21 September 2015

Topping Off Our Tanks

We all needed a Disney Day so yesterday, we headed out to the Magic Kingdom to top off our tank with some pixie dust!
It was exactly what we needed - a day surrounded by fun, laughter, love, and magic. I took that little hat from the previous post and managed to get some serious work done it while waiting in the queues and toddling around the park.

Nothing makes the day better moreso than a bit of pixie dust - and goodness knows, I have been needing a pixie dust refill! We hadn't been since our anniversary so that meant 3 months without a visits. Sure, we generally skip the summer months because of too many tourists but it was too much this time around so we took the day and had some fun.

I hope that you were able to refill your tanks with whatever helps you run - sleep, crafting, sunshine, family, or friends. I can face anything as long as I have had a nice bit relaxation before the work week comes rushing in... and if there is a bit of Disney magic involved, I can handle anything!

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