08 August 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up.. on Thursday

I managed to get Hobbit's room in order yesterday before school starts next Monday.  Hopefully, it will stay this way!

I'm gently rolling along on my new Autumnal bag.  Adding a round whenever I have a minute.

There was an accident and I lost a blanket that I was making for a friend.  Pokey got me replacement yarn for a new project.
That's been my productivity so far this week.  I've also volunteered to be a part of the Slytherin Baby Blanket Brigade so hopefully I will have a package delivered to me soon that has some squares to be joined - a perfect project to work on while I'm at work because I won't get flustered if I have to put it down.

I hope everyone has been having an awesome day - and yes, I know it's Thursday but by the time I finished Hobbit's room yesterday, I was too mentally exhausted to form a coherent sentence.  Don't worry though, I will hopefully have some time to read my new book and get back to the regular post next Thursday - although I will be in Downtown Disney having lunch with a friend but I can schedule it all the same.

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