26 August 2013

For Peanut...

Monday Inspiration Board 17

I know it's hard to transfer schools and you may be starting to wonder if you did the right thing... well, you did.

 Sure, making new friends is hard and sometimes very scary but you can do it. I know you can - you know how I know? Because you're amazing. In my whole life, I have never met anyone so talented, kind and compassionate as you. I want to be more like you in so many ways. Things may not be exactly as you envisioned them so far but you know what, that's okay. Sometimes things have a way of becoming better than you could have imagined, all you have to do is be open to it. Enjoy these few days before classes start to explore the museums and the town. Find your special place that inspires you and chances are, you'll find others there too. This is going to be a magnificent year full of wonder and new experiences. You are so strong and brave - you truly are a most spectacular human being. It is such an honor to point to you and say "That's my daughter!"

 I love you so much... now go, enjoy your adventure.. but hey, don't forget to call home too - I want to hear all about it.

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