09 August 2013

Fibery goodness

Y'all know that I normally do a "Weekend Wonderment" segment and show you what I have planned on the crafting front but today I have to share some of the beautiful things that have be bestowed upon me as of late.

I know that a lot of people think it is silly or odd that I am so invested in my Ravelry group, Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup, but if you are in the know then you get it.  The students and staff are so amazing that you don't want to go anywhere else.  You can spend hours just talking to your friends and enjoying the silliness of it all or gather around for support during a difficult time.  It is unusual that an online community as large as this one would be drama free... but it is and it's amazing.  This is a group of men (yes, I said men) and women, ages 8 to 80, who just want to have a good time and craft along together.

My role is that of a Mentor to the Not Quite First Year students, also known as NQFYs.  I, along with the most amazing partner a girl could ever hope for, help these students learn how to play our game while they wait to be sorted into their houses.  Everything is covered, from how to do Ravelry basics like photos and linking items all the way to figuring out class prompts and OWL ideas.  We never get an off month and things are always hopping in the Waiting Room.  Each term we honor one of our rising First Years to be a peer mentor as well and we have been spoiled this past term!

Students always send owls of thanks for helping them along the way or they make a post in the Waiting Room, earburning us to it so we can see.  It always warms my heart that I am able to share my love of this game to others who can then go out and do great things within our version of Hogwarts.  This past term, I have been showered with beautiful gifts from students - either NQFYs or ones who have already been sorted.  I won't share names, as some are shy and I would not want to embarrass them in the least, but I will share my gratitude for what all they have done.  This week has had me in tears over the kindness of my friends at Hogwarts... it truly is my home.  Take a look at the wonderful gifts that have been bestowed upon me lately -

I was trying to deconstruct a pattern that was in here and a sweet friend gifted me a digital copy of it!

(c)Pandia's Jewels - I was gifted this pattern for Miss Bennet's Walking Shawl so I could join a CAL!

One of my sweet NQFYs sent this as a surprise in the mail to say thanks for all I do as a Mentor.

One of my colleagues sent me this from Hermione Jean Creations as a thanks for always being there for her.
There is one thing about crafters that is universally true - they are the sweetest, kindest and most generous people that I have ever had the honor of knowing.  Thank you for being a part of my life... each and every one of you.  You constantly provide truth and examples to the adage that if you put good things out into the world, good things will be returned to you.  Thank you for being a blessing in my life.

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