04 November 2013

That moment...

We went up for our first ever Parents Weekend and it was wonderful.

I met the most amazing young lady.  She was funny, intelligent, courteous and kind.

She lives in an old train station building... super cool building with awesome windows and high ceilings.

She has a wicked sense of humor and a great outlook on everything.

She shared the beauty of her world with us - from where she ate...

to where she studied and all things in between.  She was marvelous.

We then showed her where we had our first meal as a married couple...

Our favorite haunt on our honeymoon and even got her "the greatest coffee ever" - a Thin Mint Mocha.

We showed her where we started it all - second floor porch room with the sofa and swing is where it began.

Then together we discovered new things and admired the beauty in them.

We learned the history and appreciated the sentiments behind the actions.

We trusted one another on a journey that was scary - being supportive and encouraging all the way.

And we found the humor in the subtlety all around us. (Wait for it... you'll see it)
Thank you, Peanut, for a wonderful day.  You have brought me so much joy these past 20 years and I must say, it is an honor to be your mama.  I am so proud of you what you have accomplish and what you have set your sights on achieving. 
You have grown into a beautiful young lady and I love you so very much.

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