18 November 2013


I have this bag that I love.  It was sent to me by a dear friend who went to London, UK which makes it doubly awesome...
and it's my inspiration for the color palette of my latest project.  Brilliant, no?
I find inspiration in the strangest places sometimes.  A flower, a painting, a moment, a mood... or even a bag.  I have been a lover of grey for a very long time.  It is so underrated as a color when in reality, it's practically perfect.  It goes with everything and adds just enough lift to make everything around it pop.

I've never been to London but whenever I think about it, grey has a very strong presence for me.  Earl Grey or Lady Grey, fog, stonework, River Thames, and so much more.  They just resonate and so, in order to bring a bit of that to my part of the world, I've been on a grey crafting spree as of late.  It started with a bag, then a sweater and now this latest project - a test crochet for one of my favorite designers.  Everyone who knows me knows that I am a complete Anglophile so hopefully, one day, I will be able to wear all of my beautiful grey creations at some point as I wonder around the streets that stole my heart long before I ever arrived.

The beauty and warmth is undeniable, hopefully my projects will emulate it as well.  I think it's interesting how we go through such cycles - gravitating towards certain colors or patterns.  What do you find is really speaking to you lately?

1 comment:

  1. I love knitting in gray. I love the colors in your yarn. They definitely compliment your cute bag. Happy Crafting.


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