11 August 2015

What a day it's been

I went to bed having an allergic reaction last night, thinking when I woke up it would have passed.  Nope, it didn't pass at all - it morphed into an episode that lasted most of the day. I was worn out by noon and ended up sleeping in my chair until 4:30ish.  Thankfully, I woke up feeling a lot better.  Still not fabulous or 100% but way better than when I woke up earlier this morning.

Then, I get a call from Pokey who was late coming home. The reason for it was because he got into a car accident.  He is fine, thank God. He contacted our insurance and since it was minor damage to either car, they just exchanged information and moved on with life. His little car has some damage on the front left bumper area but hopefully we will be able to get it fixed. I know the car insurance will pay for a rental car while they work on the repair so he won't be without a car... and neither will I.

My friend, KP, had come over after work so we could both learn how to sew box bags. We had cut out the fabric and just beginning to sew them when her husband texted her.  He wasn't feeling well and wanted her home.  I know that feeling - can't do anything but wait it out, which is frustrating, and wanting someone to just make it better.  Naturally, she went home to care for him so our sewing date was put on hold.

I did finish my bag though. I am rather proud of it, though I learned a few things along the way.  The first being that I need a handle.  I like mine that have handles so this one needs that as well. The second is that I need zipper tabs.  They truly are important.

So that's been my day. Not the best one on record but at least it had a shiny spot to share.

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