23 June 2015

Finding my feet again

Okay, I don't feel so wobbly any more.  I don't feel solid yet but the lack of wobble is a plus.  My head has stopped screaming and Scarlett has left the building.  It is now tomorrow.

To all of you lovely souls who looked in on me, said a prayer for me, and lifted me - I thank you. I could honestly feel the love that y'all sent my way. I do contribute it to helping me get myself centered again. Knowing there is such a beautiful support system out there is such a blessing.

Over the past few days, I have attempted to research my diagnosis but it's all so negative and grim. I would shut down again and walk away.  Scarlett would come flouncing through and we'd bounce off together, vowing to think about it tomorrow.  The other day, during my normal sit down to try again, I went a different route.  I decided to go to a website that houses all the information in neat little packages that I can digest... pardon that horrible pun.  Oh wait, that isn't funny to you because I've not shared... okay, here goes.

I have diabetes... and IBS.

There.  By acknowledging it out loud, I acknowledge that it is a fact. I acknowledge that I have to make some serious changes. I acknowledge that my life is going to be different. I also acknowledge that it isn't the end of the world. Granted, nothing can truly be done about the latter but I can do something to help the first.

I have spent several days collecting information on my own Pinterest board - Managing Diabetes - and from there I read each bit and either discard it or save it for reference. My brain can consume these little nuggets and I can start to make a plan.  Just last night, I wrote out a goal sheet on how I'm going to take control of this disease!

Time to face this thing and see what it's made of... because I bet I'm made of stronger stuff.


  1. As a type one diabetic, I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis. But I know you've found a good doctor which is the 1st step. Second step is to - of course - take it one day at a time. I know that the diagnosis can be overwhelming. If you think it would help you might look for a diabetes support group. You'll often find people who have all the same issues you do and have been dealing with it for longer. They can be so much help and support. Also if you just need to vent let me know. Hang in. (Lissa717)

  2. Just one day at a time. One post at a time - one Pin at a time. You will manage this fabulously!


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