07 November 2013

Sometimes, being a grown up sucks.

It's true.  This week has been horrible, absolutely horrible.  Do you know I cancelled a doctor appointment for my yearly check up because I just couldn't stand the thought of possibly hearing more bad news.

Monday, my computer dies and I have to figure out a way to get one because of work.  It's not a luxury item any more, it's my livelihood and without it, we're toast.  Thanks to my daddy's ingenius idea, I was able to find one that worked and it was able to be financed so I could afford it.

Tuesday, the monitor goes out so I have to go back to the same place to get a monitor and add it on to my monthly bill.  It's not a big change, less than $20, but still it was more money going out the door.

Wednesday, I contacted our bank to see if we could refinance my car for a lower payment because ever since the whole restructuring of Pokey's work and the change in position, our income was cut in half... half!  That's with me finally finding a job too.  I have juggled all the bills and managed to get everything set where we can make it work but the one thing that wasn't fitting into the equation any longer was my car.  My cute, precious little dream car was no longer financially doable for us.  I'll be honest, I've been crying over it and I'm not proud... and it's not for some selfish or vain reason... it's because I feel kind of like a failure.

Today, I learned that our bank wouldn't do the refinancing and the current finance company won't redo the loan, it apparently just can't be done and so I have made the tough decision to simply return my car to the dealership.  I called the finance company to let them know, the DMV regarding my tag, our insurance to modify the policy, and the dealership so it's all set to go back tonight.  We still have Pokey's car and Hobbit can take the bus so it's not like it will ruin our lives in any way but it will make things a bit more creative when it comes time to do groceries and whatnot.  Plus, he will have to learn to keep the car clean and not full of junk... and honestly, I don't like his car so I know I won't be driving it much.  It just stinks and I feel beat up and I'm angry at things I can't control.  It's not like we aren't working our hinies off to make ends meet but to have to make the decision to return my car, it's a blow.

So that's what's up - nothing terrible in the big scheme of things but it feels it all the same.  Thanks for listening, now if I could stop puddling up for no good reason and just suck it up again, I'd be good to go.

Lots of people are worse off, it's just a car...

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  1. It is just a car. But it still sucks. Especially if you really love it. Hope things get better soon. It's frustrating to have things blow up.


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