beautiful ginger hair, and hipster glasses.  She was overjoyed with the bag (and granny square cup cozy) I made for her and after our conversation, she proclaimed Hobbit her most favorite student of all time.

I'm excited for school to go back in session. It's be one long, crazy, and exhausting break. Peanut heads back to college for her Senior year tomorrow, Hobbit is starting her final year of elementary school on Monday, and my newest granddaughter is scheduled to arrive on Thursday.  What an exciting year we have ahead!

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