05 August 2013

Golly gee, thanks!

I must say, I'm a bit amazed at the response from 11's Fez yesterday.  Almost 50 downloads and it's not been 24 hours... thanks!  It's funny how those things work, isn't it.  You make a silly hat for your kid and figure that you'd write it up for a giggle, not thinking anyone will actually want to make one, and then you get such an amazing response.  Nice to see I'm not the only nerd in these parts.

I started a new project yesterday - a bag for Autumn.  I am loving it too, which is not something I would normally say over such a simple pattern.  It's basically just a super huge granny square but it was a pattern that I had on my Pinterest crochet board and it just called to me yesterday.  I also had this fabulous yarn that I desperately wanted to use but didn't have enough to make something wearable so I decided that I was going to make this bag and a matching hat.  I'm over the moon excited about it and I can't wait to show you it all finished up.  Here's a sneak peak at how beautiful the yarn is working up though -

Seriously, couldn't you just die over how fabulous this colorway is working out?  It's Elliebelly Yarns in Fire Dragon.
I have yet to figure out what I'm going to do on the lining front - I think maybe I might carry the burnt orange feel over to the inside as well.  The handles have me perplexed as well - should I go bamboo rings or perhaps a darker simple squared off handle would be better?  I'm leaning towards the rings but instead of bamboo, possibly just clear instead.  Any suggestions?

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