16 June 2015

Lots of new

My goodness, these past few days have been full of new things - new friends, new adventures, and new projects.  Where to begin... well, I guess the beginning is the best place.

Last Sunday, I met a Ravelry friend that I have known for several years.  We honestly only live about 30 minutes from one another but we never really put two and two together.  So we decided since we were that close, we should finally meet up and say hi - and we did.  It wasn't too terribly nerve-wracking for me since I've known her online for several years but being the introvert that I am, it was still a huge step for me.  Let me just say, she's lovely.  We laughed and had a wonderful time... in fact, time got away from us and we ended up staying for almost five hours!

This past Saturday was the World Wide Knit In Public event.  Did you attend?  My friend, whom we'll call KP from now, and I attend one in a semi-local mall for the semi-local knitting guild. We thought it would be fun to meet some more yarny folks and it's never scary to do something new when you have a friend by your side.  So we met at the Starbucks by the ice rink - yes, our Florida mall does an ice rink and yes, I know it's ironic.  Just as ironic as being the home to Stanley Cup Champions but I digress.  Pokey and Hobbit came with me because all the cool items I ordered for my mama did not arrive in time for her birthday so they were going to go shopping for her.

We all got coffee and then wandered through the Disney Store to kill time.  It is always so much fun wandering around a Disney Store.  I always get a nice pixie dust refill when I can't make it out to the parks.  I walked out with a new beach bag, a Pooh tsum tsum, a Piglet tsum tsum (for Hobbit), and an R2D2 coffee mug (for Pokey).  By then it was time for the event to start so we headed to the food court.

Being the brave soul that I am, I made KP lead the way.  She's a bit more extroverted than I am so it works out well.  I am sure we're a sight to see too.  She's a statuesque blond beauty and I'm a short blond fluffball.  In my minds eye, it's hilarious. We sat down at the table and did our best to get to know everyone.  The challenge was, it was the food court... which means that it was so utterly loud we couldn't hear anything!  We talked to one another and when we could hear a snippet of conversation, we tried to chime in.

After almost two hours, Pokey and Hobbit returned with their spoils and declared it was dinner time.  We packed up our stuff and wandered around the mall.  There were several shops that we popped into - hello, dresses were buy one get one free in one of our favorite stores so we both walked out with two new frocks.  After a good stretch of the legs, we went to Red Robin for dinner.  It was nice.  KP had been before but our family hadn't and I must say, it truly was "yummmmm".  Once we were full, we wandered around a bit more and then parted ways.

Last night, KP and I were going to visit the semi-local knit night.  We were giving this our all, weren't we!  The location was an hour away from KP's work and my house but we thought we would give it a try anyway.  It was nice.  We saw a familiar face from the WWKIP event and she kindly introduced us all around.  There were only seven people, including KP and myself, at any one time so it wasn't overwhelming.  We lasted about two hours there as well before we decided to pop over to JoAnn's and get KP some new yarn to make a second shrug along with me because I loved her first that she was working on during the WWKIP event and finished that night!  That one was cream, her new one will be a beautiful plum.  Mine is bright white, heaven help me.

What a whirlwind it's been.  I must say though, I am rather tickled to have found such a fast and fabulous friend in KP.  We are going to keep our weekly Sunday afternoon get together too.  That one group, while very sweet, is just too far to go every week.  Who knows, maybe our little group will grow.  We're already going to add in another friend from Ravelry via Skype so that's three of us.  We made a Ravelry group too, in case anyone local wants to join in the fun.

Have y'all done anything new lately? I'd love to hear about your WWKIP or exciting, out of your comfort zone adventures!

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